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Brian Dawkins talks about the importance of team chemistry

Oct 31, 2013|

The former Eagles Pro Bowl safety breaks down both the Raiders and Eagles ahead of their matchup this Sunday. He also talks about facing a running QB and the dimension he can add to an offense.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eagles safety and nine time pro bowler Brian Dawkins Brian how are you -- -- a man we're glad to have you with us and we're talking about thinking about this Eagles -- raiders match up. We were just a couple segments ago we're talking about the team chemistry necessary to make the playoffs win a title and in the Eagles. And the raiders you have two teams that are gone through some serious transitions. How important is it for a locker room to have good chemistry. As you're going through those transitions as a team. Yeah it is very important metric you can equate that to really. Any business to be honest which last year when you've ever won any -- for the most or all everybody in ministry direction is a lot more a lot. The atmosphere is a lot better I mean god the more interest. We get to work -- you to know that should go one that would got a pure propaganda which she would care about Pete jailed or one of -- You can have four when the -- out on that on the you know put all the -- -- just arbitrary -- work you can Google -- That's what sometimes propelled even be. The team that may not be the most talented to prevail with a mortality because they're so it's so close together that the -- on the muscle was strictly actual or one. That you can see the problem on the football field. Right give me your assessment of by Chip Kelly halfway through his first season. What -- the opposite from somewhat in -- some real high in the beginning of the year right now special ball on the ball. It -- get a lot done right now I think for him. -- I think he's that he's trying to stick behind his guards escorted and that's what we're gonna do we're gonna on this offense. It's gotten our guys have been open there have been holes of play running back it does not solve them on what you've got marketing it's on the ultimate. But at some point you have to make an adjustment because what you're going three and out real quick flight and put you repeat it -- on the football field. And in the polls and T know that you are struggling offense so they don't really have to do a -- box to -- They can what you know not a drop the ball down your retirement you know -- field goals and lost by two -- -- that's unique -- did not -- the -- And so when the beaches on the field that ball. The guitar Watergate -- to get fatigued short so what I believe typical apple finally blows sometimes -- this thing now likely early. As a look at both of these teams I wonder if you know the greater for the -- the way they're built there's a lot of young players in very key roles and so you wonder about leadership what about for the Eagles they have the necessary leadership. To get them through this adversity in their face and. And that's that's what shall right now did not like they do I think they have in the league and analog -- to. Assistant coaches and that's basically what leaders have to be apt to take that message at the coach -- And make sure that it's one that everybody buy into. And evil and he's got to do what -- out in the -- talked to guys like to believe immediately she leadership there but I'm not in the locker -- anymore. Com it's in these times source who was that you paid coach. Is when you can have some some -- count start questioning. Why are we doing this is why we have become. You know what what what we got off week like everybody else while we come in on Saturday to do it won't work so those -- Not built atop the -- not a question and so believes -- to -- an extent open though those types. Brian Dawkins nine times Pro Bowl safety joining us Bryant played in Philly for a long time you certainly have a a great feel for that fan base. To tell me how they're feeling about Chip Kelly you get the sense that that they're onboard with what he's trying to do or do you think there's. There's skepticism about whether or work or not. What and it is on the -- got awarded begin the year talk to talk to affect the radio station there at the diplomat adaptation. Because right now you know in college you have. Maybe a year to keep the people that he wanted -- on his sister. You just don't keep their opportunity to have that. Don't bet that that person -- first year there will be ups and bouts of of these. Some think he's going -- that we keep it as a vehicle to change some things you should do. In order to have access to cheap to have missile and that Philadelphia they say -- -- in the -- -- -- patient is about to most patient anymore and it was. They wanna -- right now. But I will state that I think the bill that you'll be able to change things well I think that. Happened quarterbacks. Quarterback carousel because of injury it is not -- his call. And I think that the that the defense chart turning now from being given so many points in early part of the year to one that is. A lot better -- given them a little while on the program. I'll ask you about facing a guy like Terrelle Pryor we've we've talked to a pass rusher is to talk to linebackers. -- safety especially guy who likes to lay some wood and and throw some hits out there. What's it like playing against these scrambling quarterback or mobile quarterback like this when play starts to break down your eyes immediately go to the back field. And you're looking to be the guy that makes and it on the on the running quarterback and you have to stay with the route runners. In case of that scrambled or how does that change for a safety. Well first of all do when I mean you're not a machine. For the week cheaply and got back in scrambled. You best believe that a lot of -- you or call it a lot of product Obama skeptical they'll tell tell the looking quarterback keep the football while on the football field to make you stay in your cupboards and you talk about. Repeat -- on the week. Because of that. So it it's more attention to be -- which I sure I'd have to beat one year guy you have to -- your guy. When the quarterbacks start to scramble but when you have a guy like. Far in the back field what you cannot do so you can't do a lot of man in the and I can't do a lot of difficult to be banned under because -- everybody's back to the ball and you're everybody shorten down field. If and when he made a beeline -- linebackers in this. So he did against our guests noted that it did against Pittsburgh he has to pitch to get back -- -- so. -- lot of he was spotted out like that you have a guy that takes out of that these students. And despise him because that ability to -- but with dignity and you're gonna do with is what part they would open economy QB -- Running the football meet cute with a wonderful ball would not allow you gotta lock up man demand. And -- got -- -- somebody in the box problem makes you total football what not to allow a lot outside pocket especially to your right. Brian what's a bigger challenge for safety. A running quarterback like we're seeing here in the air or or a great pocket passer. Will be able are of headaches to -- it just different ways. When you played against a quarterback that's a great pocket guy and you know -- can manipulate the the defense because of its. Knowledge before the snap. So to speak Peyton Manning who breached those guys they're moving guys right now in order to give it to the white late. That's frustrating itself could you got to -- so must of got a hold it looks. -- -- -- A quarterback like that it in the particular but who really been able to put forward each to -- Which you can't -- to -- -- a fourth straight -- to -- coverage -- to be a lot tighter. When you have -- want him back to the quarterback can run the football it's frustrating because you've made up on everything right. All that played but it only takes one individual to beat out of his gap or one individual to mr. tackle -- Now that -- in fifteen that you were sort or did you -- to. It EJ five dollars at -- for a street bank toward the coast. Quarterback and offense. Call -- that excitement from that play it usually rejuvenate everybody all that have been used vehicle. You don't think you do it. Before alleged O'Brien it's Halloween. Some got to ask you Halloween themed question. Maybe from your playing days -- or what you're seeing now who is the scariest. NFL athlete a guy who's just scary talented maybe wasn't fun for you to face -- -- fun for the the defense is the face now. We know what I like this period at least they constitute. Com. Athletic being able to get the ball there is it -- now. I think for a defensive back about what is different but back perspective because here's the public out now. If you roll that since World Cup Google recovers meted out cornerback underneath it and actually people out. The problem which is this. It you'll obviously people. The court record straight to 408. -- -- ball you'll want one. Jump ball what we got six bobbled 42 left is for. Spiel on it is so called the meeting but it. Quickly becomes a -- one match. And it can't be too deep because you'd be equal to get. Affected each round ballot gave a couple of times. -- counted out so it is not an easy covered people displayed as the old -- he's going to be done all we you have got a chill. Who actually want to afford to read it conjure up any six. I mean that's a nightmare for anybody to -- it. That's Brian Dawkins nine time Pro Bowl safety we're glad we're able to catch up with you Brian let's talk again soon. Yeah.

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