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Lou Merloni talks about Red Sox World Series win

Oct 31, 2013|

The former Red Sox IF talks about the great play of Series MVP David Ortiz and the importance to the team and turnaround that Jonny Gomes played.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bloomer -- me and I demanded to give them a follow now a little how are you assert. Guys -- you doing. Although we're not done now working too much work it too much at long morning storms. America. -- yeah congrats must be awesome times right now in Boston. Yeah it was a special night I mean they -- -- -- -- can really -- huge because these six years out special Iowa but. To win at Fenway Park first time in 95 years in 1918 and -- a -- scheme that nobody. Expect it and then probably just they just want to polite picking -- again at the last year in the maps and I could compete for a layup but all polish them to be proud the Red -- and -- saw last year and they just went above and beyond. In the biggest optimist never never never would have thought this this -- Soul who gets credit for the turnaround who gets credit and offered. Outperforming expectations so also drastically. You know I think to guide it got a but just being together and and the heater sell a delicate and Jerry in -- This autopsy built a lot of pressure but was detained after being at least make a splash -- -- Mentioned GD -- ratings were down ticket somebody. An option to Alter and watch it exciting and he stuck with the orange got good discipline. In the preakness he brought in -- yet. These players applaud whatever their best -- that all that's why I need them and that's why they were. And you know people don't -- don't stop as -- not -- you couldn't do we bring in John Farrell. Who really stabilize this locker room and get the most out. If you hadn't passed what bridge which set -- under a minute aren't John Earl. -- Lester the outlook you know we've got corporate outlook. John Lackey and a different outlook is so epic that really changed those two guys. Players and feel we don't know those guys corporate it got to start somewhere to get started with those two. -- help me out here when I think of Boston and I think -- Boston sports and their greatest athletes. Don't think in Bill Russell Bobby your Larry Bird. Ted Williams. Where is David Ortiz is he in that group right now after what he's done. Well that that that those guys you mention of the the greatest players and sports of all time you know and Bobby Horry. Russell as -- But winners we've ever seen and -- hitter machine so. If rookies. Is creeping out there is no question about that that admitted there -- -- guys just. It collection it will mean -- -- you know boosting disorganization right now the -- the leader. Each other in the World Series he -- that level. And against. People in the policy at all in college stage at the same level where he is not in. He's up there you know whip Tom Brady now I think initiated of course about. -- reloaded former Red Sox infielder currently out there on WEEI in Boston and made as baseball analyst for CSA and joining us as we talk about another. Boston Red Sox World Series championship. So fourteen -- go down necessarily in the all time pantheon of greats. For his career what about this performance what he did just in this series. I mean hitting 688 over a World Series. That we ever seen in baseball guy doing this big in one World Series and and if so I mean who was it. Can anyone -- BRL bassist. I I don't know we've seen that you know we are operable postseason performances. If you start and I dropped the ball all time greats -- could come to that in particular because if you look at it. Some of the career numbers in the World Series and you know integrity unit is just -- -- -- minimum buried by a parent to try to -- that almost sixty. And number one an average number one slugging nimble and on base number one and oh yes I mean it at different web. What that spot where the -- -- wrought in the state -- it's just. It helped chart I can't remember he had everything he got a lot. You know broken bat single here. A lot lately and -- would have a ground ball could appreciate it. But it just seemed like you got up everything and they had no that your big being in the right thing. Want them when they were actually a lot the world -- -- it Markey beat the problem has been. Crimes stock option between a particular and ambivalent people but. -- almost a bit. Lou images they ask you this flat out how much. Rich do you think chemistry had to do with the Red Sox win in the World Series this year. -- we're chemistry may be wrong war it more character. And you know when you this team had a lot of character and chemistry comes into play. It when you when you cheer bullets achieving you know -- that she's characters well but you don't wallets teammate now. You know and reaching that time and time again and got an open game in the ninth inning in his chambers uses the loose they don't want they're -- The field paint and they come back -- whether these injuries. To -- -- it's too broad. Cool with the adults who want portable and the best for him you know I hope we get to -- help keep you one thing that's rotation. The pro game pretty much as pivotal week impacting all of the games started. The one year old joke over that seven inning in the night. End it was unable to act and painful or any post -- again. It got all that -- are couple that he's changed but it achievement -- -- -- go -- and what they're playing. And chairs and not the potential of a lot that would happen that structure to that you know what to Nazi. And I don't need that nobody skiers I don't care about this guy that when he got acute care of one. You see things like that there was chemistry. Because he's got a lot character. -- Jonny Gomes fit into the I don't know I guess -- the whole equation here we saw me in Oakland. Help this team turned things around to win a division Eagles the Boston. You get a World Series championship out to seem like fans react very well -- teammates as well. What does -- -- mean to Boston's. You know I think you really were inside that. To turn around and gotten it. Restarted all bought in straw saying yeah Boston Marathon. Again another guy that'd be just a tremendous human being. And the guys did you vote to go back away at each and every day. You're really not in changeable. Jonny -- -- it is just that you can't explain. -- broken explain why not start in the Olerud and will not. So good from the -- yeah well -- can't explain it but he's been one in the -- she didn't start. Whether -- era of play in the field the -- -- already just. You don't in the middle child. You know -- -- said it didn't intangible talk -- energy. It's is digging the classic gut call -- jobs grow right just a hunch. And it end up as as well everywhere he's gone to turn two teams around it's an attitude. -- -- all about old locker -- sort jigsaw. That's -- alone a former Red Sox infielder current analyst. Low -- targeted don't celebrate too are my friend but thanks for checking in with us. But I got a -- well.

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