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Howie Roseman explains the Eagles 2013 struggles

Oct 31, 2013|

The Eagles GM talked about the progress of Chip Kelly in his debut season, and what he thinks of the offense before Philly takes on the Raiders

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rose is the general manager of the Eagles -- enough -- right now hi how are you. -- -- -- -- There. I think we have a friend in common do you eat your friends with the John middle -- -- our scout. Columbia. -- the great job for us than them chase denigrate Jaffray that west. And also Tom gamble was with the diners for number years I know is there to tell me how the hierarchy works -- like when you guys made the trade with the -- are you on the phone with the New -- people as Tom how much is the are the head coach Chip Kelly given the -- how does that all work is for you guys making the calls. Canada. My responsibility candidate. And comes as great -- That is now up and -- apple it managing -- -- Al champion that as a player personnel. Get a chance that. He can -- adamantly opposed to Alpine. He's obviously done a great gap opened build back those 49ers and -- back home and get them back to where we were hand down and just haven't been here it's just a great resource for us and for me personally. It is Tim Howard -- -- -- here in the real hospitalized for raiders HQ here and -- of the game. Transition you got a guy like Andy Reid has been in the NFL for a lot of years he moves on -- and you bring in -- college coach like Chip Kelly it was a transition like. Well when you lift Katrina within a fourteen seasons in there and just unbelievable coach unbelievable person. Just from my development coming into the -- importantly and not think he did from team. Just couldn't be more appreciative and do what kind of -- he was when he went to his next stop and first it was about finding and the content and those issues and we interviewed a bunch and it took a lot of good coaches in the national -- probably. I think I was that we interviewed in. We sat down the problem and met with coach Kelly he's planned his vision is incredibly impressive and and delegates the -- of justice he's often to play caller and he's great at bat but he got a program builder and he had an answer for. Every single question we yet invasion on it and it was extremely impressive. -- looking at his bio Oregon of course here in the pac twelve expect that we saw for years rule of 500 yards a game that he only lost seven games his entire to have an organs -- lost five. In the NFL that's a big adjustment I know -- policy holding up just with the rigors of the competition in the NFL. It competitive guy and he wants to win in terms he believed that. -- in the future is now he's not he's obviously got a short term -- long term plan but he's competitive and you want to put into action right now but the same time. He's done a great job staying even keel been seeing guys day in day out and something not so we will go to treat about. The steadiness of the -- and he he's done a great job communicating those best just to attainment. Ernie in the heck of -- coach in this sleeping in here ready to potentially yes. How hard is the transition -- from college because with a college player a lot of times -- a lot of skins on the wall those kids will buy into the system in the system a lot of times. Can can overcome a lot of things -- and the professional level and get into the money in the egos and all those kind of things. How how how different of -- game is it going from college to pros coat. Well I think the first adjustment he'd done a great job -- these in these communication with these guys know and that their men with families and this -- Their profession -- job. And still -- -- really acclimated to that when you meet coach he could see why he can be successful on this truly. Because he has such traits he is a great communicators and communications so important when you deal with our players. I'm not only here but throughout the national football team and once you get around him and -- he is commitment and how he gets his point to Costa players. -- player friendly is that the same time being consistent in what his expectations are. And it's extremely impressed now obviously pushed on the program in. What we we got to get better by now you see all those things and and at times been around Katrina and much success we have within weeks anymore what's been successful obviously didn't cope with that bode well for a opulence were cooked -- -- let's talk about your offense that first night out first Monday nighter against Washington it's just looked like -- the Redskins couldn't tackle but it was obviously harming in any year. Yet some good weeks for you were scoring with -- last the last two games back to back losses -- not scored an offensive touchdown and neither -- know you've had some inconsistency and injuries the quarterback position but. Why is the offense right now struggling. -- -- -- In this league cornerback played instrumental in years you have to have consistency. And continuity at the quarterback position. Obviously the last couple which we haven't had that and get nick back -- four week practiced. -- hopeful that more progress -- that Spartan. And I think because of the success that we had over the first six games. Really was impressive. -- patent perspective than. Justin and a half franchise we understand wreckage that first six weeks and it's a long season you know national -- probably. That every week like dog years and and them when he goes true. I understand it in the ups and downs in. And he'd take a moment in time and it never as good as it work and never as bad as it looks and I think that won't get that appointment kind of up until four parliament. Now we supplements and part of the year and the same time we're grown grown as a team. Getting young team I think that's 32 players on the 29 years old until. These things take time and it takes sent to -- -- I -- coaches a lot of new personnel people. -- new players and when indeed I think it takes some time to get things still work out perfectly. Eagles GM Matt Howard rose to get out -- job on Greg Papa live from raiders HQ we're looking at -- raiders. Coming up this weekend at the coliseum we saw nick pulls out here. In the pac twelve give us give assure assessment of him -- where he is is an NFL quarterback. When you can look forward I think he -- -- -- -- work and obviously the last moment here he'd like that one back. He's got great. He can make all the throws incredibly Smart he got that. Pete and people think he's created in that spot scholarship offers a good -- in Georgetown so he can move to speed and the Dixie now ready to move -- and then he got a chance to really improve even. -- accuracy and decision making but when you look at his overall numbers and what is that do you imagine being put in that spot. Where would commitment for a spot start up and so on them without shall without -- A heated battle in the coveted in I think he continues to grow can forward to see him continue improve the second half this year. As -- -- tape this morning how India he does have the skills that you would think he was very accurate early not as much as last game that I saw. But you know I was watching back your your two most recent games that giant game in particular. If you're really had a hard time make it a first down and you know you're snapping in every twenty seconds your defense is out of your defense is that in the in the yardage total because there on the field. So quickly is there any talk among the coaching staff in the head coach to maybe back off. The volume of plays a little bit when you're not make -- first downs and out of offensive rhythm to get your defense a little bit of a breather. Well you know. I think approaches that do great job of looking -- what we're successful animal we have to adjust and in addition there pilgrimage that particularly too many secrets about. We have we have seal walls here Ali -- no one's listening -- such as the three of its bill. And so I think he got to get back to -- what he'd do well. I think that our coaches recognized strengths and weaknesses that we have a both sides of the ball and -- we just got to get back on track and we -- -- we had a little run here. Early in then the -- the giants and Tampa and first in its current content book. Well we're really everything has gone smoothly our priest is playing well together we -- get back on track the last couple weeks. Has not been what we expected. What we're hoping for and so it's tough place to play coming out there but to do it decent -- property. And I got a chance to spend some time coach down a couple of years ago he's very Smart. -- control pop coach and coach over what they're doing on defense that Obama to tough physical team and and of course coming and the Palestinian I don't have great memories of I don't know last time we played there. We took a lot of it and you know -- as we -- that we had to pitch count -- As Zach Miller 84 yards for touchdown as the Republican on that that was a very good not answer Jeffrey Larry would be very priorities. That's a -- there -- few minutes we present policy at the coliseum on Sunday. The person does this weekend except. Thank our our heroes these GM for the Eagles notice here that we allow us as we are as he said. Live from raiders HQ.

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