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Tim Ryan on just how good Aldon Smith is for the 49ers

Oct 31, 2013|

The Fox NFL analyst talked about why he likes Aldon Smith, if Nnamdi will be in SF much longer, and what he thinks about Terrelle Pryor in Oakland

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

To ride -- like he's gonna be at the a black hole this weekend he also does 49ers. Pre season analysts were he's been with Chris Myers and a fox this week and hi Tim Mario. I'm going well -- you guys don't. What does not sending -- mission had serious sex Sam with pat what's what's going on you'd have to. I'll I appreciate that graduated. I'd go -- and mail don't out of the walked away your right Fiat. Well at the beginning of the season in just a disputed export more of other opportunities are being brought down under on fox global daily couple big week. Over at fox and endurance -- one stop on Monday night. It was a really really hard decision our public our -- and -- -- -- -- hey how are you talking so much for -- like everything they do but I never missed your show you and paired together. Broke down the game so well I mean I gravitas to what a good job Jim Miller and it's not the same without you -- Well I appreciate that you know right I'd like to thank. In all right I got that to open up a little bit he's got a great personality but if you can't really pull it out on strike camp -- -- around -- to mark -- It's it's hard for him Politico you talk about football and teacher and football and understand and football you know I think perhaps welcome to bail -- That -- -- -- -- that is a great lie I read his rocket right after that he had me crap it was pathetic. That. Derided does that rate followed him at him right. 99 aggregate the raiders as big as this week for fox would give him that just that you're just an image of our bodies on the stage yesterday you know. The 49ers pre season games and your former team -- -- as well we talked about Smith and obviously wanna give the kid. Off the field all situated but as far as on the field when you see the 49ers how badly do they need all Smith on the field to reach their potential. Well I think you've given to their defense and I've actually covered -- a couple weeks also. The slain at Jacksonville -- student at Tennessee and then run upshot of all the art and in London that's really the only. If shooting out on beef products that means rushing about certain they don't get out earth that are not -- people want Altman has huge. For that people -- when he comes back and I I do believe view well. Is based on some of the comments from the commissioner and these kind of taken. They can chart the and that being called -- proactive look at himself right. It'll look a lot different become backed currencies not a scheme archer he has a real they're pretty dominate -- peoples so. When he comes back it's going to be huge for the organizers. What about Eric -- him. Well what are you hearing there at their plan is for him and when they bring him back or they get a release them. I think very well and I do believe an appointment you're gonna see them play in the next couple weeks that was a really tactful. Are -- by tremble -- and in August you know I was the last Wednesday that it. Com note signed players -- non football injury. Or put Obama on football and -- has -- not be liable for person bitten myself. We really Smart. He's gonna get out there you're gonna see him in the next couple weeks he's very talented yet he's had issues all off the field but. There's another it's gonna bring an element to their defense and that they really don't happen terms. You know you get into the -- he knew I noticed you're you're going to the better passing game the better quarterbacks. You need to have better guys in coverage and you're gonna see him play and I do believe though go eventually here in the next couple weeks when that happened to be uniform topic went from. But not the option -- Let's move over the raiders as the eucharist will be in town at the black hole. For this game is a former defense of -- and you know how to -- quarterbacks and we and we talk about Terrelle Pryor a lot around here do you think from what you've seen he's got the skills. Passing lies to be a legitimate NFL quarterback. Not yet not yet I do think he use you know I covered this guy at Ohio State when -- and yet to vote counts. But it still access and he has improved so much of the -- -- -- good -- the -- -- wouldn't rule out to a bright. I think you're gonna keep military or some good -- billion not a good job -- in the -- And pick one thing that bit an incredible and a great job where would Terrelle Pryor just all social formations. In all six man protection to keep and extradited and Pamela and run around and due respect I. I -- my producer to pay to get them with numbers on the least -- quarterback in pro football there's a reason why because. Deeper to want him to make plays that are not what it's like to most is most dangerous weapons so. And I don't know where their right out he wanted to think they're maybe thirty. Atlantis. Airlines have now. The ought to so. No he's not ready yet to go and we disarm you gotta go pro. Seriously 4045 time game and they got quite catch up mode repeated down seventeen point took -- big game I don't think you revenues. You know what I listen you and patent that's crap and will -- your -- put volume you guys always talk about this is a passing league -- So bottom line he runs as good as anybody in the -- he get any runs like a running back the -- you win that. Running the football that much that it can you win without passing the ball honestly. Well no I I don't think so I mean you look at -- -- over on the other side of the -- and they're not thrown at all on paparazzi numbers aren't great. But Colin is that different quarterback in terms of accuracy and earned a bizarre. The -- prospect corner -- You know the 49ers have to absent and they are so good on defense they don't -- -- a lot as we don't know prepare how do we can bring about. I don't think our topic Terrelle Pryor ready right yet I do like the wizard from the big weapon or reported that receiver -- So many added benefits they -- a big guys on the field. Close to the box blockers in the running game big targets for quarterback that does not pinpoint accuracy and and -- -- from the right way but if their defense which I've been surprised with all those new page and Greg are on a good job -- and a lot of looks. It'll get you better offenses -- they end up going down 1417. Points. And a quarter of the fat ladies and I I don't think you can do that I don't think he can do it yet at this point. Tim Ryan -- -- -- -- -- Ryan 99 makes you follow my Twitter. Thanks at the time is always and -- the black hole lesson that. All right here it brought the portrait. This is sentiment there's a Tim Bryant he's absolutely great picture that you follow him.

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