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Heath Evans thinks Kansas City is a real contender

Oct 31, 2013|

The NFL analyst from NFL Network gave his NFC & AFC rankings after the halfway point, and how he sees the Raiders & 49ers right now

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well that reload cartridges that. You'll get over that they have regular start Puget start booed Brady it was always get it tell. Us. All of this all of those that there's spoiled and unity in the world so other than what yours or they've got to vote with the Celtics were talking. Patriots what they've gotten you know a lot of moaning about hockey but I think -- -- -- -- Out that. Yeah certainly they -- 1970 fly through there like that that -- hockey's you to there's almost. Yes let me ask you about about the patriots and -- brought the because I see him play. Or at times they really look like a struggle offensively and and -- kind of kick into gear their defense appears a bit tighter what what what do you see in from the patriots are they a threat. In the AFC to Denver and Kansas City the policies. Well the -- a -- question you know I -- right now no all but I think it will be I think you're exactly what you set -- -- you see that we will see I see this or some of the other top Cilic all this week or so off. -- -- -- -- -- young players you know right I'm John if I was given an in VP award outright and I give it operating. It's what he's had to deal with I mean they're number one unbelievably -- look at -- yesterday. Twelve point 3% of every ball liberty -- You know in yet they're still six and two. It and you know they're they've found a way to get to this mid season point in. They're right on and yet they have so much room for growth it's scary how well the winds is taking -- -- -- we yogurt will or would go to Hotmail. Age injury lies that are -- hurt civil war -- dispute bilked walks more magic but got they've got a lot of room for growth I would expect me to being on the year. Heath Evans Jonas former NFL fullback which team on NFL network join us here in the wheel house drama group operated approximately eight. Since you brought up the AFC obviously the chiefs are gonna see the Broncos. A couple of times that teams they played against obviously got a lot of record they played a lot of quarterbacks a lot of people are making any excuses that maybe they haven't seen the best schedule. How how do you see the AFC right now. Cool well it could start in -- cheeks and and we can talk about okay light schedule step that they run the ball. They're pretty good stuck in the run they can all your order with that so it played great specialty theaters down -- you could well at all. And now look here would be for the coordinator your talk and do that -- used is somewhat of a nightmare just because yet it'll strike. On the field but they can beat you so many -- and they have players. You know obviously. The cluster you know just another guy that you know if you get great phenomenal player nobody -- -- matchup issues you know. -- Obama -- idea you know it's okay yeah he's a really good blocker he's a decent catcher but they can do so many things aren't all patients and really make peace -- struggle cards and then. We know what Jamaal Charles ran the table and I'll just what you need to turn the ball. So it in their defense is great to get the ball for so they're just there a matchup nightmare cross border and then you got on top they're just very physical. So I think you know you get Peyton Manning in and didn't achieve smashed up late in the year some cold nasty weather gate. Might be -- the chiefs and -- gave just because I like accomplished actor Greg Reid's team. Better than I do want to jump boxes and. You know let's just get more into the -- -- the first matchup comes up that two weeks from Sunday and Denver in the gonna -- a couple of weeks later December of the first and arrowhead and you may get your nasty weather game anyone of them I guess this time of the year but. When I saw Denver struggled to block Robert Mathis and think and how they get a deal with -- Lee and Justin Houston. And I'm looking at those corners that can put Brandon Flowers in the slot match him up with Wes Welker just Denver's offense against Kansas city's defense unity. Can Kansas City keep them in the twenties. Well I'll say this with a game plan that now you're saying mean patent was still scored 13 the one point that night you know I believe we get in these so. We -- -- -- even when they played so what portable -- can keep student campus police score thirty points like they've only done quite this year where you know patent that every single week you know so my that this let me. Beginning claim to be a lot better teams that this. You know. Destroyed there there game plan -- -- not on the optical. Quarter year year year we would find the way to take out because that game. Because we knew our tackle couldn't line -- and then block of 11 so. I would leave that that they would get that it just so many things you could do to alleviate edged so they've got to get that better. It those urges such typical scenario to try to put each individual actual one on one look at Arnold why wide receivers on DBs you know all the orbiter were speaker to coordinator. You know. I think I just think. Like a fairly late in the year. And I probably put my money on Andy Reid and the Specter that due to dump him in camp city. If that's the deciding factor for the division who won the right here right now about united Denver all of your -- became pretty -- -- December 1. -- area and narrow idea. And he Kevin -- NFL network former NFL fullback we're talking AFC at the midway point NFC. Public teams he played for as well the saints in the Seahawks are in the mix over there. Jim Harbaugh was on our station yesterday talked about potentially the return of Walton Smith at some point Packers are. Are in there as well they're running the ball a bit better with Eddie lacy Hattie -- look at the NFC's midway point. The problem happy would look ridiculous on capitol or in the last couple years. 2010. Or this great raunchy but when they did run the ball they were physical football they were better -- -- -- on -- triple thick black community just forgot how to do one of aborted their forgot -- -- top. Now they injury issues but you could really -- -- injury issues. With the way to their run in the football and I think they're averaging 35 more yards per game on the ground than they did last year. And they're giving up 34 point five -- left the game on the ground so you know what this seventy yard swing that probably -- seven point one per game you still have Aaron Rodgers. I think Helmsley these guys they've got a chance I I just think Seattle. Well when you get -- welcome back left tackle for drug can be back at right tackle. They're the best -- palpable and I think I think matchup here a couple weeks when the speaker to go to Seattle. While this -- it is a must win they have to find a way. To win that game on the road there'd -- in the spring travel back to Seattle and -- see out here Richard -- You -- you don't -- Internet stadium and we we weren't there in 2010 when you remember Seattle seven and -- have it was our last year we went eleven and five -- -- we actually beat Seattle in the middle -- and a home don't we go out to Seattle they scored 36 or 39 points and we lost a playoff. And so. You know it's just it's it's an unfair advantage and -- twelve man is used for real and yet. -- I think the saints -- -- hole in Seattle. When helping. Not over the collapse of the you know Korea into the class of the league. You guys lost that game he couldn't tackle Marshal on attacking America have that you guys are Jabari Greer for that. He got Tracy Porter zoo board of our Andrea stiff arm. It would I mean everybody got to be read a -- a veteran guys guys all like to -- got to get a little or should we actually got run over here you know. So. -- in my years running for three weeks after that game out there was seismic activity right. The I would. I have -- so we'll it was yeah that's what you're gonna get me bitter you know those are aren't the senator -- and I -- all more or. Yeah -- yeah. Are very that CNN you know how we're doing on yeah it out how long -- -- Hey he's the -- a great job of that if they'll never take some time we appreciate the insight with the girls and thanks. Our guys but it.

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