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Legends of the Nation: Rod Martin

Oct 31, 2013|

The former Raiders LB talked about playing in the Super Bowl in New Orleans, and his time in the Silver & Black under Al Davis

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

None met -- little number 53. Rod mark how are you -- I don't agree good to veto it if that we -- and of course we always wanna have -- here over David Marceau the raiders played the Eagles this Sunday for the first time since organized so. Take me back to Super Bowl 151. Play of first pass of the game by Ron Jaworski. You intercept him so what it was that the biggest game as far as -- production you've ever had your career the the three interception game. No. Via eleventh. Who who -- -- this -- is Super Bowl. Have so it was all agrees to let you know made that the best game these as far as in overall -- The top of them made it also cut pollution well slow and after the pop up the first in the session. Comeback and they're serious -- -- -- cut me and kind of route Monday you know and I told came out of silence -- -- -- news. -- -- -- -- -- -- This whole load this throughout the game that nowhere is. Confident. Movies that -- that the obvious problem that they're I have to get back on the field makes up an effort. By the stayed -- rules of the two with the effort. A rod Bartlett did -- the nation -- for raiders HQ did it take us through those interceptions because three interceptions. Is rare any time when you get him in the super ball I mean that's that that's that's unreal. -- -- -- -- -- -- We hit Cleveland is doing about these and maybe this and we felt that they shouldn't use that time soul coming back to the victim to possible against them. If you live in New Orleans and that by those with New Orleans is the part of town and we won't go down there and have fun but Tom -- let us know that you know we are here for business we'll have a fun. Will we hear put to take your business and that was the main thing on our mind we had the best practices all week long. When we were down there there but it was just. -- temple will be no mistake hardly even mistakes we have made and we just went up there had. And Tombouctou I've enjoyed the city as well and I think then loosen those. The first interception at the people don't realize that you know we really determined -- laws but presidency we're about to rule. Out of my projector. -- taken out -- for. Check Baghdad -- and now back in the days to protect it's that the that's the way you go through -- and would -- though they didn't have a screen -- a little while wall. And jumped in there and look at it conducive. Just look at just. You know and we've got time it would just be. Slow the first series -- They came -- the competitive situation and her apartment. And I knew that they'd like to go to the to the ideas -- -- streaks don't use thought he would be known it they've determined that the the idea. So luck you know throughout back in my -- dropped it and get -- in the was cute but he could hit tied him by army or right next to me it would and try to recruit. And so I just that the fruit. Most of the ball out of the first and that's what goes -- You mentioned -- door ledger and in they that I remember about that was stick for -- -- the Eagles so uptight about not gone out locking him in the hotel room and and you guys -- the raiders are you had a little fun. To tell me about the week itinerary to itinerary off the field as far as the nightlife to Tom. Caught it off sale on Friday uniter Saturday what what was it like after practice how much fun that you guys have a bird street always. Have a great I mean you know where's the team that always we have right. That we all would go two on the season -- them all throughout the year and -- the office of players decent players. Specialties players. Even our kickers who overtook the victim's room. Ago but they approved -- -- -- themselves ready guys and -- bar so we just went out and have a good time may want to read. A family and show who they room together and we move. -- around and -- and of course they tell us that the watch itself and you'll lose you know was within the group would. They were watching us prison and -- they were about in the blood vessel we -- -- grouped together. You know had to go to program heard about those hurricanes this. You know one wicket to fuel before we you'd get test. Martin. Legends of the nation -- luxury jets -- -- -- the last -- -- right that we were there last year the 49ers -- know pat -- are all too well with our first stop if they actually put the 49ers right in the middle of the French Quarter -- -- little bit nervous. About him where where they put you in the hotels because I thought that was a little weird that they put them both the ravens last year in the forty -- right the middle of French Quarter but it was so that they can have. Media access and obviously the access. Back then wasn't what it was where where debate -- -- for that's -- All it but it wasn't downtown arguably you bet particular -- -- -- about it noted with -- that was out there and and try to get all the TVs in so he -- by the have a good I guess you go to the press. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To really relax and though and so. Was that our Forte you know this won't play so well that's one of the reasons please. Yeah the one thing also remember about that Super Bowl was that the buildup to it because Ellis normally are trying to move the team to LA the Rochelle at the raiders have won the game was gonna have to give the trophy now. Did today however he gave a speech like he always does but what was it like on game day that day was everything a little extra tents for the elf with a meeting with rose -- looming maybe after the game. Not really not really you know Elvis in the really worried about it. You know you don't remove his mind -- would go to LAQ though anyway. And -- we won the game it was you have to say much at all could you go you do you think because mr. you know. Except for the gracefully. You know and that showed to everybody bit. That was how -- -- noble reforms that soon you know you have to soon -- but he is right there. -- -- -- yeah did integrates these looking noses of grace these you know of course just win baby became round of you know. -- it was just the way -- You know the way it is was you know he's that old. To accuse them do it in the courtroom that would dwarf why do it is doable is that it is but raises him. And the first thing he did was welcome the hostages back if you're thousands SA very diplomat absolutely no idea -- was -- And as soon they'll -- you know we also big yellow ribbon around the superdome you know we you know -- you know. Trying to as soon could have a good show. For the troops as well you know as well as the house and that -- it this case that. We were ever read it was aware of and you know one they're disapprove of this show. And the Iranian hostage crisis it just and there in the -- are talking arrive -- Legends of the nation's rely from HQ John blunt and their great popping -- not 57 again. People wanna know what are you what do you do today when he -- Well we're back amount of modern US cities. Coaching cause a problem via -- Did they had -- -- the stats. Good. The government of the computer department room meant to department of financial businesses. Computers. They're really computers we also says that registration. -- those securities via. By its people and make sure that there. Pivotal -- so you know we're we're report universal and keep that when rose. -- yes in -- senator Carl Pavano you know. I don't let her birthday. That's wonderful if -- rod thanks so much taken the time it's always great talking about great raiders memories you really appreciated thanks. They fluff talk about be up for the game this week. You see ray guy. Have a good yes absolutely sure thank you rather see you Sunday night.

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