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Terrelle Pryor knows he can get even better

Nov 1, 2013|

Greg Papa sat down with the Raiders QB and Pryor talked about his job so far in the season, the issues with playing Kansas City, and how he can get even better

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Early as -- question their quarterback is given the raiders more than a chance to win as a starting quarterback he has three in three and he is electrifying. The NFL we are thrilled to have -- quarterback Terrelle Pryor. Bill Polian long time executive in the NFL with the bills Panthers colts of course Peyton Manning's guy he called you the most improved player. He's ever seen in the NFL. And we've only been in the league for a short time social talk about the work you've put in to be the new quarterback you spoke of -- training camp. My main thing was understood. You know things that need to work on understood and supposing there -- the past few years and under Stewart wasn't Akerson you do and still get better than than those things you know not. Oh wait there you know who is good. Just trying to work my butt off of things that I know you know there minuses and things. Again have leaders for critique and things no. There eventually when I get it done and get it down and can become even more successful quarter. What what what are the things that go through your mind because I know you know working real hard with the -- coaching staff Tom house from the outside to work on your mechanics of when that. The bullets start flying are real and they got guys blitz and off the engine Tom volleys trying to rip your head off. It is difficult of a little messages in your brain as far as the mechanics you're trying to. Be the same on every play with. Absolutely gorgeous actually talked to coach -- He told me like you said today he's the thing that he said your mechanics are fine to play his position music there's enough and obviously we only work isn't that your mechanics are good enough to lead us and be a quarterback and your this assignment question he's -- But you know the things that those hurt me you know these past few weeks especially was just the trust in the protection. And understanding. You know that is going to -- so let's get understanding. And then believing the progression and believe that the lines and pick up -- picked -- who's who's coming in. And go through congress is once you really have been doing in the beginning be firm. Yeah we we I see that -- their first reached that there but you just wanna get out garnered through the the other times I see sometimes is when you have the ability to run. And you're a little reluctant to run sometimes because you're trying to be that pocket quarterback talk with a guy with -- your athletic skills. I mean I must be tough for you when to Iran when not to Iran and driving a star on this play should they get the ball to -- here yesterday had a jostle with that in your mind laser placements of. Being that we have a lot of stars on the team you know -- -- felt for no reason you know sort of understand again the bottom ourselves in the -- you didn't bother Europe. The new areas or chicken and down there McFadden is an that idea and I get a understand every single play is not going to be touchdown -- be successful. And that's a lot of things and them understanding with a closed down and I'm very grateful -- you know he gives me. Basically doing teaching lessons you know time after practice and he's constantly teaching me and helping me and I appreciate that because that's what I need. A -- experience and I need somebody to help and so haven't Olson flippant coops now and my heroes. Gonna help me he. Successful there -- your win in 33 overall your -- and one this month at a U wanna win a ball which had a great month and let let's go through the games because your very first play of the month of October. Is the touchdown pasteurized streeters and this was a play another raiders came up and any interception. Right away this was a play that was called before the game they knew they're gonna take a deep shot and for you to step back at your back foot. Here's Streeter right -- stride I mean that that's what you're capable of doing right there. Through the emphasis. In like -- -- even in line and understanding that -- gonna have time. And off throughout is just he's -- we should those -- understanding you can give. The shot you know that hey you're young and you'll have many starts on relate I don't know the answer I think is got to be a professional. And I don't think these last two weeks have been a professional think been. Understanding the guys in a split with you know they're gonna work your butt off to keep me safe and and healthy and I justice so often have been a great professional these last week's -- get better. You know who will be a lot better -- -- -- you know happy Whitley played against Pittsburgh you Pittsburgh if you Casey obviously you know not very happy with it. An article about about the San Diego game you know after the Streeter touchdown. I thought the best I've seen you play it was that second touchdown drive. When your backed up you're driving down the field. Everything is on time everything's on rhythm. Accuracy boom you're splattered receivers boom boom boom take -- break down the field. Even when he rolled out to the right you know like in the pre season you threw back crusher budding candidate you didn't do that you were poised for a touchdown you decide to is that the best seen premium. I think the best yet become yeah I think agreed to announced stepping stone. -- felt really good legislator and said no do so good. I keep Kevin spurts you know of the stuff flicked every once in -- haven't spurts of you can you can do it -- -- sometimes I had -- thing you know so I get it could have be consistent. And -- know a lot of players you know starting in understanding you know of the game and as we continue to gain experience you understand that. You know consistency is the main thing and I got to be consistent with my play and I'm working very hard. Even -- like the Pittsburgh game became aware of the longest touchdown run by quarterback in history and the longest run by any -- Bo Jackson's on that list of America's salad. Bigger strides just watching you pull away from that second I know you're in the 432. At Ohio State but I got the feeling watching you run like you were never really running that hard like you had another gear the English issuer strides are so long and good people are not gonna run you got in the open field through. People my my group for -- that was in the stands and she should hubris and round. But not understanding you know that house. -- pretty was 1015 yards away from guys you know them. A lot of people say that it looks like him or on them -- assisted them very long strides. So. It's a blessing that -- blessing. -- speech and easy -- you know look like your father -- pulled away from everybody you know get ready for the steeler game there's so much talk about you plan against the team that. He grew up in the area. And I saw a lot of basketball video you and you're good basketball player but I guess you could have gone to -- and played basketball for Jamie Dixon. There's a lot of schools. Believe over ninety offers and -- -- possibly could have been more definitely has been a blessing you know growing up from high school and understanding. Competition and our work definitely pays off and is paying off. I know the Steelers with a good about taking in the supplemental that the lord they did now that -- -- -- You look at it your way you play at home verses on the road and -- three you know as the raiders' starting quarterback at home you get to win the road. Do you feed off the energy of the black hole in the raider nation -- -- like you're much more promise a quarterback at home. Depends. The case you do. The only thing about there is that. -- a lot of miscommunication those very loud. So that's something that we love that we experienced together because believe that to happen for reason because it's gonna. Come again this year when it's much needed and we're he'd been through present loud stadium and broke two records. So go through that it was very tough and we get we got to play better -- but I definitely do this your question or different do you feel the black who knows. Very a strong presence the crowd there or -- can you feel how much they love you. This. The first. Ran out problem filled getting introduced. -- -- -- There was definitely. Great to hear the fans screaming. It's a blessing to be in this position definitely. -- tell -- about the matchup Sunday had no you know this this that -- world Chip Kelly did you come close to -- all away from Jeannette Pennsylvania to Eugene Oregon play for him -- that ever seriously because. It was tough for those tough decision not. To not you know is everything I mean from the beautiful soon. 570. Thousand different Jersey dominate then yeah you like. Is this this is with kid you know coming -- -- -- you know the looks you know it's a big sale. But I think there right choice -- on state. Because. Just a pro style offense and -- came in from high school from office and never in a pro star had no clue there really was. So just didn't -- and come understanding you know that's price to around here in -- and go there there's a lot of quarterbacks and college. -- -- choice to go to zone read they do and are not really in the position. To view -- the play in these so I'm definitely. Glad that I mean -- released. Doing. You know proof that debate the right choice that you actually played against the Oregon Ducks at the end of the on nine season and this in the -- -- you -- had a good game what you remember about the matchup which of killing them. -- That's remember it forever maybe two or yours forever so totally yards and just. He's beaten them you know and is it was a great win for our team and it's differing memories definitely. If passed for two or 66 and two touchdowns sorting NN Sunday against them in the NFL record our TP and TPQ that's what I should call you. He touched on T Peter and today appear. Throughout vacuumed again.

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