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Trent Baalke discusses Aldon Smith's return to the 49ers

Nov 1, 2013|

The 49ers G.M. talked about the team's plan for Aldon as he returns to action, his expectations for Mario Manningham's return, and the return from the game in England

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good to be all -- -- you know I was thinking about it today when I saw that the head of the NFL network. It just seems like this is something you'd be way in to forget the hard knocks in the pre season. The NFL network is talking about hard knocks during the regular season. I can just imagine how much you would just love cameras in your office cameras all over Santa Clara I think this is something you just embrace and love right. No. And I didn't hear about -- back in the season but I'm open we don't get that. Fair enough. All Smith has been activated obviously. League rules mandate that that happens. Some. I'm just wondering Trent if it wore a league rule would you guys have activate him at this point. Yeah you know I think we would have you know but at the same time he. -- you don't know concede. You know you don't have time to think through that type of option you know the league rule mandates what we didn't and and that's the situation we're in and you know like -- said you know their personal timeline on this its its stated day and that's how we're approaching it. What once you met with them I mean I I. Once you met with them with. Considering what you saw when you saw when you met with him. Do you feel like -- you know what -- he's he's ready to go he's ready to be activated he's ready to get back into the swing of things. Well once again I I think we had an excellent meeting it was great to see -- You know I know he appreciates being in fact he's got a he's got a different perspective perspective different outlook. But he'll tell you the same thing you know we're we're looking at this and and and we've -- put no timeline on it we've we've approached it -- they up to this point but so he's been approaching it will continue to do that -- -- Trip bulky the general manager of the San Francisco 49ers joins us some of 49ers Friday right here view grew into Downey. 95 point seven a game you can hear -- every Friday at 505. You know elaborate done -- -- on on seeing him what what do you really see the difference and -- Smith. From -- left a rehab to where he is now in your -- Florida I think you know there's there's a lot of things you know that. That are very personal that him and I have talked about. And things but. You know it just eat in a better place you know I think he's more comfortable with with where he's dead who uses it as individuals and Andy Young man tranda. Trying to figure out life in that group we all traded the net I don't think we ever stop you know 49 years old and still trying to figure out so. You can only imagine what the 23 year old school went through. And so we we sure. Good visit had a lot of things to talk about obviously when you haven't seen someone to collect the time that that we haven't seen all the but. You know I think you know -- is excuse my -- Clear he's very positive and we understand that this is a process and he's willing to put the time in the make things happen. -- where is he physically right now as far as his conditioning. How far away is he from being in game shape. Well I I I can't answer that we we haven't had any practices and you know he's been and he's worked out a couple of times. But does that will be -- -- that we'll have to -- we did in -- you know under the practice field again and start going but he looks good. Physically he's been able to keep both put some things but you know he's been away from the chancellor for thirty days so. You know leftist -- in -- when he gets on the field. Is it is he cleared to. Participate in everything as far as your practice once you get things rolling again. Yes he has you know he's he is he's active. You know so he's able to go all you know going to default they would do with the rest of the guys. Oh with a one week exceptions from the league office so you know we'll have to make a determination at that point in time but. Right now he's cleared to practice in the and do the things he needs to do this to me to get back on the field. We talked in Tony appears ESPN you know linebacker terrific career Super Bowl champion we asked him -- long time -- since that colts game. What would he expect from Alden Smith that he was able to play against Carolina he said well he's going to be wind did that yeah he's been off for a long time. Can you truly expect him -- to come back and play and be the same -- Smith against Carolina or do you -- Antonio Pierce. Well I was with Antonio and Washington so I've got a lot of respect for them. You know it certainly take woody woody says he's. He's been there and done it yeah I mean once again you're gonna have to get in. In the game shape and you know we're we're we're already worried about that to be honest with you at this point in time you were taking it I can't stress enough it's it's stated day. We're gonna look at each state for what it is and make a determination after each day what the next he's gonna bring. Ultimately -- what is that going to be what do you need to see firm hand to make the decision. Whether he's ready to play against the Carolina Panthers. Well. I mean there's there's there's several things at play -- -- There is not only you note to win that where he's active and everything else as far as his game -- Preparations but there's things off the field that are gonna have to continue to be addressed in those are things that we'd sit down -- -- we've gone through and -- everybody on the same page and you will keep that planned between these between us internally but. There is a plan in place and it's a well structured plan and and we are on the same page we're gonna continue to monitor once again database. Trip bulky in the general manager the 49ers with this year a speaker -- 95 points of the game off forty -- Friday. He joins us every Friday at 505 right let's move on. Eat your team's grown into into the bye coming out of the -- In your eyes what's the one thing you think your football team really needs to improve. I think you know. Like like coach always stresses that we talked about after projections and we felt we. You know we took that next step in in this in the latter part of that game and in looking. Forward you know just continue to do good things we do played solid sound football disciplined football. Don't turn the football over get takeaways on the other side of the ball just do all the little things that that make you a better football team. Especially down the stretch. We've just passed the the trade deadline. And once again one trade throughout the league you guys obviously did doing his old lawyer. That's right. Tin can you give us just. -- bus to explain or. Understand. Why it is that aside from the souring cap issues that teams are so much more comfortable. Building their teams through the draft. Rather than acquiring. What you might say are known quantities. From another organization. Well first -- -- proven formula. You know it's it's you know these these. Drafting your role when developing your role that's a proven formula -- time tested and you know there's there's a lot of things that go into the acquisition of the players that it's more than just giving the player you'd get the salary that goes with the player you know you're potentially get the risks that go with the player. You have the locker room disruption and it goes along with the acquisition of players. So there's a lot of things that sector in the making decisions. That it's it's not just about that guy can make you better player and that's so I think the fans look at it I think sometimes that's how the media looks at it when you're here in the seats -- give these types of decisions you have to weigh everything. And that they're there. They're not. The united easy to get done. Mid season you know trades are very difficult because you only have seven picks to work -- -- the last thing you ought to be doing is -- -- you know water to those picks. We did that Washington when I was there we you know we did a lot of it kind of stuff and it really it's it's. Talked to build the roster when you don't it takes to build up. And what do you think about it taking you guys and us as Rick mentioned as a a known quantity. It just seems like it's tough to bring a guy in mid season and give him up and ready to go is that also a big problem for what do you trade for guys you just don't know when he's gonna get your system and get what you guys are don't want. Absolutely because there's a lot of unknowns. I mean yeah until you get -- -- that a player. You really don't know what they're learning curve is and you know when you when you run an offense like we do if it's offensive player -- Stewart defensive player because of sophistication on the outside of the ball as well you know if you get a player week eight and they're not able to really start helping. It -- till week twelve week thirteen. How much does that -- The success of the team and then you got to factor in what what's the what are the negatives. There are negatives with the acquisition of players we've we've seen it all the time what it goes to the locker room would attest to that particular. Position. So there's just there's just a lot of things at play when you make decisions like that. I wonder too how much how much of the will of the guy was so good if the guy is -- a stand up to hide why. They are willing to get rid of them that there has to be that element in your head that that makes you think twice about any -- it might be available. Well I didn't wanna go there what you went their success. You know that that does play into it because. You know obviously somebody's willing to get rid of somebody there's reasons sometimes they're trying to dump salary. Yeah all but that is always good either clustered dumping salary and you and you have to have the cap room to it to sit -- salary and or you gotta be willing to renegotiate with the -- to give them within the cap numbers so it's it's. Once again it goes back to its not the simplicity of saying that guy makes it's a better player on paper and then that we were we didn't acquire. So it is so there's -- if if it's a lower salary guy I think you you're you're even more worried you're like holy cow this. This guy's not even a salary -- what that there's there has to be a red flag here. Well. I mean. They're there are a lot of risks that go into the acquisition of players -- you know it's -- that. Can be measured in dollars and some of -- can be measured in in in other areas but. There is that there is a negative impact routine certain he got to -- is deposited. A way to negative attitude goes you're looking into that -- doesn't -- move on. The hall of Famer Jerry Rice greatest of all time joins us. Every single Thursday here a bigger Jenny a 50 finally asked about Manningham because you know Jerry came back from a knee injury what is that like Kinney said at first. But where do you think 100% 80% in this first game against Carolina forty -- Manningham is going to be. You know it somewhere in between there you know somewhere in between there and I think -- Said the best I mean that the key word distrust. Do they have the trust and confidence in in the all the work they've put in that when they stick their foot the dirt that thing's gonna hold -- -- I don't. Well because there is a difference between practice he'd gained speed you try to practice. Like your nickname but there is that. That next level and until they get out there on game -- they really got a state that's what better to make something happen with the ball without it that's when they really start to. Bolster their you know how far back they really are. -- we had to coach Harbaugh on last week and we were asking him about his. His acting ability whether it's watching his press conferences where he hit he has some very unique. Material. Obviously he has the commercials we had him on regarding visa. Give us you're assessment of of of coach Harbaugh. As an actor as a thespian if you will. I'll be honest guys I've not seen any of the commercials. -- It I haven't I honestly I have not seen in the -- so one part of the one -- -- commercial but I. I have about seeing him luxuries that sure doesn't -- of -- job. Would you let him coach your kids. What I -- of absolutely. It's a -- before we let you go I know the commissioner was there in London do you have any idea we just -- get it out there any idea. -- and and and if the NFL may come down with any type -- suspension for Alden Smith. I don't you know I think -- you know you guys know as much as I know respect you know. What -- commissioners. You know he keeps. You know his statement was that they would certainly take into consideration. The does the time spent. Away. In any decision that they make it and that that's as much as I know. I I just can't wait to Sunday get home turn on the NFL network and they're the cameras are following trip -- these car into the law. Talking to -- then seeing him in the armed undermining Israel at all -- watching you watch now I can't wait for you to be that NFL network's star. Trust so you can wait this won't be that excited. Over my dead body they let cameras in my I don't -- he's talking about Trent -- -- -- acting ability. That would that would not received area I I definitely I promise you well I know it was a long trip from Tennessee all the way to London backe got the bye week so rest up -- we always appreciated have a great weekend we'll talk to you next week is you get ready for the Carolina Panthers okay bench coach thanks Trent.

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