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Quinton Patton's working to get back on the field

Nov 1, 2013|

The 49ers rookie WR talked about working to get back on the field, the WR core, and being a rookie on the team

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

While doing good today bill. -- good you know I really mean that you know watching you in the pre season premier finally able to get out there seem like -- had a connection -- there was happened. Of course you got your first catch against the rams -- to have the injury it's got to be pretty frustrating. In your rookie year I think he had pretty high expectations up top does this injury bent for. They have pretty -- -- -- -- they're saying at the very cruel and teammate since as of surrounded by they didn't you know playing great exploration because some of the late -- been disputed -- I got a -- When not when can we expect to see you back. You know lead -- a good question. Both -- is trying to in medical problem. But -- a step back and what are you able to do at this point just. Work out wise. That's -- -- they'll say exterior -- treat melanoma almost to a you know saying that doing too -- -- so you know layup nobody. Has basically. But you're not running or anything like that. -- -- Clint -- joins us your view guards Downey 95 point seven the game -- what should be a scalp forming here because. We haven't seen we don't know much about what Mario Manningham looks like right now. What have you seen a practice and what are you can expect in the first game when he gets back against Carolina. It goes. These are you know are you that it's really good because the leader of that shipwreck some you know they have been there doing you don't say much playing -- -- what I got to do you -- -- give up Quebec right so ya ya what I'll see outlook for the first. There's yes. -- you did you get a chance to cross has with Dalton Smith and if so what does. Tell tell us what he looks like we sounds like. Process -- taxes that you know this situation their -- say you know article -- You don't eight bodies dopey but good Colbert society -- say that those states. It's they took me to know about this like this here battled them. You know you had a stellar career at Louisiana Tech -- other reasons why the 49ers -- you you were all -- had a terrific career -- when you get to the NFL most side you're catching passes from Colin cap predict. What's that fastball like catcher -- every single practice. Body that bridge to sign of legal aid bill would have broke you'll have picked this. Which he did you have got to have your head coordinate coronation though everybody he throws is really heavy it is quarterback out there. You know a little something about the broken finger. What do where everybody I thought it was captured broke you -- -- -- -- book that broke eco typical quote. Go look a rocket so he's got to dress -- or was it is the just a bad situation. Bear -- -- aren't. How is it for you -- everybody talks about. The 49ers. Needing. Another wide receiver needing help with that department needing a stretch guy. Lot of people saw you is as being potentially that guy providing it. What's it like for you to be watching. And seeing this and hearing it. And not be able to do anything about it. You can't keep those they would they wanna say. But it at the end of the day is -- views between late thank page you know contain the McLean great cause of a statement saying look because let anybody about it. Can we expect. That we are going to see you play again this season. Eight legacy of foot and a excesses. Good good question for coach Caldwell in. Are you are just playing in the company line my friend. -- good. Got to keep being. Autograph dynasty LLC presents a public autograph signing and you today with fans. Quinn's going to be there would take Carradine Eric Reid and Donte Whitner players will be signing autographs for fans. And will be participating in alive QNA with fans afterward. Tomorrow is from two to 4 PM South San Francisco conference center once again. Tomorrow 2 PM to 4 PM South San Francisco conference center hey quit and get healthy soon with a Ford senior back on the field. -- -- -- -- -- --

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