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Keyshawn Johnson gives his strong take on Richie Incognito

Nov 6, 2013|

The former NFL WR & current analyst with ESPN weighs in on how he sees the Dolphins lineman, and what he thinks about the situation as a whole with the recent developments

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He joins us every single Wednesday -- Duchardt Downey at 4 o'clock Super Bowl champion terrific analysts with ESPN. He -- Johnson -- is key I don't today. Oh right you remember the northwestern crowd at the 95 Rose Bowl. You -- about the crowd got the team. -- 'cause I saw allows epic game gee these do what they've been in this now they hadn't seen sun. And they're out drinking and and by the end of the gave these people or gas they had not the last we'll parsley because you ran up and down the field on him. All I -- yeah. I PM act like reported kidnapped the story. Yeah well and speaking of where it's -- I'd ever since -- you you'd. Dove deep into the Dez Bryant. A situation. To give us the real. When this whole thing came up with -- -- rich in tuxedo and what's going on with the Miami Dolphins. I couldn't -- -- to here. Where you are I know what your initial response was Newton with all that is transpired with -- all that we've heard. What is your take now on Richie and -- meego. And the Miami Dolphins situation. Well -- on -- dolphins' situation. Disaster. It's laughable. In terms of which he -- you know he is exactly what everybody's claiming that jerk. He's racing in the -- That little dancing around here Bob and eight coming out it's single. He didn't say it wait -- mean it that way yeah OK well whatever. Whatever whatever -- remote is at this point in time to say that these -- saying about -- intact ego and you'd say I don't wanting. It seemed everyone Ramallah the world and he displayed their behavior be different crowd to see the wide receiver. You know what out of an optical line. What do you think everybody in that locker room was backing him -- not -- There is now there is no everybody. And you know everybody. To got tight camera way it Mike -- Well -- Mike Massey told your. Are restarted in -- in my Palffy Oak Creek court -- -- he is a part of their BP at school little. Think about talking about -- book it talked about might help. He's also a guy that involved -- Hernandez and troubles. Think about it for me. We've had no we've had Bryant -- they'll come out and speak on the subject as well. Saying hey look. Maarten in Hancock -- they were the best friends so we had no warning -- this. So so he thought despite the lady next door. I've been great. -- thought they -- great. You know that you can go there walk around 8 o'clock together. Actually a -- a little -- you -- out in the yard it's little wonder why didn't even really know she gore orbit. And look at -- and why else would be to protect itself into -- it. Why do you think without question would doubt that Richey and -- Nino is racist. Look at his military government. Out here who -- war. You've had not every few. Being called the Wharton knee. If you worry anything outside of African leader. Okay different rodeo. He's -- guy. Eating bad guy that's not -- I bet. Not a little either. I was raised no free press that he had no free pass. I don't know what these guys talk about an -- the world we bid you. That's what's interesting -- -- because. I was raised that way with that word. But -- -- ahead. We had Isaac Bruce we had Kirk Morse and we've had other guys in the league not even in that situation. Who headset -- played with with Richie Incognito. And this is what stuns me over the last 24 hours. Is was their response. To his use of that word. And they've said we have to know the context that he Hussein and his saying it doesn't bother me the way it would somebody else this was from. Black NFL player. It in the context in which he would say yes that is correct because you're going to hear a lot of debate about African American they use their work. At it. It can't all different. It's a different area of New York. You've blown -- guy you don't -- you're not leaving board met to talk about you go pick at number two with a guy now. It's his mom is what -- you don't do. They talk about you or somebody. You about a joke about the -- -- not only about the quarter. Yes they'll derogatory statements may but how well the point of killing this young mean. And and don't have probably could you used in the world. Helpful and -- say -- These guys are coming out pockets did you talk didn't. Probably god won't be on the platform so it can just say anything. Be fair value or its port city to play -- -- great -- well -- -- -- chip Reid is important about open now. -- -- He's judge Johnson from ESPN joins us every single Lindsay here are the -- town -- four clocking key play for some tough coaches especially Bill Parcells. How do you think this plays out for the coaches who told what we're hearing from the sun sentinel sources are saying coaches told. Reaching god -- to make that phone call during voluntary practices to toughen them up get him back here what do you think capitals coaches once this thing all shakes down. Are big they're going to be held accountable -- basket -- is that the -- and they're going to be held accountable for the situation. Saturday it is just ridiculous that they Nicole had made that phone call you've got told him to make the Paul called the day. Please stop it and they did they'd get their stupid to have. -- -- -- Who is more likely to continue his career in the NFL Jonathan Martin -- -- cut mean. I think it will be I think it would be -- important. But it will be very hard pressed fourteen to -- -- cut it currently at play. You've got this and it just. A week ago it's normal that kinda career in the timeline here from the app from what got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not. Different this seventy. And have a disagreement with our group is jog and be active patent dispute have a complaint. Because they couldn't get -- Albany called me back a year later cat couldn't come make a -- for the playoffs for this could not bad. It's not that it's not that likable person. Did not be activating -- from. Because we couldn't get all agree on what -- should be call this is not bad. -- -- -- It may simply wanted it act quiet all of you -- don't want to play top man Dubai Bali. He shot when you look at a guy like -- at the margin obviously very bright eases Stanford guy. A mountain of a man you know yeah. Everything marriage he had gotten you don't ever want to be. Why does a guy like Jonathan Martin's struggle in an NFL locker. Sometimes. In the work place to work environment or anywhere like in general everybody not -- to be. All the way now Serbs -- individuals. It's going to be just -- you'd you'd lose today. Height weight tiger -- with the stampede of football we're. He's supposed to automatically be I don't know -- a guy in a lot of -- You might not anyway sometimes you -- much of it. I have been in the locker will -- to cement. Plate which 22 yard to play with me in Tampa back. Yeah I used to watch warns that -- since it would be rich media content. And and it sold a record in it all over the country have doubts and I watched him try to -- -- to. Okay let me tell you more superior to achieve. 218 you know -- to do -- Java. In total picture you know what the middle for right now are tired. It at that point -- that he's stereo. It be in everybody's got a lot of rule needed beard is Brian -- we opted goofy you better. He'd want no part of it instead of the year itself. Into allowed chops. To do their -- that you. -- -- Next the -- don't go. I don't -- dividend walk it still talking about it more and orchestra may remember we would the two -- Would. All we're keeping it every morning Eric -- -- I'm more that we -- where you wait -- thought for a political. But that. Outside. The whole time. He was scratch underneath that. Climb that it may go -- cheap if we finally got out pitching like that he would would you do you -- it. You've got to build -- boat. The fortunate for Martin. If not we -- Tell -- though. Answered it would -- why didn't get itself it won't have to look into what he was such -- -- -- -- and. I wouldn't call wouldn't complain that -- -- -- You and tell them. I could be part of a process when you're gonna get into a legal battle to help your case and you're really gonna show how much you are hurt inside amateur the victim that that is a possibility you know his family of lawyers he's a very bright people and if they're ready to go through a legal war they're set it up to where they can be successful on a court of law. OK so so so they don't ought to outlaw that Obama where its money. OK it is and it doesn't make just make a quick fifty million in the next. I don't know eight years play -- football. Go to your number complete you're starting you'll get to another contract hopefully he's Diego beat and you probably wind up making itself about forty million -- what you. To settle the Miami Dolphins in you know bill you get about forty million and never play again. He's really big belt strategy and withdrew. My only question she is the fact that this the -- is the voicemail was left. Last spring. It was last April. Would be a -- -- -- just a great lady and extorting you. She'd been no problem. 02 years ago she never said or why she's playing. Sometimes you know I'm. Not a -- Well I'm not stint that he. Sometimes people of treatment. They don't wanna say it was one on Heatley it's got. People inside you know -- -- -- time. We we've watched among states and volatile would eat -- he would -- in the region pretty big war that -- a high school because nobody -- He paid attention to what they were trying to say they wouldn't say it. Everybody there could be a -- I want that we did -- like that. Why couldn't say anything. Always his -- is -- -- listen to music. Would you -- and the tension. This guy obviously will reach out and help without saint. Nobody was paying attention to. Rates Huskies John and I love the analogy about kick in the gate with a dog. Yeah. Yeah that's a check. Out. And this -- said gee sounds around a four to forty to get out there. They do each -- always great -- less rest of the week will be watching on Sunday on ESPN we'll talk to you next Wednesday. He's he's John Johnson.

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