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Chidi Ahonotu speaks on being bullied by Warren Sapp

Nov 6, 2013|

The former NFL player told his story about being challenged by Warren Sapp in Tampa Bay, and why Jonathan Martin wasn't prepared for the NFL environment he encountered in Miami

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jeanine -- I -- is a Berkeley guy. Went to school at cal place like for the Buccaneers from 93 to 2000. The rams and no law on the bills and -- -- the 49ers in 03 dolphins and no for an in his career and 2004. And -- either it was brought up earlier on our air because his former. Teammate he Jon Johnson told us the story said he had never told this story before and this has gotta make news. Sort of like wow what he got -- and essentially. Warren -- Was bullying she disposal. And we now have him on the program. -- how you -- They're guys that goes on it. What we're doing great it by the way out of the New Year's -- to -- -- Johnson a little bit ago your former teammate was talking about John our air. Yeah. That's what I hear. And yeah. Well any any brought up the fact that. That Warren -- apparently did teach you. Why rich in content Ito in various ways is accused of doing too Jonathan Martin's. And the difference is the key -- said you finally -- one point. Had had enough and called worn out. Said we're gonna go right out there we're gonna go that it. And that's all the probable why don't you tell us in your words. Exactly what transpired. -- -- -- For the Buccaneers were. Nine years in my career and as basic as -- Outside -- -- that planned on that line. You know. Certain beetle. -- surprise each member told toward war -- You know. Target certain people and who really. Bullied everybody. -- actually. What he turned into it like that what you are here. Part two years you know two -- and rookies. He wouldn't that way you know turn in the kind of person I think fame and money trying to. Change people in progress. And in -- I partly Oakland you know. I hope that it. -- bag so to go to guy you know. We -- unabated bases are tired so -- -- out bullied to the bully. You know. Absolutely and you know aren't configure our weaker and he's not -- back because it's maybe. You know -- You know six year deal and probably. He took the wrong pain which it'll likely won't be at a time it is that topic on about my. And that's what I did OK at that meant it in program -- -- invented you know. An album that year ordered to go out and ask an outlet to welcome a baby so. But I'm the product he shot putter that way because he's that. Though. -- -- -- -- -- -- So when -- so we -- finally said enough is enough you challenge them he wanted no part. Did he ever come back it's you again. No I never came back to me camp but. You'd like to. 23 weeks left to see an app. And now -- did come back -- again I keep saying you know blowing up. Nationwide. And the problem. Archie Kelley and I are not tell them in the Bible. You get a you get them back YouTube you'd. And I promise you -- not important to them bully. To get you know at a site everyday we -- Just keep well it's. Not that important but it's inevitable -- we get beat up well could be the next date again. And that ultimately bailed -- And now. Politically correct that realm. Know from the dark age 89. Red beard. Put that. They don't -- LA does say that that's so this group in the eighties and the nineties do. That. That raises the question TV. When you look at the situation down in Miami and what has transpired. Who do you put the faults on for where we are now. He noted that piece of -- -- here locally chairmanships and in the night actually. Sit there and you know they're hoping to Kim barker wrote and go our guys. Given them the Internet and chat and each other and they made. You know the world currency would have -- They will be well. Player that well. On that you know and that they're able to work week late. The brutal violent nature sport we slate. You know the man next you mania. And the pain after Miami. You know as you know what the -- and -- at Stanford and -- got -- Margaret. He's not of their culture not not rock and culture. To oral round herbal inward and you know. China you know local audience in bite him in the -- world does not pampered. And that's what happened in mind that they keep -- the ball well. Pick the ball on the team letting that go along and they're trying to bully mark in -- today. And what their culture and -- called war. Martin and not going to similar and I think cute and that it about it any literature you will. That you didn't I -- go to -- about what -- organizer the culture there. And actually every chain and it. -- the crime chain that he can he can he can practice. And except you know and it it came -- do. All the while on. The Ottawa on -- you don't know I mean. Perpetual. You you got it should now though you got to -- -- -- a little heart he got a little. At that aren't about either count the count -- that might go the boundary and at that time and a little blame on the track and that they. -- how to -- joins easier once again former cal bear -- your beater down I 95 point seven regained opera by -- on Johnson so we get a check in all of them. What do you think about coaches in the NFL and they feel they players soft. Take us through. How they try and a lot of times it's through the native approach. To try and change the player toughen him up and -- what the mindset was to tell. Being -- need noted cult -- get that kid toughened up. Like it should mean it's nothing new so. You know guys. Didn't playing guys that Dr. -- and habits incessantly successfully. Chains and their assimilated into the cup or -- Tend. Home. You know pretty much -- that that these new coach and so guy victory you know. I don't go talk to that that sure enough you'll take under wing anger -- you know. Up -- outward teach them away you know -- kind of stayed in. I'd never heard of the coached or organization tournament guided analytic and it appears that the guardian to bet on themselves. It took 24. What what in -- Nino did. Do you consider him. A racist. For what he did and how he did. OK not that they -- still try to stand you know you look at it eagle account at the -- Spain it. What he's saying you don't know the culture and locker room and from our. All the banks are coming out so large -- like. That's the culture and their locker room where they accept that income Neil talks that way. That they talking generally. And I think so man -- anger on the -- or. Our the -- -- argued though because I accept an award of their culture and a particular. OK so where -- you rate -- not I don't think he would actually. I think. You know she's speaking. Similar to other American player in that locker room. And April every time except you know into that culture and given them -- -- say that in order. Like Americans say it urged each other and so a company. Around. And get there I don't know you re an article though aggregate rates doping problem the Coptic the word pretty rare in that. Won't call you know expert coming out about me. It seemed like they really do culture -- -- -- role worried that set these whether you're white black Petrino amber there. You could say that -- -- and and to be able. She gray stuff we really appreciate we know it's your son's birthday and I got a concert to go to. I don't know I guess -- cal bears though. American auto show yeah. -- I mean we need to get you back. -- another another year of eligibility maybe. Lived in coach. To coach that's sure we get into that we'd love to have you back. Happy birthday dear son and have a great night tonight. All right thanks to CD and a solid -- terrific players now there used --

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