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Ivan Bettger from Talks Warriors Basketball

Nov 20, 2013|

Ivan joins Guru and Zakariah to talk about the 8-3 Golden State Warriors. He says it's not too early to think the Dubs could be a 1-4 seed for the playoffs, especially with the home court advantage in the "roaracle". He also says that Bogut needs to be more aggressive under the rim offensively and that Iguodala has been huge for the team.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Guest and we're joined by golden state of mind dot com's. I've been dead girl -- welcome to the show. I think Bradley got legitimate. It's going on -- we know it's early the warriors dropped to -- need to restart. And I wanted to ask you do you think it's a little premature at two in vision or even think possibly that the warriors to get to the Western Conference finals with this roster that they have intact now. You know I don't think it's too early I mean I think that. We don't got Jeanne you get in person or group that we can be spurs beat the grizzlies -- the -- consistently. But what we've seen so far -- is kind of what we expect some really -- you. Then you know the kind of personal you've got yet -- you got it. On the -- and Iguodala bringing it all together and got a super glue guys -- you know making -- years -- everybody else. Any -- part is it looking like. But questions how wide open. I still think that those preaching there are army these companies compete that you look for first. To get prevent our troops there were against them but I'm you know we're getting. I think -- one thing at look at it benched. But that -- -- -- talk about you know whether it be trying to get there I'll. -- it's parties and answer like that because that in looking at the games they played obviously it's a short sample size and 83 is a great record date big currently have the two seed in the west but. Unconcerned by those losses and they were all on the road. Against playoff teams which kind of led meet tonight to say that I think it's vital that the warriors get. They want her to recede. In the playoffs in order to ensure that they have home court advantage against these teams is that is that some in the -- concur with 'cause they're undefeated at home. I don't know -- you never really know what. Well I think it is having a -- he got the huge you know the news. -- reason that you can look at why. You know the -- of the -- record apple. Building so law greatly needed to get Poppinga. You know if it was early in the these -- point on the road to being at home and their -- kind of early longer. Road trip so. -- over there you know. -- -- What might be a problem there are scenes but. You know I think you're right here at home court and it -- could be huge oracle has just been in -- Usually -- them. You listen -- -- -- to rule -- -- around 95 point seven the game we're joined by Ivan. Better with the golden state of mind dot com slash SB nation. Last year coach Jackson made a comment. He said that Klay Thompson a -- -- possibly the best shooting back court to. Ever play in the NBA a lot of people scoffed at that what are you come out on that now is that is that kind of make more sense to people the way that their plan. You know and credit and that it. Look at what occurred there due to just the -- don't talk about quick outs that area. It is you know you mentioned that we -- -- -- -- -- -- best shooter that we've never seen the when he is able to get -- You just don't you guys you can. Can pull up the dribble coming around the screen. And -- agree with the accurate yeah it would. It is all that hasn't been easy to best that we. Singing and hitting a shot and a look at that coming at it and making it much harder for that and act. They've got to do a lot more. In order to bring up double team real. Arctic and you're not -- got back. That impact our help defense and you know helping that screeners so you know -- many utilities or other guys do you have you have that that that the focus on curry. Thankfully is going to be -- -- -- when you can rotate all around as well they would definitely an old scholar so. So you know -- There aren't destructive appear but it all the other -- of all. I'll bet Cutler reacted to making it you know are we. It's really hard independent. Then that part -- to make it clear that the epic epic. I've been my partner here mr. guru. Is -- needs in terms of not being pleased with the lack of offensive production that he's seeing. Out of the policy is specifically Andrew W I I. Look at the team and say that's his job is not to score but I do agree them in in the sense that in the playoffs. Maybe against the grizzlies have the spurs you're gonna need some production. From the front court and specifically the center position in terms of offensive do you think that they need to start. Making a bigger concentration on evening out in terms of the scoring. You know that that. It couldn't hurt you. You kind of a little bit of that last night it started going to vote it real early in the first quarter and early in the second quarter two I'm trying to get going it looked a little more. Aggressive. You know going to the group that he had there -- I mean I never really mean. Much of an interior scorer not really. Not. -- and their her recounting and they'll pick up slot. You don't have I agree that percentage her her her rear touched you start and so little more competence. And I think exactly is. It going to be that. Going over it actually worked pretty well you got out of that you can you can see the ball on the Internet and scored the other part of that is. Keeping an underdog. As a passer that you patent human growth and a lot of guys you can expect in the back out what recovers. Look for report should do so it. They have also urging. -- and captain nick yeah you know actually score some well. A lot harder that I understood that and I guess what he's going to be doing. I don't -- my favorite players on the lawyers. Is Harrison Barnes and when they got the acquisition of equal dollar. It was said that he was gonna come off the -- I know it's early on he's averaging ten points a game. Do you think that's something that's gonna pretty much keep up the whole season we're harassing comes up the ditch or did you ever envision a scenario two where he could somehow cracked the starting lineup. I can interact and starting. Was -- -- record you're talking about a dollar. I you know I got. Benched. Probably later because you can just score so much. Panic and reject a lot of -- our unit which which they really need on meet any increase child. And magician with a passive and let you know I think it. We're probably. Crack the starting line at the reviews and answers like Omar probably there would you acknowledge that point. -- dollars. Each and so that. As being able to move the ball around. You know you want to -- you can really. And and -- -- come from Patrick will drive so. You know I. Obviously. Being -- ardently. Specter. On the scene and it is great that they have a weapon like -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- Because they are. Going to be does somebody get hurt or has he would. Just having a blank the big guy like arms. -- clay. My now. He is I've been bet -- from the golden state of mind dot com SB nation you can follow him on Twitter at I've -- BE. -- we are definitely appreciate atomic coming on the show -- -- --

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