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Keith Law likes the Tim Hudson deal with San Francisco

Nov 20, 2013|

The MLB insider with ESPN gave his thoughts on the offseason signings for the Giants, and who he thinks could be a target for the A's

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I -- Sox and baseball the giants have been busy they've spent 150 million dollars on Hunter Pence for ninety. On Tim -- at 35 and then a couple of days ago Tim -- or Tim Hudson licensing -- 423. Million. A great piece that Keith law wrote ESPN Major League Baseball in setter at Keith law even taken as analyst work of the Heidi signing on ESP right now degree peace and he joins us now hi Keith -- you -- just welcome. -- your thought it expand this out and we can kind of tighten tempted to the contact themselves what do you think of the money that the giants have spent that 150 million dollars so far those three guys which mr. overall view them money. Ammunition to preface this by saying did he is talking to just flush with cash right now either so much money floating around gained problem. Local regional sports networks -- money that they're making on line. Obviously. Ticket revenue and other in stating Lebanese continue to increase but it's great for TV money beat these teams are loaded right now. And yet Major League players make a lower percentage of overall industry revenues than football and basketball players to it which sesame. These teams it's a whole lot of cash on him and so -- and -- having hard times are readjusting. That's some of these dollar figures that -- seen. Throw around -- David -- in -- it was essentially platoon outfielder. Get six million a year from Cleveland -- like OK I guess that's about what a platoon outfielder should -- right now so. For the giants they're going to patient you want your owners to. Think most of what they're kicking him and. Put it back into the team technical little profit that you'd like to see them continue to on the team and make them successful I think -- without a contract I think they've really. Did a great job in finding that that that was maybe a little bit undervalued in the market. Yeah yeah 23 mil for chill and apparently the a's were even gonna go a little higher from from what you've broken down. From -- a study last year before he had the ankle injury Keith policy pitching. He looked good at it for a guy his age. He hasn't lost a -- -- velocity on the passport the biggest thing you worry about as any pitcher particularly one who's had a lot of innings. The behind him like -- You -- -- start to lose his fastball the one thing equity even before he signed predicted -- rankings couple weeks ago. What the fact that Hudson thinks the ball so effectively. Says to me he could lose two to three mile an hour between now and whenever it is that your tires. And probably still would -- effective does -- strikes. Commit some bad for miners back to the slider -- it's really about the ability to continue. To get ground ball from last year he was having a particularly good season. In terms of missing bats getting his usual ground ball during putting it strikes they separate and on -- injury -- was an awful injury. But the fact that it had nothing to do with the arm gives you a lot more confidence that they'll bounce back to worry what sort before he got hurt. But if he'd gone down shoulder soreness or bone chips in his -- A key flaws in its Jonas ESPN MLB insider check out his piece about the giants signing a Tim Hudson on ESP and foam on Twitter at Keith law. Are conversing via villains can deal obviously not as high on now you think Cynthia giants overpaid on -- I deal and he. You know I don't know to what extent this was the baseball decision and the -- reprisal for underpants through and to what extent that wise. Ownership thing especially let's count the dark guy. He's been giant for life we don't really care as much what it cost -- want this I mean and the giants uniform for a couple more years. Even that happened with Howard in Philadelphia couple years ago where he. Yes it -- terrible baseball contract but -- since then ownership really felt like that in the face of the franchise guy and we want to make sure you stay here. For the long term I have no real objection to a team paying more for a player in that situation and the owners are happening cash to do that way. Wondered would once and that was the paint him Wiki fish were fires starting pitcher and I don't think -- that in. After the last two seasons it's become more clear that he's historic. But back into the rotation starter and he may be more effective out of the bullpen. What would they be willing to put a guy making that kind of money. Into the bullpen because he's essentially -- like interpretations start. -- to me he was a much different guy last year than he was in 2012. Obviously in the Bay Area we get to -- and I saw every single pitch that Tim Lincecum -- last year I gotta stop from the eight does start against Toronto on June the fourteenth and was really good. I'm I'm just curious what when you were you when you break this down you doing it strictly by his stats and all the Saber metrics Stafford you actually sit down and watched. The video of Tim Lincecum pitching. Donna Summer and spring training actually -- as a whole month the economy twice last year. He's -- he's released when it started to drift back which if you elections in early in his career. He can be huge step over stride and he Wasilla flexible flexible he could finish way out front so. His release point which closer to the plate which obviously makes effective velocity as it reaches the batter. Faster ultimate battery able to get. On top of the ball -- -- he's not that tall to get a little downhill plane on it. We had better depth on the breaking ball one now to achieve at least a little bit higher. The fastball which is not parties to be pens to write up in the zone. Which means he's gonna give -- what hard contact especially -- fly ball contact which not a huge deal it can't protect -- -- But in that sixteen -- seventeen -- starts he's gonna make every season. That's more the concern and I don't think -- he's got that ability to work to put the fastball by guys. In the upper of his own which he was able to do you during the Cy Young seasons because he had read more about -- -- -- I keep flying ESPN join us for talking about the signing of a ten months he's got a great peace upon their ESPN also mentioned Tim Lincecum in there. On as far as the market in what is left DA's obviously looking for a veteran I don't know what the story is on Bartolo Cologne I've heard that it he's looking for that second -- which CA's could be balking at they obviously went after Tim Hudson. And -- have gonna make eight million dollars or not sure he's gonna stay around given his injury history and in the giants still need a fifth starter as well who who is still out there that would good. Possibly fit the a's payroll and who's out their claws with that the giants could look at and would still fit into their plans is make a five. I think what you're gonna have to see some of these that -- not laughed so Ervin -- class. Probably clear the market a little bit before. The little one into your starters. -- about. To the forefront because I -- and. -- and Cologne we mentioned who do you account what you want the second year I don't know they basically given that between excitement as the PDs stuff at the age it's the -- He -- it it defies belief if you see him pitch to the numbers from last year -- -- how -- possibly might even be better dealt -- by six years ago. The team that human one other guy I would mention in Mac classic style of -- probably take -- -- probably -- who years. If Scott Kazmir court finds that he was essentially at a baseball inspection independently Peter before and made some pretty substantial changes to his delivery. To allow him to throw more strikes especially with the lighter. Let me was the biggest difference between Kazmir from. Foreign washed out being handled. And what he did last year Cleveland. So we'll worry me -- Cleveland wasn't willing to just give two years to try to keep him around with at least speak trying to explore what would happen you could you walk from one year. Fairly easy vesting option or something maybe protect yourself a little bit but I would. It's pretty significant upside could be a duplication -- starter especially the big ballpark like Oakland. It's always great to talk degree peacekeepers in wielded against him thanks a lot. And you keep act Keith law makes you fall.

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