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Mychal Thompson says Klay "hasn't even scratched the surface"

Nov 21, 2013|

The dad of Klay Thompson & former NBA player gave his thoughts on what the Warriors need to do this season to contend, and when Kobe will be back for the Lakers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us a two time NBA champion. A great Laker he's on the lakers radio network. And he's also Claes dad Michael Thompson joins us here are different downing Michael how are you Dylan. I'm doing good. Just anxious to get Kobe back in a full moon opening be back tomorrow but to go against clay and the lawyers but the tribunal without at least a week -- so. Now how how does it go from possibility of him playing tomorrow verses we have to win another week. You don't we will wait another week Avery now he's out. A beloved as we get a big announcement -- this spring a surprise and orders tomorrow or kings on Sundays so they paid out he's out. And legal and ruled on Monday for three games and next week -- the Thanksgiving but hopefully. I -- Beagle who does not actually kind comeback make his debut. On December 1 again took shortly comeback coal. Isn't she here to make sure he's as close to honor percent with that injury especially at his age. On the question about it you know these practical script. Barroso practicing but he had a little bit of soreness in the chilly day which is to be expected pelican. The residual effect after a monopoly over to prolong. Create and make sure that how he responds after a couple of hard it will work out that's when you'll know he's he's ready does that have shortness of their. It's only practice but have you seen anything of him that gives you were read. Even at at practice speed of what kind of Kobe we can expect to see when he comes back. Look they're probably -- -- Sihanouk and the last year or two up able to win and I have Michael Jordan played in the late in the -- companies. Like the old fashioned guard to betray Oscar Robertson -- Walt Frazier guys who played on the ground. Gary Payton that kind of -- not a -- and -- publicly or or. Google anymore but the -- more with positioning and with the experience. Michael Townsend joins us your view current -- 95 point seven game how weird is it I mean all the years you've been around the lakers. What is it like in Los Angeles now where the clippers are a better team. Yet that -- different that's for sure. Home is very uncomfortable feeling of everybody thinks that this is due February we trigger. -- -- a lot of money to work with that doesn't mean they have bought spent a lot of late next subtle plot. It is is. Down period of the lake it's good that it's going to be -- corporate travel around if it's going all out a couple of years. The public doesn't get back into. Very lucrative free agent pool media could be draft and build felt backups so this little mediocre period Gordon right now can't put -- -- -- -- -- got the probably correspond to -- bounced back. I don't know if you're aware of it but said Jim Barnett who's the color commentator for on TV for the warriors. Said that as of right now there are only two players. That he would trade Klay Thompson for. LeBron James or Kevin Durant. Which. Raised -- question in my mind when was the last time that Michael Thompson and Jim Barnett went out to dinner. Well -- try to you know -- -- that kind of a compliment on that -- -- -- assessment of Leyte island that is Jim Barnett and -- you what that. Validate you as a player -- all of them up and coming player with a great great future ahead of you and you know and -- definitely has not tapped into what he can do yet I feel I think. My -- -- -- expect too much or too impatient. But I always say -- -- -- he's one of the bigger it not be big shooting guard McCain. An alum I see him get to meet around the corner which are a result heated game. And -- visibility should be able to do apparently what the rebound as he saw in game two in the playoffs it was spurred. He can put him to the limit helped by Andrew Bogut and that David -- -- -- that group. Right now -- -- particular committee we can't even -- -- and and -- and apparently they need to walk out on the topic going to. Did help get -- to secure the rebound I think doubt that Singapore -- so -- more big commitment. He's that he could play against only one shot so -- made great stuff so much ability is so much potential. That young people to make of the scratch with certain -- it could be yet. So your -- -- kind of slowed down a little bit so I wonder. At his peak at his prime. Explained to us what type of player he should be. He should be our -- the -- Scottie Pippen and on offense. A guy. Who can be a playmaker. Took. Let's step relax off the ball response to compare that step on all the green and didn't take shots at his law enforcement the Pentagon yet here. Be a guy who can continue to blocked shot we're inside this basically look at the complete well it's stressed that the clear any player be a complete player not just. No and so -- just going to -- but not for a guy who good. Do it all over the what -- LeBron doesn't Kevin Durant -- and of course from the -- -- great great Scottie Pippen magic bit. -- strikes me as -- obviously he's he's a quiet kid. I'm very much dedicated to his craft. I'm just wondering what what's the most knuckle headed thing that that clay did growing up. Growing up at the level headed kid that kind of crazy trouble. Ali I know he did he put into. -- -- -- nobody to say that it might be -- -- the -- not but it kind of silly to think about it but it will boy. -- love to make homemade firecracker. -- can't. You are about kimbo that the public -- -- -- figure out how to do it you know get some kind of how to throw firework. And did put it could start hammering it down -- shaping it that putting into the bottle which -- stated that up by a local talk about platform around to the bad to -- in his mother and of course you get a little. Garage I tell you about bill. Also portray or anything like -- -- -- would you do it how to make them only a little fire crackers and he looked like they -- shut off PR. Like practical that that's kind of big. And then -- -- regular. Here for over. It is it's tough to do be get in trouble when your dad's extend now. -- what I it will boom the end of the whereabouts that that would this. I got a lot of weapons and I'll grow and develop all fluctuate due back but it beat the sixties but. I just remember August despite the -- -- little lap what the bottom and a little problem has been up -- that it'll make it to -- get their attention but. When I get mad at them I would -- go to your world and it's it's like that about. Michael the expectations for the warriors are are very very lofty this season. You know what a championship team looks like nobody is putting him quite in that category but. People have outside chance they -- represented the west possibly be in the conference finals. How how -- how do you view their potential what do what do you think they're capable love this season. They definitely are. They definitely have what it takes its art talent and coaching gold cup final which you bought. Well received from the warriors is. When they go on the road. Like when they came down into the clippers. They got to go on the road BP leak deep on the road they didn't do -- -- San Antonio they didn't do in the -- -- -- against the -- now I know you're not gonna win it. All -- They got to compete better but Google is the elite teams in the west and I wanna feel -- of San Antonio beat the spurs. Come down here beat the -- spoke on the city beat them on their flock of going to Denver all of voted to. You know to tackle medal winning 80 that's -- that's nice. But to really impressed. Of the warrior perhaps they're really felt the war in Japan the jet that can do something special this year they've got to go out. And beat the playoff Pete beat up as well GOP on this on their floor. You know when you look at a problem and and Rick has a problem this with the warriors. Is that he doesn't feel that there's the closer at the end of the game -- you -- watching this team should be that close -- that killer at the end of the game. Well you know that you aren't getting staff is definitely that app and not afraid of the big moment he's not backing rebels in -- end but everybody knows staff is not afraid of it. That quickly got to step up and let you know what I know -- gonna try to take -- except. But I'm gonna get our other option so now we get -- -- -- and David Lee could also be that guy's Q and what didn't work so well it these Kevin Durant and the and the -- economic development in the game. But David is not afraid of that big moment either. But so I think you have to have a right now. And great eco beat up third got a failed and David have taken a wait and give it to me I can take your business because that's Libya. So you have for -- that they had Cardin. Rant and that's where they have three guys to cool what are the blog at big moment that the -- -- -- now without bond waited even Chris Bosh stepped up. The last year choke. It's a bit crazy but that third guy -- I'm not afraid of the plot yet the beat. The same pace stepped into the -- WWQ. Would that -- got so bad about about this -- As the next beat Bob -- would build towards a play. We noticed that you didn't mention the lakers when you talked about upper Echelon playoff teams and I I I really can't quibble with you on that and I'm wondering. Where do you put the lakers in the mix where it where do you where do you place them in the Western Conference right now. Be realistic. And help because vehicle because packeting -- on the equities could scored 2720 point to get -- into -- Again this team 23 the -- people point to gain. -- that I in this scene there's no better than seven feet to be. On the in the top fourteen so where are the warriors and technical glorious bird founder and clippers and now. And the magnitude of getting their act together they put their five and the tribute the rockets are going to be legit and I there were also co leader -- six feet. So I've been pounding the lakers in the pleases. And you'll in the maybe a couple of people fighting for seven and eight in with a copy will be back. Michael good self evident Thanksgiving and we'll talk to -- as soon. All right I don't know what -- thanks Michael. Michael Thompson.

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