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Trent Baalke says it's time to move on from the Ahmad Brooks penalty

Nov 22, 2013|

The 49ers G.M. discussed how they have to adjust with the rules in the NFL protecting players, how Michael Crabtree has looked this week, and reacts to Tramaine Brock's new deal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now joining us as he does every single Friday on a 49ers Friday. The general manager of the 49ers trip balky Trent how we don't today. Doing all right guys are you. We're doing well you know last week he teased us a little bit. With Michael for Michael Crabtree not I was waiting to see him there in New Orleans it didn't have been. What do you think's gonna happen Monday Night Football in Washington with your star -- overseer. I don't know ever leave it up -- to tell me. We're ready form valuable that we Ellis is a possibility he'll play this game -- -- -- -- shortly apartment building. How well as he looked at practice this week. We're only had to run yesterday you know and look good you know he's -- And first really running you know the full speed ropes with Petit in the team's session and so. You know agencies -- continuing to go to the process. -- is this game -- 13000 miles to Washington. And you guys -- five and one in East Coast trips. Do you feel pretty confident just as an organization when you have to make these big trips because you guys have been so successful. In traveling coming went to London this year you stayed and you know and East Coast time -- you stayed in hotels in Cleveland and not come back to the West Coast you feel traveling -- an organization is something you guys do pretty well. Well we have the last couple years I mean -- and if you ask -- that. Three years ago if you remember we -- on the East Coast game it'll time so. You know we'll -- me. We've we've got a good handle it seems to mature team and the coaching staff most of excellence prepared. And for these types of troops in. Everyone's independent of the other well. -- when you look at the game last week in New Orleans can you take away from the game the way your defense played. The way your defense held. For the most part. Drew Brees and that offense down did you take away from that saying you know are not happy about the loss not a happy when it -- but we know if we play these guys again. Our defense is good enough to stand up to -- office. I think I think we did we feel we played very well on the defense -- we did some good things on the opposite side. And special teams based job as well in many areas. Do you continue when you when you're in these games you're on the road. You know every mistake and not being critical mistake and there's there's some things that we can continue to work on continue to get better -- -- Very proud of the effort that does that the guys put forward. Some that was just announced pretty recently your -- and I think the last hours remain Brock. Had just agreed to contract extension and what's it like when you have a young defensive back we know how hard these quarters are fine in the draft. We have a guy obviously just showed you have to keep them I mean how -- -- -- that you guys were -- works at -- -- remain the 49ers for years now. We're very happy and proud of you. You know to come from an undrafted situation. Which you loans and I think once again I think he had been on the show. A 500 dollar. Kicked back to what -- excited originally. You don't do that deciding -- -- the field -- -- just just got done. Agreeing to it just happy for him he's worked awfully hard he's he's supposed pro. He's a great teammate and I look Forward -- dynamism of 49ers for the next. You know for years. As you look at another guy you're saying Gary Terrell brown it really banged up his ribs bad. In New Orleans how is his -- You know he's working. Just what conclusions -- also like you'd expect both. You know it has it has been brought the group's album full of healing quickly throughout his career and he's a tough young man and you mean -- economic -- should -- get out there. It's it's -- got paid what ever happened. I know it DOT Hayes Rob Brown didn't hit the compensation for showing up and I used to question you were going to work on that with him what do what. Ever come down on -- -- of like two million dollars or what have you dealt with brown and his representatives possibly get of that money back. Still in discussion with Bill Stewart into the process. Trent talked a little what I hear you rookie safety that's. You decided to concussions have this yours has been phenomenally played at a high level and every game is played in is that it is he'd been everything you expected or even been more. Pleased by the third placed you know and in play it'll all excited that pretty -- he's really been able to help promote those -- the quarters with the experience that they have. You know Carlos and keep you grounded in between broccoli or those guys -- it -- -- To help bring -- in the system that -- involves a tremendous support communication. And he handled it very well. He continues to grow and get better and as we -- know I -- planes' safety the national football -- hard -- is extremely hard as a rookie. And -- -- out -- you know. You don't Donte Whitner who I think is going to be an unrestricted free agent at the end of this year. You know obviously Whitner and and read a -- pretty well together is that a combo do you wanna keep together. For years moving forward is that something you guys have been talking now with his representation or is that something and let your play out he knows. Well we're certainly interest I'd like more loans today keeping our own and -- -- -- An excellent addition to the 49ers and staying -- when he -- And certainly hope we can sit down it's so important discussed moving forward. Trip I'll be the general manager of the 49ers with this here on view current Downey he's here every single Friday at 505 on a 49ers Friday. -- the offense continues to struggle 121 downs last week only -- against the Carolina Panthers. What part of the offense has to improve for -- -- let's see this offense justice start looking better feel better score more points. Well you know pick up this year at one point -- the passing game. And we're just getting more production in the inept phase of the game. And Derek king ten teams start at the box you know it's it's tough sledding -- When he got nine -- ten guys in the box so you're gonna have to do some things in and we continue to work got bad. And they've got to get conditioned respected and hopefully and. Just continue to grind it and that's what does this league as the boat and -- finances finding solutions to a. Things could cause you problems in our coaches who have. I mean they're working 24/7 percent of our players as well also will continue to do those things and you know once again it's it's getting it done on Sunday as bad as we are on the web and I think compared to do that. Really quick -- that Ahmad Brooks Drew Brees you know every once in their home up in arms. You know it isn't it hard after coaching staff they -- a certain way. Yet these rules are constantly changing every single one of us that watched that game none of us believe it should be fine when a lot of penalty. But yet it changed the game yet he's coached he did the right thing how do you think the coaching staff and his coaching staffs around the league. Balance that with -- ever changing rules to protect the offensive player. We're I think you know the rules are rules and you know it's it's about my job to Georgia. You know it's it's it's it's our job coach within them in the and so our job to playing with him you know and -- -- game turned the game can turn -- a lot of things in. And when it turns out there on a call it's it's. You know lead in the -- audience to decide with. It wasn't the right call was wrong Colbert. It's time to move. He noted that plays well we can't change it or we could do you ready for Washington national and do. I'm sure you watch film on RG three college. Last year. I'm sure you've seen him this year what is the difference in this young quarterback from last year to this year. Well I think you know what he's come -- offer significant injury. -- -- -- -- -- -- Of a significant injury. You know you'd you'd change your game a little bit -- what do you do consciously or subconsciously. The game changes he continues to mature just this power and continues to mature. And kind of find themselves in. You know once once -- senior. And they've got a blue print on what you do well -- what you don't have to adjust and I think both of them are doing -- -- -- of adjusting. You know continue to adjust that he's an explosive athlete and he's got a he's got good -- pale and Belgrade on panel. These guys we've got to prepare for both in the passing game and in the around. So he's he's a dynamic player. Who is mature within the position. They're great challenge for us. At this time of the year trend -- are you balancing a lot of your time and you know watching future free agents on different teams focusing on the calls draft trying to get ahead. Where you kind of ride it out right now work wise in terms of what you're doing kind of your everyday work. -- on Monday or Tuesday I try to stay with the pro side. And then is as Wednesday comes along true. Try to look at the coach side for the rest of the week so just trying to balance open how much time. -- -- look at that the team will -- to play the upcoming free agents from their team and other teams around the -- And then getting into the college element in the coach starting as far as. Young guys cover note that we've got to be -- prepared Ford its upcoming draft so. Just do it's it's constantly trying to balance the workload between the two. You know we have a quarterback here tonight a lot of people are going to be looking at. Come draft time I'm sure you've watched film on them what do you think of the potential in the NFL for San Jose State's quarterback David fails. We've done and faced you know he's he's very Smart approved. Quebec. He could well armed Taylor. Makes very good decisions. He's rhetoric. There's a lot polite kid and the only thing electable he's he's an excellent competitor. He believes he can tell -- Jewish player in the game east puppy stage in there and when particulates. So he's certainly someone with a pay close attention to this all that food or other teams. We've been talking a little bit about this and scouting why it's so hard is specially football. Trying to figure out what you can't measure and a player and you guys have so many of those different course adjustments in this. That their best qualities are things that you can't measure on people whether it's running lifting. Catches or whatever sacks it's their part in their desire how have you found throughout the years is there -- Is there a way that you can do it -- as the scouting community improved in terms of really identifying what characteristics. Off the field defined players more than their characteristics in the stats on the field. You know I don't really think he comes out of the research you do in the film. -- -- these that the film speaks volumes for these young men in there and you know and then the track record. You know how long have -- been successful they want -- wonders do they have a history dating back to high school in the and so I did earlier. Or being you know top -- competitors. That's what you look good for you look at for the guys. Have put themselves in a competitive requirements. And the -- backed away from that and the more those types of guys that your football team the better you're going to be. Well you got one good draft pick he got my body -- has been fabulous for you you're going to be working with -- different offensive line for the first time since the start of 2012. He's such a big key for your offense. How is that mean when you when do you expect him to be back on the field for. Well the turmoil and you know this is still up in the year. It's too bad about it obviously. Itself but he's going to be Mike is an extremely -- -- are -- tough. Tough guy I think -- going to come back. Probably sooner than that most were from this type of injury. He's the motivation I would read it better than eight. What do you know without Adam Stern and you know Evans played a lot of football in the National Football League. He started with a lot of games and he came in the other and the -- 11 might get knocked out. The game and we expected to step in and and you know being database base fixture in their forces week. There's only sixteen games so obviously. Every single game means so much and I know Sunday night football's become a big deal but. Is there eating better for our franchise and played on Monday Night Football. Well I think he's just desperate guys you know it's just -- It's primetime football and then everybody likes to be in the primetime soap and our guys are excited to play I'm sure Washington. -- players are excited to play and in billions -- they're the best team win. -- before we let you go. If you're starting a team and you could only have one quarterback. Would you go Peyton Manning or would you go Tom -- -- -- -- -- Little article called cap and -- Good approach and I. Respectable probably did an outstanding careers they're both. Very good at what do they have been for a long time in the first ballot hall of famers you would go with the incredible. We're gonna look to replace that at some point we wanna replace that great rivalry. And that really means you gotta have two quarterbacks to play the same conference so they can play each other in the playoffs. Where do you think we might who do you think at a young quarterbacks. Where do you think you might see a young rivalry pop up in the NFL. -- really got to and a they go over and they're trying to pin mentality and you know it's. The greatness is learned it's -- given and for someone restored to a comparing young guys come and -- -- there ever been in the league quarter two years -- To -- and include you know it does everybody in this service and you I just there's some good -- quarterback action initially. In -- will look come over the course of their career determine which ones which ones made themselves so it took to greatness. Are right track good luck Monday Night Football on Washington we'll talk to you next weight and it -- Trip bulky 49ers general manager.

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