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Jon Ritchie discusses the Raiders loss on Thanksgiving

Dec 2, 2013|

The former Raiders FB looked at the Raiders going forward, and what he took away from the weekend in the NFL

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They -- great but -- Tony I'm pretty good. But pretty spectacular -- this. Feeling especially with the quality is good because there and I get the feeling positive about do the raiders. Prospects. In New York now -- things are looking up. Let's look back I act if you're an optimist you look at. They had another opportunity and they win and they didn't so how hard is it to get to that level we are closing games 'cause they got blown out by Philly. They are blown up by the -- -- mad about opportunities to an all these other games do you look at it like that how do you look at. Well. She's. I think he. I keep saying to myself you know there a year or two away a year and a half away. When they get these guys they want to populate their roster to do what they need to do. Bill refined. I looked. Greg did it my experience in Oakland when group's first got there our first two years we were eight -- And then all of a sudden. We were. We were released you know we were in the AFC championship and then -- -- in the snow bowl and they don't have Super Bowl I don't think. I have a plan in place. And the only thing that somewhat distracting them from that plan and there's situation at quarterback. But I believe Dennis talent you know I think he's a really solid coach. And I believe been where you can be so good you know. I think they know more about football and I do so I'm just gonna have faith that. They're gonna get done what they need to get done. And they've got to improve in many areas on the team which you mentioned the quarterback and a lot of talk now about going back to prior year which I don't think they will do I think they'll continue to start going I'd like to find out who Maclaurin is. John I don't know exactly if he's a starter in this league long term replacement solid back up from what you've seen it. Would you like to see more of a number fourteen down the stretch to find out who we -- Go back and look at number to a get a little more. I think. I mean I got going to get a look at both belong that this sad part I don't think we know. For sure on either one of them we we know that Terrelle has glaring. Holes in his game. Com but I was always under the assumption that he was willing to work hard at improving in many areas and there are very improve lawyer is really the preparation. As far as now. Nailing down exactly what you look connect coverage wise they're listening to you can watch a lot of film on and do a lot of you know study done -- improvement. I think McGwire did much better in those areas but of course. He's got these he can't do what -- can do physically no one can and remember as a result throw got a much bigger upside but in the short term memory -- is big guy who. Can -- Gloria. More consistently now mom. You've got you know I don't know now blowing maybe he's a guy. I've been impressed with -- His arm -- I didn't think he had this same you know type of velocity. That I meant seeing a lot of times this season. So that was a pleasant surprise. I think he's. Pretty dead discerning with wary of putting the ball. I just don't think he's got. -- the weapons grade now I don't I don't think he's got the consistency. Around him. To really show us everything he's got you know. I dare bigger -- for Terrelle. More rational and reasonable that we won't see any upside from the blame. Then -- too well so I guess we need to do both of them. Which is a terrible answer. But. Yeah I was gonna happen though both of gonna wind up plan. Exactly it's a real conundrum and the good thing that's why I think that's gonna hold them back. You know what he would do unless you bring a guy who just slam dunk. That you're gonna have to struggle. And been -- that's that's going to be an issue. I Jon -- Jonas says he does every raiders Monday John Lundgren bombing our -- 570 and outside the quarterback position what what is this thing or the things that are most glaring to you of why this team is foreign aid at this point. Fed up let that can battle deal how is that possible. That this guy that he hadn't played a full he's an amber did act correct. Now not -- close yeah I've ever played more than thirteen games of the season thirteenth the most he's ever played. Two it would if you can't depend on them ever then why even bother any longer I mean I I'm sick of that ten. Did the offensive line not quite getting it done blocking vitamin -- and he's brought a bright spot. On. But you know it seemed like this -- cowboys head. Movement evolved through. And you know it you're gonna if you're gonna placed a priority on movement that the ball on the ground and out physical and teams. You have to do every week. And there are not doing and every week because they don't have bear. You know stud running back ever. In the in McFadden you know I think it's time to. Figure out someone else figure out. Another combination of running backs who don't included guys can never get on the field I think that's a big positive about it I think you guys you can depend on. And I have a feeling that did get it done in Indian companies they are going to -- guys go out. Who are inconsistent. Either. You know not being able to make the field on Sunday or in their performance. And you know when they're talking about. Improving this roster. In the but I fully expect. Well. And if I was if I were those guys I'd get rid of the guys who don't show up every week. John -- get enough to join us John thanks for the time -- is its -- I think -- have a good Rick.

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