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Jared Veldheer says the Raiders are in talks on an extension

Dec 2, 2013|

The Raiders LT talked about how it felt to be back on the field on Thanksgiving, and how he thought about Matt McGloin as the Raiders QB

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk to a Jerry bell there his first action was Thanksgiving against the cowboys yelled very well by the way you can -- -- Twitter -- -- here. 68 hi -- Dario. -- had to do unit. I'm -- get them and how you still in first action. Get it held a -- -- matter can replay and throw. Data plan was for years go as hard as you could for as long -- FAA the -- the -- only at 55 offensive plays -- -- I think you were there for every single place so what what if the -- what -- like eighty plays or so could you play the entire game -- that circumstance. Yeah yeah I think so I was in a sorority could be back and there are you know it was pretty sure glitter and opinion. Not property get a fair conditioning Y percent -- Being able you know run and you know work my -- there. Through rehab and let's not you know people that you know you know keep my card you pretty well and I didn't see it as -- pick from my -- appearance -- -- How about your performance hello how would you say it went. -- you'd like to please you know after watching the game. He has seen some things there's there's a reason things out. Cleanup -- -- technique and you know being able you know really practice you know some some of the things a little more. -- has -- some of the conditional upon on the film. Then no need to work better product. Overall it's a great impact out there and you know obviously it is -- real self when he when you lose a game you know it. Especially when you jump out on them and he -- you get affected feel and an analyst and you know things kind of stall out and then took on the other way. But you know I love love being back in there. Look -- back in there and Arafat doesn't think -- really well and good -- and I -- I can improve. And there was no easing back into it in the whole world's want to cut Thanksgiving and got to block this seven time pro bowler with a 116 carriers excellent and very well against America's wherever there was one play. Where you count numbers began to to have to block down inside and you were late getting out on hammered did you not know the assignment was -- to fan out blocked 94 on that play. Yet just done an Arctic where one. You know I have to mixture that -- -- any not pressure. You know initially a a middle right there are so you know my my school work you know and and and -- that wasn't what that a you know that's one of the things you know. It worked out as you know -- that well getting back and instead of you know stepping down and trying to you know scramble back -- Others that we you know one of those things you know that it that are taken from back. Adjourned -- they're gonna have to join us raiders left tackle of course that is a first game action on Thanksgiving as the cowboys to -- here in 95 cent of the game. I know -- around for all these games but you guys have been in every game outside the Eagles in the Broncos. Why is it that the team can't finish can you -- -- finger on something. You know. I think it's it just comes down to you know excuse and -- an excuse and that. You know it's really close and you know the guys want this six and you know it's just a little bit Ito's got to keep working practices and that's what that's the breaks your back and and -- that that's what -- you know drug she's so you know we're. You don't really don't active you know those details. And really you know preaching to keep building off mosquitoes and you know. Keep you know -- that -- extremely seriously because. You never know. You know what guys going to be called well played eleven guys were -- peaceably to have that success. It certainly would help the sheriff Leo I have been able to stay healthy it's just amazing all the different combinations and what you did that Thursday was admirable on August Americas where but what tech -- -- just blew me away. To move inside he had a matchup with Jason Hatcher. I think most of the day chaired he had never played guard 31 snaps in this whole life. Back in twenty cents a what was she talking to you throughout the game help they help in here. Now you know he is you know -- a great mentality that entire game. You know just you know look at adamant sideline talking to them know we're just talking about you know what we needed to do it to execute their job and you know he went through a public confidence -- there. You know I know that. You can step in that darkness and do great job that's kind of guy is now -- you know very unselfish player. You know he can go any any spot -- success these great athlete Smart he he knows what he has to do. You know what come Sunday it's time do it is not enough thinking and try to do much others upside he's got a plan next a look at them in the air and you know it's great battle -- We all know about that the injuries and and obviously start with -- yours. -- has had issues staying healthy all year long but if you guys can get everybody and I mean urged him to come back he's been gone all year yourself. Where is has been in -- at some -- issues and so forth if you guys can all get healthy at the same time and be a cohesive unit -- can UB. You know I think. You know. Well with whatever has we have -- -- a very good unit and a -- you're anxious. You know you know being able you know -- with the group you know -- consecutively. But you know we have a great. Great guys in the locker room that you know are ready to be. Theater at any time and that they had to -- because of the position that we've we've spent in the church injuries but you know I think. That we we can definitely be some some great things with little cohesion. -- explain to wash your your status as -- -- contract with the raiders as far as I understand your original rookie deal expires at the end of this year. Have there been discussions between you and -- in the hierarchy to get your extended before you become a free agent. Yet there. They're in talks right now you know I'm not worried about that right now mark about you know finishing this year -- you know in these these last four wins and you know opened opened the team you know as much as possible -- turn that agent. You know go and where we need to go and not -- -- you know if I handle that and you know. Play -- is well -- and -- directive single file there. And I'm I'm really open and you know I'm pretty confident. That that'll continued to keep playing and. Great stuff how about -- -- -- -- Neal you're in the huddle with this guy described his demeanor in the huddle what you -- -- what do you think -- complaining your first game was. You'd -- great guy. It is deployed -- -- is very composed guy you know he's not easily rattled. He's ready to see that look in his -- And you know it expects confidential and everybody. And you know -- did you know didn't play out. You know could find -- understand her and he knows where he's going ball and you know he knows how to operate Packers quarterback and no I know that he's going to be able to do his job. He seems like -- you guys that they almost acts like an alignment. You have robo trip on stroller a little bit yeah a little bit that it is in the pudding mixes -- well in your rooms and -- -- neutered yet. Let's do well -- welcome back good job and continue successor as the year it's great -- back. You register -- here there's a -- meld here at meld your 68 Ritchie followed.

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