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Dennis Allen says the Raiders are looking to use Terrelle Pryor going forward

Dec 2, 2013|

The Raiders Head Coach discussed how the team has to prepare for going back to the east coast, and what he expects from his QB's the rest of the way

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The head coach of the raiders Dennis Allen joins -- coach thank you so much for -- Mumbai. Have you ever slept in the office the way to do -- for millions to. Yeah I'd -- tried not to make a habit out of it but yeah I think everybody if you. Been coaching long enough I think everybody's spent the night of the office -- -- twice. So coach. Not that the game hinged on -- but the but the most curious play it if you could just tell me in the decision making on it. It's the last play to Jacoby Ford. They have their best DP I know it's a one on one line up. I'm just trying to figure out is that do you lighten what do you like what do you not like about that play and how it turned out. Well I know -- -- -- two interceptions. You know obvious you have ethnic obviously listened it's easy for all of us sit back. You know after the plate over with and say you know Ali you know while would you do that not. And second guess those types of things I mean obviously. Know what a great decision about -- in any understands he can't make that. That decision that situation in the game and in. But he I think. It'll I would like to Tutsis and go somewhere else with football that particular point. But he didn't. It's a mistake at a young very young player. Has to learn from it has to get better from. -- -- -- I just the part does look what I like about Matt is the fact that he gives his receivers a chance to make a play. Is that something -- you just you read from the beginning don't you know what I don't like that match up or is though is there -- way for him. To throw that ball in which it's like OK let me still give Jacoby a chance to make a play or do you say you -- -- let me go someplace else. Yeah I think I think -- based on the based on the -- snapper he based on what he saw all the ball was snapped I think. You know everything was -- Weaver -- You look forward try to do there I mean you know it would it would tell you to go somewhere else with the ball problems like to have seen ghost world -- with the ball. Gil again a young it's a young player mistake can hopefully learn from it. Now -- -- is gonna remain your starter at least for this game in New York but you've talked about wanting to still seat Terrelle Pryor play. How can you get -- and it is called -- sillier guy how are we gonna get prior enough snaps truly evaluate him. I think I think there's going to be you know certain situations in the game where you wanna try to get you know to -- involved in the game dictate. How much. You know he's going to be involved in India what -- -- do offensively. It'll -- -- thing that we're trying to do is we're trying to give our office. It's. You know the best opportunity to have success in so. Whatever we gained. Dictates that that is. Those are the things we're gonna try to do so we have a chance -- success on offense and and therefore. Have a chance to have success to win the football game because that's. That's really what we're trying to do that's that's the primary goal will work on -- Indian whatever valuations we can make in the process school won't make those evaluations. Rashad Jennings went down in the last minute or two -- it looked like he was unconscious there first second when he got the inadvertent hit today ahead. What's gonna be indeed the process with him this week. Well obviously process that you go through with with anybody that had a concussion mean. He's got to go through the day in so protocol and there's a there's a battery of tests and things have -- to go through would pass and if he's able to. Which he's already started. That process and at peace table that has to go through that process and pass that process and that will be open available for the games so. Obviously it was a it was a you know pretty pretty significant hit that he took -- at the end of the game -- and but the good thing is is we've had. You know we we have a little bit more time to it to recover before Sunday days. Dennis Allen head coach of the raiders joins -- your -- raiders Monday 95 point seven again remember he joins us every single Monday at 315 coached. I had this -- in the post game show after the game on Thanksgiving. In the first quarter you guys have outscored your opponents. 86 to 41. But after the first quarter to the into the game you've been outscored 259. To 151. What does that stat I mean you what do you think that explains. Well it just did it says so -- we've done a great job of you don't. Start now football games in Indian prepare for the things organized there were trying to do in the things -- courtesy in. And they did it mean to we've got to as the game continues. You know we've got to continue to work to get better as it is to continue that success and continued that momentum. You know really when you look at these games have been -- thickening. Hinge on a handful place. I can look back and a handful plays and that's football game and and say that could change the outcome of the game -- 33 -- on defense that you know what you're able to -- -- -- concealed on the old ones of certain. Six at the end of the first after the two minute situation once its third thirteen to start the second half almost a third and seven. You know where they told -- -- Jason Witten and -- we have a couple opportunities to make plays were not able to do that you know look offensively and and you know you get to party Michener at that point interception down there -- original. But you know you look at that. That peck of trouble snapple the moral six yard line and you know still there's that there's a handful plays where. You know we're able to if we're able to make -- place. You know he might be talking about a different outcome of the game and that's that's really what we've got to. You know try to get figured out try to get worked out where were making them. It'll make in those critical place. And instead of you know the -- the other team been able to make them. Defense has been a hallmark of this team all year long you've had two games now where. These are looking for your defense did it to hold down the fort down the stretch and they haven't been able to do that. How much. I I'm just trying to get an appropriate read on a -- especially this last game when you're talking about such a quick turn around. LSU factor end hey look we. We we are playing again in 34 days having some -- down at the end of the games is is there's going to be natural attrition. Ordeal look at and say no you went flat out we have to be better we could've been better. I a look today you know I now think were Warren were not an excuse -- business were not a business where you're gonna. You look for reasons system to make issues why he didn't do. Or perform as well as you needed it to perform -- -- obviously a short week yet it that it did. As a factor but you know Dallas had to play social weakened in -- we've got to do again. It's these find ways to make -- place you know he he talked about defensively -- and fatigue were able to help field. All three of those third downs there then that would not played as many plays on defense and and therefore they're not -- it and get as many opportunities in the -- on the field so. Deal but the bottom line. Just. You know in the National Football League its production business in and we got to produce we've got to we've got to do better in those situations. You know world -- the same thing -- or look at -- to your team and or -- -- that's a guy like to see for the future that might be somebody and an -- obviously how you guys are doing it different -- NASA. Your decision Odyssey matter. -- Andre homes so that's why wanna get to him seven catches for a 136 yards. He's you very it we've seen street -- impressive would deploy now -- what you've seen in this speedster wide receiver. Well most of the same things we saw training camp I mean this was the guy that we identified early in training camp that we really like you know he's a big. Physical target it's got a wide catching radius of real restriction -- illustrates stretch -- defense down the field and in the -- You obviously missed the first four games of the season due to the suspension and you know I think over the last couple weeks he's really be able to -- in the coming at -- you don't. Come in to result in in any makes a big police force so yeah I mean he's again I want to continue to see ESP it would try to. You don't feature in the offense should be able to the ball to. Point of emphasis. Coming offer last week in going into this next game what what what is it coach the team. You really want to zero -- on and say hey there's nothing we need to do better this week it's this. -- -- -- It'll finish we've had opportunities to finish and we hadn't been able to do -- the last couple weeks I mean. You know you gotta you Portland separately. Against the Dallas Cowboys to deal with the end of the first half and it would have enabled it is that came out. You know we had Tennessee Titans where we have a three point lead. You know all we're not able to finish that one so we've we've done a great job this whole season being able start fast. I think our guys have done a great job prepared all week long to get off to a fast start to where we've got to be better able -- continue work to improve the Spanish. An and I just go with. Again that -- with experience and continue to put yourself in those situations which -- guys have done a good job of -- got to capitalize -- You know I know it's as a head coach it's all about winning but also it's also time to evaluate for the future. And sometimes there may be a situation evaluating guide Maine I'd give you the best chance to win do you guys ever have. That those type may be -- Reggie yourself the coaching staff aside those conversations going forward. You know we go through those conversations but you know really when you when you really look at it I think we owe it to the guys in that locker room. To put the best team on the field we think gives us -- best opportunity. Two -- bulky and and I think. Bill there's there's plenty of time to. I'll worry about next year but right now a couple of games left in the season our job client my focus really is. How we get this team prepared to go on to New York completed New York Jets and how do we get our team -- get a win. Coach for let you go. As you know West Coast teams really struggle going east why what do you think that is happened for the majority teams here outlast. Well I just think what you know when you really look at the travel situation. You know. The old take particular instance this past week just one you know two titles that -- you travel on. On on Wednesday when you lose two hours just based on the time difference plus three and a half hours of travel mean it makes for a to make for a long day and then and then obviously. You know what you're used to. You know plane that had at 1 o'clock your time and it also that you played at 10 o'clock your time it -- a factor. It -- -- a whole -- bodies so I think that's one of the challenges of albeit a West Coast team and having to travel out east Indians and that's something that we got to continue to deal with that we've got to do -- 'cause we appreciate the time good luck in New York we'll talk to next Monday. As coach Dennis -- head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

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