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Matt Maiocco thinks the 49ers could be without Staley & Iupati on Sunday

Dec 2, 2013|

Our 49ers insider with CSN Bay Area gave his takeaways from Michael Crabtree's 1st game back, and who 49ers fans should root for tonight between the Saints and Seahawks

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Matt male -- 49ers insider joins us every single Monday right here view current Downey can read his stuff. At CES and the Bay Area dot com all right -- appear -- die hard forty niner fan. You want your team to win the Super Bowl it's all about this year the window's open now you watch -- Monday Night Football your watch and nine in two New Orleans going to ten and one Seattle who -- forty niner fans be rooting for tonight. -- you -- a die hard forty -- -- being used by yourself rooting for the Seattle the hockey need to turn your membership card that. Animal and I said. You giants and sank about your witness gave the -- Now it doesn't -- -- it. Of course. You are out there but he. See -- salute air regain their life. Now why do but is that the is that an emotional you Matt mightily thank you for that and emotional statement. Emotional statement. Yes yet that emotional in at all like to see what they're used to gain. Because they're so it is the idea is that the partner will be the succeed. In Seattle. If they lose could become the second seat so therefore they theoretically but -- in the second round. And then Seattle in the third in the -- to chance he'd been. Thinking but I think right now more games left. It's so -- it if 49ers. In the 49ers mines in -- Jim Harbaugh and Tutsis died in the mindset just don't worry body just prepare for the -- -- think about it in the game. It does it the Seahawks lose denied in the foreigners -- -- -- -- they're one game back with two games to play. And it's not out of the rubble possibility. That the partners could be in a waiting in the AFC west unlikely sure but not out of the rubble possibility. So you're talking about you know the potential for being the number two seed highly likely or they deeply -- -- -- -- -- Seen that place Seattle twice to beat by its seed or it could be -- succeed. At -- Seattle and in New Orleans. In Poland dock at port tonight's game that your will will go a long way especially while Seattle -- that uncle at locked in the -- and one seed but I think it. It's just wait and polluted that point. We try to. Now how the course of the plan. You said with two games left -- it would be. Three games at the Seahawks. We are Karachi is the -- -- that would have to take care there's actually Seattle. You -- to it yet so you know apple news tonight in the partners beat them Sunday and that what -- left supporters are right there. And when you look at the 49ers in this game coming up. Your whole outside the I gotta think the less side they offensive line's going to be gone right. I think so yes. At that police daily and -- be mildly surprised. Yet. Be surprised if -- -- party placed and so you know they like they need to get those two guys tell the that flip from play cops and their votes. Looking at steely I don't think is is in Seattle is nearly as bad as. You parties look from the party could barely walk you questions for several days after that injury. The steal it looks like your EU problem right now. But not nearly as bad as you party is that you body's getting battered its site says it is the NCL let me -- surgery -- ankle heal on its own. But I would think that it's this game against Seattle. There'll be in essence three guys -- position. -- -- Moving from guard. -- tackle -- -- on the and its union cards with -- are starting spot and Joseph will need the -- it's like you're playing or starting in the stock. How troubling troubling is that we were just kept us hiding behind the fact that yeah -- the it's this way you know guys so much we talk about Seattle there's secondary Browner is out Thurmond's out they're going to be point Brian Maxwell all their set I mean. Secondary help the offensive line for the niners could be Iraq right. I think we're Chiluba is in the right. It Frank Gore what are your it forty yards rushing in the last three games compliant. And all that. What one quarter. What were your body outline. -- body is is that these super pass protector. But he is outstanding as they wrote greater straight at blocker at that point our power play. Just alien that they're here that run blocker as well Perry pass protector as well. And I think we're what was it. Let me get a pretty good job that's protection so I think it will air. Where it will impact the 49ers. It will impact the Fort Myers is in the right. So I think that block the view light strike -- percent -- -- stretch but also. I think it'd you can -- the 49ers. You're getting that opportunity for Frank Gore -- -- route because. It -- back watching these these last few early most of the -- Well it's very obvious is it. Deep into simply did not respect the 49ers outside received. Under the name callable horse. I think they would stacked the box there were kind and that in the saints game. Where -- -- -- would. It was virtually any other box you you have you know the quarter press to outs and it. But we're ready. Help what support and you have a guy you'll stick our. The balked at war and that accurately -- able to run. You know I'm -- is interesting is we're talking about it and I and and I was looking at the passing -- the running numbers has. Back in the day -- Alex Smith you goods stacked the whole team in the box and -- the niners are still gonna try and ran against duke. And I was a -- numbers they had more passes than runs against the saints first three quarters. Against the scans are way more passes than runs and then in this game first three quarters way more passes than runs. It is it all stacking the box or is this really. As football's about throwing the football down the field we saw what the niners want to be earlier in the year I mean the offense -- -- seeing right now. Is this what they want to be going forward. Well I think you would with great role that you are not talked about. 5050 split it'll run apps what they're talking they want me equally effective. Both parents -- it to -- it is basically saying you know. -- it stacked the box because we respect your passing. Attack in the -- wannabe he'll make the the deep at eight and they were able yesterday it was killers are opting out -- pretty big game. Sort of spread all rattled that for the first time. So I think that's where. That that is separately dictate it. -- throwing the ball court case. Got a great role as saying you try to keep it -- separate law. I think. Whatever -- stacked the box like that. -- -- or which they got it to a certain level that her. -- -- that there were still get an -- yet but I don't think I think -- risky move. You injury and is risky in effectiveness yet. If you continue to run the ball so I think that's why they've been a lot more perhaps -- beat these last few weeks because what the defense shall. They were before we let you go very quickly and I just I happened upon this is -- was re watching the game this morning. All Smith I was not overwhelmed. By his activity particularly. Obviously a lot of plays go away from him because he's so good. But his pursuit -- his activity when. He wasn't her I just wasn't overwhelmed what's what's gives you a quick fifteen sickened second take on. Your assessment of -- Smith and how he's he's playing at this point. Well I've got that we can go -- our -- lap segment site and it didn't stand out in need but. A lot of time -- they don't want oh pursue it solely. The other side. -- -- fear that that cut that could lead to big run but. Pretty happy with the way that defense is playing certainly need it it's that the elderly with that played it. You what you need in the back field have to re locked cabinet and just politely -- All right -- great stuff we'll talk to next Monday. He's not mad may have -- forty -- insider.

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