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Chris Doleman discusses the potential for Aldon Smith

Dec 2, 2013|

The NFL Hall of Fame DE & former 49er weighed in on how far he think Aldon Smith can go as a defender, and how he views the Seahawks this season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's got to want a ton of ball games he's a hall of Famer. And it's great to have them on the program Chris dole and joins us European grand -- Chris thank you so much for taking the time. -- -- -- -- Chris good good to deal with he got. You know I start thinking about great defense supply a whole you know whether what you do with the 49ers and remember the greatness with the Minnesota Vikings. This team the 49ers. It's pretty special this collection of players you know they talk about that window of opportunity being opened for the Super Bowl as a whole spirit template has some great defense has. How good do you think does defense really is can this defense carry the entire team to the Super Bowl title. -- there are picket -- be sure that the told the rest of the team. You know -- struggle that is not -- unity. You know -- But he's got that can bounce backs to make -- what could be distributed that one consistent he's the kind of drive the engine that Argentine. Chris what have you seen. Of all Smith. Since he's been back compared to the old Smith that we saw when he left. Well you know it was a little rusty when you step back. You know from you know blow recap. But you know he started developed his game it start to get bored ball. On. You know oh look there's been all season where is you know we're Ruby Tuesday but he's the guy that can can quickly catch up. -- they make the play calls. And this could work in the paper a great deal with Rick -- -- and he's sitting Astride. Would be that -- against their stride. -- in the rural road to your apple. How important is that last year they were banged up heading towards the post season this year defensively. There it's it's like they got the band back in everybody's healthy and they're ready to go. But -- one you're what you're consistent client they move or you win games. You wanna make sure which sort of position that control your own destiny. For the most part. June bug that did great -- -- staff. You know yeah a little bit of -- -- -- watching -- -- you know forty in the great should street. With great players and it will. Understanding how to win games out of almost Seattle has that history. And how to win games or couple that's happened. You know Tom Beringer you know a number of years and -- tell you -- -- -- prepared -- so you have a direct link. Well you know help. -- You know. So -- gaps and then let the guys know what they liked the experience. You know this playoff run you know mine. Had a history that you need a couple of you know teamwork that your staff were in that players are able to. Understand and then put in the action you know to go play it likes Seattle war. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- -- bring that up because we've had we thrown -- the question. -- sort of who who would be the the greater challenge the saints -- the Seahawks and we are surprised by the number of people Texas to say that are far more concerned about the saints and the Seahawks and and so what you're suggesting is. Yes they don't have the institutional history -- -- you are you telling us that inside the 49ers building. They're not as afraid of the Seahawks. As we might be led to believe based on the last two results against Seattle. Absolutely absolutely. You know what do you Gordon. According facility that you're looking at five sort of control that first -- first in the region in the in the lot. But you're looking at all the great players that. King of the 49ers system. -- -- -- -- -- -- The thing that has to you look at the Seahawks. At all born. They. Market. At Cortez Kennedy did Jacob Gregg -- you know market in court as a bill to open it. So when you look at that. You look at and thirteen that it would be very good team. You know when you respect that you know what we're better than we do things according matter -- and were able to. You know discover -- Some of these -- history to get into that we are not. You know the player you'd think about what is right slot or think about my life. It was of another forty it was so think about. Part of that have been about Marat played the quarterback position. And you know go out of the area at all that. All resources. At your -- at the point. Where that. You know those decisions don't have a really and then -- -- -- -- The hall of Famer Chris dull an eight time pro bowler joins is your view contending 95 point seven a game you know Chris I just a look at. What does happen with the 49ers in Seattle last two times they've been in Seattle they did actually run off the field. How much would you look at that we say. I rather be taken on New Orleans and New Orleans verses what I've seen the past couple times in -- to Seattle. You know this one game at a time and in you know each week your game plan. You know what you wanna do your job -- -- basically what you wanna do they know it isn't like there's no doubt there's an old ball. Cool political -- -- you better than the other. Or in the vehicle sizable awarded to -- the quarterback who want wanna be brought back you want to make that apple. And then stop that play. Got a terrible what -- play it guidance. Job does not mean is all about desire. And -- -- truly believe that all let's look -- more in the quiet. But it's just all about desire or -- you put that ball -- that he'd -- revved up like that earlier they're a bit up to. There's a good chance that they will face the Seahawks without Joseph Staley or Mike -- a potty. How much will that impact this offensive line that really has been consistently. Together. For the last couple here's. Well you know. The guys who stepped in and from side. They understand that they're part of -- unit in wolf the situation that you have a -- yet. Where that you know you're all -- one splintered and you know apple like it's gonna happen like that. He's gotten to be ready to play and you know at least -- -- group. You definitely. Definitely draw that -- to be -- very good police. When Chris are you saying it was a little dysfunctional and South Beach. -- All right now a you get it sells about -- in your celebrity Chernobyl network. And tell us about eight trip I'm down if I can win it I wanna be apart of it you can avoid a trip to Ireland to play golf with you and Jerry Rice. Absolutely man you gotta get involved. We're you know there are -- -- literature or network what we lose all forms. That raise money for charities. All I nonprofit. New -- -- based company we're not possible when we work directly with apple released. We have the ability to use a lot of different. Forms raffles and give card give -- to options to. Sweepstakes. You know -- out there have been good platform would probably happen. And that is what we do it would work a lot with. We got a couple kept his -- -- or in the league. We visited. Mr. Allen worked out -- did not Jenkins. In about two weeks rate equal twelve out about for his charity. These are all abilities and work and that -- good group of people willing to give the ball well. Urged -- right you know report -- dollar check out these that separate yourself and Belgian court abolished. You know the total cost about. One that's been a bit and buy -- did check and -- are old topic for. Ten. Which which airs tomorrow at 9 o'clock eastern standard car but. You know I've been been been really busy but it's all great stuff and you know have the ability give back you know because I've received so much my life it makes me feel good nor -- -- -- the rest of life. Is really helping. -- you know we have -- on with us every week on Thursday is. Give me a little softer -- from the big break that I can take the next time we have them on that I can surprise him with that. We wouldn't they you know. From the big break but that we did that -- nobody else never. Well. Care the I guess but paying them trying to think here and there weren't a lot of them. At great odds jerk like good. But you know it is here. Look asking what their biggest numbers out there. And it would be a boon to even be my -- -- Few times didn't get up one moment it's been it was really really interest. Like we also that's -- your social. -- -- we'll get into that your fourth all time on the NFL career sack list with a 150 and a half sacks which is amazing. Bruce Smith is number one -- 200. What she'd seen in all the Smith if he stays correct on the field and off the field lives a life that roll out and apply a long time did you see him. Some day being the all time sack leader. You know idol you know the game has changed so much as you. If you question quickly. He could definitely approachable numbers there's a couple guys out there that could definitely approached those numbers. You know their own ball 4050 -- he can. So the opportunity to get facts are more or greater not posted those. I'd entered these actions like fourteen years you know muffled cheers -- -- And is just situation on the pit -- and the numbers he posted Reggie White. It proves that it. Reggie White was the greatest agent linemen and our air. Look for a job but you know I don't really get to crawl. But you know he was just one doubles guys -- we played. It was totally different than what the game yesterday I don't really recognize game it looked like -- -- -- true or set. You don't -- -- -- do or whatever it is. And the dollar -- You know -- back and beat that line and everybody just kind of spectators at the beginning. You know I had a conversation with all of the other day. And it would talk about -- pocket twenty million dollars quarterback or you can even. And you know that there's an envelope a little you know little -- about the quarterback position. -- That backward back this this need more help -- in the other position and they. I mean we in turn around -- your color -- you get the ball hard court or eighty yard you can go to ball. I could've done now. It I love the defense evaded us today Chris always great having you on the program end up we will be in touch and we'll be watching. And we'll see if you're able to take down Jerry Rice. On the Golf -- Take interest say he's so much.

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