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Dick Vermeil weighs in on the 49ers & Raiders this season

Dec 2, 2013|

The Super Bowl winning coach gave his thoughts on the Super Bowl winning potential for Colin Kaepernick, and how the Raiders have been so effective early in games

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it's an absolute honor when you think about a Bay Area at Bay Area iconic guy grew up and callous -- a play football my alma mater San Jose state of course you known as the man that. Has simply won a Super Bowl when he was head coach of the St. Louis Rams and now he's a winemaker. The great did for meal joins us here on view current anecdotes thank you so much for stopping by. Well nice to be with you guys always nice to be have my name mentioned San Francisco love that area. Yeah why not under its idea. Now we're gonna get in a 49ers were gonna get generators were gonna get in a Monday night for Boldin and all that but before we do that. Are spartans had a huge game against our arch rival Fresno state last Friday and came up with a big -- Yeah I thought without any game you know if you're -- goes undefeated and and playing well look for BBC didn't. Commanders as they stated as they play it optimistically about what they're capable -- quarterback was really special. The defense did what they had to do the second half but adjustments in Africa. There's been a lot of examination of Colin Capra nick and where he is in the expectations. After the run he made last year coach from what you've seen with Colin. What what -- give us give us your read on where he is as a quarterback. Well you know I liked a lot on I don't see him as much you guys see -- -- watched -- -- -- and probably three or four times this year. I think everybody what it was last year I don't think he's had -- -- supporting Cassidy had last year. Yeah I think maybe the schedule from time to time a little bit tougher than it was last year I can't verify that but I would believe that I think. Yankees you know a Super Bowl caliber when quarterback I really do. I know they have coaching staff will get that out of the and game play and each week to give him an opportunity to perform debt levels that I'm a big and his -- -- -- The great Dick Vermeil joins us your view guards -- 95 point seven a game talk a little football with a Super Bowl champion coach. And when you when you look. And at that young quarterback how tough does it when you have the pressure to win. But you still need to bring that young quarterback a long how tough is it to do that. Well you know I don't think he's a rookie anymore I don't think they look at him as bringing him along. I I think he's played enough football now that. My gosh if you treat him like -- veterans played. Or five more years in the only place I really do that -- on this and then it. I don't think we cut slack I'd be part right now he's got to play like a veteran because in all senses of the word he's played enough football to be that. Coach we always say that you know standard line is that defense wins championships. I'm wondering whether -- that needs to be shifted because of all the rule changes in the things that put defense is it's such a disadvantage. Does that still apply here or or do we have to balance that out a little bit more. I think it still lives I think he's still applies you know. In verbally. The team that wins at all is gonna have a defense that didn't allow the other teams score enough points to beat him. You know and that's always the waiting Q when we won the Super Bowl our defense. What in the NFC championship game for us. It and kept it in that game the entire ball game right down to the last net your defense when you get to that level. You really can't hide -- we. You can have a shrinks or will power and that 88. Maybe slightly sub par well. DiPietro off its -- that get back to get this straight that other side of the ball that. At that very up I can -- think one time that I can remember now that was what Super Bowl 35. When the giants. The end of the -- -- and the ravens had that unbelievable being benched and not much of an offense and they want at all. Let's switch over to the raiders coach and I got a stat for ya I wanna know how you feel about this in the first quarter. The raiders have outscored their opponents 86 to 41. But from the first quarter onto the into the game they're getting outscored. 259. To 151 what does that mean be as a coach. Well first means that the initial game planning is very good. What they plan to do -- work. Maybe they're not quite good enough. To redo the same -- over again from a physical standpoint -- place. It going it make him work and it you know and maybe they're just not skilled enough and some of course. Court -- might also be deep and scoring a little bit and special teams scored a little bit and that sometimes can distort -- -- court. How do you assess that -- how much you've watched the raiders but when you look at them in a rebuilding situation like this their four -- How do you how do you view. What progress is for a team in a situation like theirs. You know I watched -- play early in I didn't think they could play dead. And I'd like -- and they look a lot better they have improved a lot I really they'd be in competitive. They've been in situations where they've gotten lost their but I they're. -- competitive football team every Sunday now and they were not that in my opinion what I saw them early. Out of that of the things that you've seen different. What what has stood out TU that they're doing now that maybe they they weren't doing early on when they were playing dead. You know that as part release -- but they say they're not beat themselves as much as they -- -- -- -- and have -- authority under the but you can only watch only gained instant. I watch a little bit because alzheimer's is on that Japanese won best coaches I've worked with my life. And it's why I like to watch. Didn't play so I have something to talk with him about when we communicate. I've about it. An authority on the radio I just think they don't beat themselves as much now they look like they have more confidence and what they're doing have a better understanding of the defense keeps game. I just think. You know -- relevant quarterback situation this young quarterback you're playing right now scares you watch what -- usually you don't some interest. In. You know I get -- all over all of the better football team and work. Dick -- George this -- 1795. Point seven a game and coach you know we've been talking about great endings today especially what happened in the Iron Bowl over the weekend between Alabama. An Auburn and one of the games against brought up and Rick Peters a very good friend of Herm Edwards and -- keep bringing up the miracle at the meadowlands take us back to November 19. In 1970 they were looks like your guy is we're gonna lose and all of a sudden a fumble changed at all. That's 35 years ago just a couple weeks ago we had a banquet honoring -- -- with how old legendary trainer here. Any Herman Edwards came aboard because we also celebrate the 35 anniversary of the miracle of Madeleine on this specific day. On the nineteenth and you know it's just I didn't need -- -- it happened. I was turning talk in the top two players. That they get about what might get one last play this is what we're gonna do all of the balls on the other way it. Haven't got -- -- and influence score and you know every time I hear someone tell a story about the miracle of the -- and it's a little different than the last. -- All I did not see it initially happened. I'll. Of all the finish is that you've been a part of. Or that you've seen. Where does that one rank where does that one -- among the most dramatic finishes or the other just the craziest finishes. Well it actually beat either 12 or three I can't take it to other games I've ever seen now. Now the Obama and McCain together they have seen it. The reruns of that play. I I've seen that happen sometime in my career in the NFL I just don't remember exactly when it was. But to happen at that time that it did. On the last play of the game I I think that is more dramatic than the miracle the meadowlands. Well he's done everything -- his career win a Super Bowl winner rose -- name it he's one of the greats ever played San Jose state a coach before we let you go tell us about the wind got going of their Kallis toga. Well probably one group despite it was a moment. And we've been making weighing -- -- -- positions 2008 as a hobby since 1999. It would make it 3000 cases this year we've made up to 5000 -- mildly -- specializing in the cabernet we have to break into -- nine years old and but 157 year old that your the other 105 year old that is what would do well we're winning awards have to score chronicle. A contest there we want to gold medals -- want to double gold medals and what are warrant is improved a lot and that just like your football team. Keep trying to get better results in the tasting room now. On first street in Napa. We've always had wanted to tell us Silverado Lincoln avenue. And they -- doing okay let you know if you related to a football season or body -- OK we've got to put two more games. -- Nate -- tell these days like -- in the playoffs coach always great catch tablet yet be well have a great. Great rest of the month and a great Christmas old talking in the new year are.

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