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Chad Brown says the Seahawks are unbeatable at home

Dec 3, 2013|

The former Seahawks LB joins the show to talk about the big NFC West showdown this weekend and how the two teams matchup. He talks about the great season the Seahawks are having and what separates them from the rest of the NFC.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm -- after this morning how much you get. Don't go to a little shell shocked quite frankly from watching the game last night that I thought would be much more competitive what was your number one take away from Monday Night Football. That I think Seattle maybe impossible. To beat at home and in LA as a certain that sounds I think he's just look at Russell Wilson's record home and they won't -- maybe that's not bad assert. The crowd they're booted and you also that it's. They're the to the -- ability to take away. What you wanna do offensively as far as audible checks -- nature it makes them. It's such a tough team to beat. At home. Plus you know Russell -- -- level that defense just relentless. -- if you're forty -- player and you're watching that game last night. Is it hard not to be discouraged let's say -- Colin -- -- would what do you think's going through your mind as you watch a game. Bet that these supplies around and Iraq. In particular so you've got you know water to. Unit on the defense that standout last night the Seahawks got production. From the front rush the quarterback -- production from the linebackers both of them. Run game -- -- -- game and everybody knows about the out of -- DB despite even missed some guys due to some. It took Christmas and stuff it's it's really really impressive when you watch the Seahawks defense our outlook. We're not respected because we want to run the ball -- -- -- game Frank Gore will cure or stop the run as well. -- competent to run -- -- plays with his feet. We've got actually got an affront to stop that. I wanna throw the ball up tell you what you wanna try to get Anquan Boldin out muscled somebody will we got beat DP Seattle couldn't you know multiple. Pretty much the receivers in the league so it's a tough tough match up. Pretty geometric and foreigners especially. When you look at his match it's great defense going against great defense obviously and you talked about the front seven for Seattle they are able to do last night. Obviously a lot of big names along the front seven for the San Francisco 49ers. So which of these teams is more productive along the front seven and and how big is the gap between them. You know it's -- production is differently between your offense went. You're able to get ahead like Seahawks did last night and I was you know particularly before -- -- gonna boost those production numbers from the front. Maybe a little bit bigger than they should be a complete tight games recognize play the -- and I don't have to rely on the past nearly as much. I can comment shoot those numbers he brought Clinton up. We talk about -- -- -- adjustment -- the desert you know the top couple players their positions ultimately -- I don't think there's any. Steps back from from the up front seven on this you ought to be front seven that and afforded and it took about Patrick Willis the horrible news. The players on both -- seventh. Power -- the office coordinator of opposing quarterback. I don't exactly what the streak is one of those -- perfectly honest. The linebackers specifically obviously position you play in the national football league for a long time and you just mentioned. Patrick Wilson Navarro Bowman widely considered to be the best inside linebacker tandem in the league. And I see a guy in Bobby Wagner Levin watch instance colleges taken -- blocks last variety is a tackle machine preserver and really coming along. I mean are those guys the second best dual linebackers in the National Football League. You know -- -- by a fair amount of -- for a long time. Sometimes you know I think that we knew immediately did. All excited about what's new what's hot and me and you know whether we're talking about. A couple quarterbacks last year -- -- to your car company career. You know the greatest ever to play the game and now the issue that clearly tickets and steps back. You know I'd like to be published servings and about Wagner can be used for a couple of years as the Bob Bowman that you will -- -- war era. -- Put them -- that same category that same class. Definitely -- -- guy who can make plays. But I don't think there will the two guys that in the Irish government defense. Who are now -- players that world leaders who have done it for years and and -- To be the one thing that you cannot do if you're gonna try to win that Seattle is get down early. What what would you. Say is your recipe to beat Seattle in Seattle it's gonna be done. Definitely shoot the puck during I think you've got to come into the game understanding that the crowd is going to be a factor. And -- York you know -- is able to. You got that we've got a punt which as you mentioned that you. Stay in the game early -- keeping quite competitive wrote that cloud the energy just becomes. Too much -- to handle on the field. Blog -- about -- how do you move the ball a -- that the defense how do you keep up. But -- professional playing really well -- got weapons in the run game weapon in the past game quarterback replacement armor and with his feet. But he -- public at all that. And not get discouraged if it's doubly tough out you're going Cuba Seattle. I'll go through them one thing as you mentioned is to somehow find a way to -- early -- with the Seahawks get an early. Collector crowd that -- -- kind of beach down. Longtime NFL linebacker former Seattle Seahawks Chad Brown joining us here on nine to five point seven a game as we. Take a look at this weekend's matchup between the San Francisco 49ers. And Seattle Seahawks obviously the crowd will not be a factor for the Seahawks coming up on Sunday if anything you know the home crowd will help the 49ers. So just from a personal perspective. Two really good teams that are playing some good football right now. What's -- what's the major difference maker is it Seattle's secondary. Is it Russell Wilson's player right now. What is separating the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers currently. I think if you play the quarterback. Brussels would step would play at a at a high level Olympic helicopter -- is gonna -- no we're a rough patch. -- -- his plan actually quite the same level. The Russell Wilson's plan that right now you know bulky and took -- running -- -- -- you kept Celtic guys on defense. But I think a different play really is the comes up quarterback and as you mentioned the release superior play of -- Seahawks secondary. -- what comes into play for Seattle this weekend against San Francisco I mean you know that -- comfortably ahead in the division. I'm not saying you wanna lose the game that's ridiculous but. You wanna keep some stuff in your bag do you do you not want to show say efforts Cisco since some stuff anticipating a possible. Playoff matchup. And that's coming here with those kind of thoughts are are gonna discuss it and and the coaches big world and the draw up a game plan. And you know you can't just play your back pocket for. For five or six weeks and you're all excited during the game plan that maybe this is not a -- something wanna hold on to. Because it is such important because it isn't big into the possibilities to -- -- together. In the postseason. You know it's. In the extreme QB in the media. Seahawks. Coaches. Beaten to dictate to save the main game planning day. And seeing you know what what what can we wanna have a package and what they what they don't want to put him. And how much of a -- possible. Playoff matchup is that a concern to those closest. I think you have to look at all the different scenarios right now we're coming up. With the game plan you know from before and our respective. The coach had to find a way to fight standard division and -- get -- win. This -- this weekend would be a huge step in the direction. Tell us how we talked it was wheat to water around the NFL has jumped out or surprised you the most about the way this season has transpired. You know got to do it goes just this incredible -- the number of story lines whether it's. Craziness. From the officiating crews -- she can happen week in week out yet. You know -- The -- -- ever in the history of mankind the Denver Broncos look kind of slowly come back -- a little bit they played that that's good numbers just can't -- this last weekend. That the wiggled to distort the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady how do you day. Do this year and you're out but he was concerned about injuries and lack of experience the wide receiver corps. You know -- later -- the top four -- into the NFL. So it's is that it -- always fascinating. Game but in this season has not been a disappointment as far as. Awesome story lines you know the accident just taken at Atlanta picket somehow that they can just. Literally pick up exactly left off last year and so to that. Trapped a lot of teams do. Get deep in the playoffs they come out will be your and that will be quite Bible we are -- because just how fast forward to keep in. And be right back in the playoffs and teams like particular -- that's not possible either. So it's it was always exciting go to Susan has not disappointed. Which had all the way back and we do we also made a bed that my utes would be your buffs in the rocky mountain rivalry game is they're trying to ability now. So you still owe me dinner and an island off the hook. Earlier you know. You seem to care where it was we -- between -- My -- my young -- -- And obviously improved from 111 slash you can forward this year. But there's you know they're taught to go to the program that -- quite optimistic we got some. Really talented freshmen -- equal. Be contribute for a couple years Buffalo's got a -- -- I start of rebuilding what was once you don't want a top culpable programs the culture. Chad Brown longtime NFL linebacker former Seattle -- now you can hear about 104.3 the fan out there in Denver Chad. Great talking to you as always. -- better have appreciate it.

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