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Bobby Hebert says anyone is beatable in a one game playoff

Dec 3, 2013|

The former Saints QB talks about the ways to beat the Seahawks in Seattle. He says you have to win the turnover battle and have a great running game. He also talks about the importance of home field advantage.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

By Bobby -- there the former saints quarterback. -- -- -- -- -- I'm doing and that battery. Humbling defeat facilities. That you play long enough you will be humbled. In the NFL and the Seahawks Regis unbelievable. That you need the difference. With the level he's playing at right now talk about the young quarterbacks. A Russell Wilson. The comparison here what I've seen. And oddly enough seemed copper camera with -- 49ers. And the -- the world pretty insane. So important in New York governor completed Seattle. You know I think of foreigners and bounced back there will be adult fired home. Albert the Seahawks in that environment. -- that it was a beat down a cane sugar coated. You know this thing to have -- a number of games like that not a recent. Humiliating the cowboys the cow girls like to call them you know now now good looking at. You know thanks -- -- Colin Parris and a -- we haven't had a defeat like that got to go back. To 2008. And probably the -- their feet for Michelin. 2007. -- -- when it NFC championship in 2006 per year. And nobody exceedingly bitter cold in Indianapolis. They look like 41 and so literacy to mean he gains -- -- Of the Seahawks a lot of credit. And now days they'd be just put it to the as a -- -- education code. Mean they're gonna have home field advantage throughout the playoffs are they are they beatable up there can somebody beat them up there in the post season. What they're doing a reputable. Because -- got the best out of seven. In any -- three out of five of whatever he's got one gate. I'm not yet that the ball well actually and you look at football at Auburn Alabama game. And all the ball bounces a look at one touchdown. Helped Seattle scored go through Italian and you know it's human element about -- right there -- back here in the handle all of those in Seattle. I think a formula obviously would be the probably going to be crazy like a lot of coal -- advantages to jump -- quick. And that some kind of momentum or they're catching you and you're not now and the year old or seventeen feel. You know after the first quarter. And then -- as human nature to not to be pretty gains when you -- come from behind it obviously can be. Olympic -- ratios look right now. The Seattle Seahawks. Our global warming takeaways. And I thought this thing that could be either on clots one. I don't have a chance to win the game below minus one -- -- the field covered -- it took a charge now and April you know drew reached hobbled. And then you know toward interview -- run back that's again double -- a little eternal battle and now. And I treated to a look at Coles -- Obama -- even the 49ers. Whatever energy and then beating this field undefeated saints because that we aptitude. And vehicle by people and I was clinging. And you on a little party travel all -- -- A great defense. A great offensive line can you run the ball. No matter how loud the crowd and that always travels well and that things -- structured that -- right now. Great Bobby Hebert joining us here. On 95 point seven a game we're talking about last night's Monday night debacle up there in Seattle and of course taken a look ahead. At the Seahawks trip down to the Candlestick Park. The home field advantage has been very significant obviously for Seattle this year but in the Seahawks -- rivalry. Home field advantage is held serve for the 49ers as well the Seahawks. Have not won at the state since 2008. I mean you obviously played a lot NFL football. Helping in the deal is home field advantage it dead at at every place. Obviously Seattle the extreme case but at every stadium how big how big of deals home field advantage. Well what what I think it is far as the secret it's or. I -- some for the defense of the offered as well you know. An idiot friend and they are educated have been -- -- the ball too shall watch and observe the gain. Surely you fear greatly opinion you know being like acquired -- all of our communication. Where almost -- You know I haven't deleting -- you know unfortunately utilized I am also forty -- against the saints. In this who were let go away from timeout for the social -- -- -- I think it's more. I think the crowd it's sort of put it this way. -- -- you know it becomes fact he called -- work the crowd can -- be louder so I think it would be the secret. And the 49ers have agreed even at the Seahawks have a Greek peak and now we didn't expect it. Little Robert I would get -- -- decrypt at least in the middle part considered in there at the word defense. -- South Asia last year where what he had in that -- by the defense. I'm not that one that certainly the case. -- against Seattle but I think Obama lacked -- getting to be in this and you look at their industry -- -- preacher. It's actually more important come Sunday night. I'll be utilized to flex schedule the Carolina Panthers have won eight straight game and they come -- the superdome. That -- -- Carolina twice. I think they can -- one game. The thing you don't have to win out and look at that happening. That they'll beat Carolina one time I think he'll lose that actually. And then not distributed them to seat that you look at all the tiebreaker. Between this thing itself 49ers line to wherever. You put in that well peaked picture. -- saint led to a tiebreaker could have a better in and if you record. But it is now one more slip up. And then you know they're distributed them to feed their -- get. Hold well being -- well go to Seattle. You know you haven't always going to be an -- if -- all about two way. -- get off to a great start and I think that's the kind of effort that indicate that actually predict. The 49ers. You know it could beat Seattle in intent -- Regrettably it's going to be a slugfest. -- approachable people like a -- Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh back. When I was putting the -- and Kravitz and you have to sell -- University of Michigan. William and I go away bag by this is one key and a look at. Seattle's record on that Pete Carroll. -- -- eternal battle. But since 2010. At twelve to five victory. So is that I mean the 49ers are even on a couple of China -- -- -- -- at -- A -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- I would ask you real quick for -- you go about home field and I can't put my finger on it but. Obviously the home field is an advantage for the home team but is there ever a point when the advantage becomes -- Great that it's almost unfair. I don't want to say that's where we're at but. It just seems like the edge Seattle has in Seattle is so much greater than that than any other team has on their home field. Is there anything did that can be done about that and that's just the way it is. Yeah I think ultimately is put it do this way. Now in my opinion. I think in this labor 49ers than -- -- before it matters when it. That's an important super on the -- -- I think -- scene in which Seattle. The -- against Seattle in the superdome. I think I don't know what it and if you look at the long travel on the West Coast and at the Trout. Whatever it might be good but I know. How they appreciate general Philip and it probably didn't ever since school. It's fairly new all of that is an unfair advantage and -- they note that. You know you look at the point -- now that that's what I'm saying its utmost important. Are you and the adversity and normal and look at the misconception. You all realize their initial payment to agree -- hundred middle habit in the playoffs. That it's 2006. Look at Portland. Oregon New England Patriots are better than this -- it's 2006 now. You acuity department is 2009. And could be shot in this. The number -- routine in the NFL since 2009. Mostly in -- in your own thing. Illegal by the Seattle. They've been normal one on the -- so it just it is the condition. Coal that is. On the -- and in firemen are putting it on the playing out size. But that have been outstanding. On the -- like it send him to get to about six. What is an outline that the procession. Because -- law December fiscal on the role in the oil because a lot of Seattle on the role in the playoffs. And that's what he gets magnified. And gridlock and -- candidate Seattle because -- the gains think about this is or with thirty point to it being and you salute. Immediately -- the San Francisco. The root out there that we better do this mobile unit now thirteen point in his second quarter particularly twice. The -- -- used to regain. A look at the tickets you scored 32 point. Against Seattle in that hole playoff loss. We had a better record yet to travel could Seattle seven and nine -- one -- US. In a loss that sent her ankle he's corset at some point you beat it that's that is something that's why are still optimistic. As -- line at the defense. In the right direction and and I would note in the capital and gaining -- you don't have it looks like the problem now. Well we're looking forward to two more saints match up for the Carolina Panthers and -- we look forward to talk to you come playoff time thanks meant. Aren't -- you don't know later.

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