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Dennis Brown says the Seahawks match up really well with the 49ers

Dec 3, 2013|

The former 49ers DE & current analyst on CSN Bay Area discussed the impact of the OL injuries for the 49ers, and what they have to avoid doing against Seattle to win

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- NFL look at last night's game and look ahead to the Seahawks. And the 49ers -- Dennis Brown -- and 49ers analyst. I've hung out with him a lot in the green room over the last couple weeks you guys are going -- since Dennis what's gone on. It's just you go we go way back to England -- green room that's. We were getting make it and -- -- is Rainer is nothing says that's not as -- as green room -- run around there are very far. I just know this that when -- thinks it's yours you. When you bond over make up. That that's very manly in fact I think Dennis says his own compact I saw you with your own compact. Yeah. Yeah it's been a citizen cup back our right Linda is the makeup artist and she's very senator she padlock the soda can and yes he does. You say you know poppy you know. Producers of. I'm well aware she's on vacation -- group were cool this week. So are you on the show and now I'm gonna show I noticed -- -- -- the -- hang on TV like this -- -- -- -- -- is truly terrible. -- do my own make up. Good news that is -- this. You'll come -- don't go down to the -- shopping this. I got some -- and but I need a mask or something of complete map out take care all right let's let's sort it out with -- I don't look ahead to this weekend what did you think of the Seattle performance over New Orleans last thing. You you know I start watching -- football game and I and I actually. Thought that there was going to be a football game. But you know Seattle came out with that -- Big jump all over. In the world and say you know -- in. I have to frank and Seattle and they were blown my Twitter and at my FaceBook. There make an earthquake happened there. At that stadium by. You know it would have made you probably just jumped on by. -- defense. -- just watching Russell Wilson in the police he baits. Just kind of extended please -- not -- pocket because it is the city's dikes. He's really got to -- what what are we offered. You know -- -- -- would -- back and the West Coast but he's got to. You've got a great understated everything he's doing fantastic -- -- -- good prep to Seattle Seahawks. I think -- to be let's let's look ahead -- this matchup on Sunday and the way Seattle first of all let's just look at the niners offense against Seattle's defense. Because the way shale plays defense -- Thomas. TB they're able to play him in that single high and they put the other safety chancellor down. So there playing press man and the outside in their plane is all across the middle with the linebackers which to me. Is all I think they put this defense in Thabeet Colin -- nick and the niners do you wanna play press man. And the -- receivers it don't run but you don't wanna be -- man down the field are cabernet can break contain and -- and got those linebackers -- in the second level. Zoning out so hot of the niners beat this attack which I think is perfectly suited to play against the nine. And you're exactly right great if this Seattle Seahawks backed up really well with the San Francisco 49ers countless that you want. -- -- Would call it and the receivers not be key to that gave Arctic is going to be and want you know -- -- -- respect. But the guy can't get bullied around on the line of scrimmage you know the first meeting and walk with Richard. Riches is come up banned him up he begged him on the line he jammed up you would not -- any separation. And there was no plays down the field -- call in Oakmont back appeared to be spying college. What their zone defense and he couldn't make anything that would relate and he couldn't he couldn't have receivers that reporter Vernon Davis couldn't -- -- and so. You know if the -- going to be receivers getting separation. -- in Germany and if so physical and enable those all those -- they've got back a bit now but they're just a physical. Our second -- -- department taught secondary supporters. Have reasonable case. In the coming years so the -- going to be getting separation. You don't kick in their routes not getting held the line of scrimmage and run good routes. And -- gonna happen roles of these guys open that we. Not wait for I want you opened up controllable and understand that eases withdrawal date so. It's going to be a challenge in. But if we get them here at Campbell's date. But -- is going to be. Community's fears about. There's brownies and former nine are you see him on see ascend is a great job as a 49ers analysts join us -- Greg -- are not 57 game. What is your level of concern looks like you potty may play Joseph Staley is definitely out in -- they can just run so many pass rusher assuming speed guys. At EU what's your concern level especially with steely being out of left tackle -- sliding over in -- shuffling going on on the offensive line. You know unfortunate -- this is not the right side is exactly the wrong time. You kind of start shopped around them all into one because I corrected that defense of Friday. -- -- -- I mean date of the past refusals to -- -- -- date date date and backers in the ago so you know. -- got a play I think that's for sure. Out of boom gone on about that tackle protecting Collins back. You know Snyder was the starter about three years sort guards -- -- -- there. And Joseph movies as governor to step up I mean he was the second the second year before ground -- -- force a couple of years ago so you don't have time for him to kind of step up and he's been developed and we won't get a foot injury. You know his first year and a Saudi government really well from that. But it's -- -- him to step up like you know -- -- -- front of a lot of -- Pete Carroll. And Ken -- elect went and a lot of lifted with the linebackers get that ball Wagner just like around -- made him play and boom I mean -- -- retracted. It -- because he's. He's got a cigar. You know it played that you gotta be quick to get outside today so so you know Google that that outside agent in the game protect Collins back so. It's going to be important for that often lying. To bring their a game and and for the 49ers to I think to win this football game they're gonna be firing on all cylinders all these. -- all these specialties because. You know these guys you know the way I -- -- my coordinator for couples he's been in this would be the right -- -- he loved. You know running around jumping around -- -- make it plays and he loved it comes out there and committee Kent Austin fired. -- getting back to the loss of the left guard -- -- -- who I think is quietly one of the best players in football period and are making a big deal about Gore's numbers well Gore's numbers are down the last three games in my opinion his ankle this and -- -- -- bothered -- and always shown up on the injury report over the bad ankle -- but to me not having the left guard. Is kill on the running game because he's the tall guy and 94 powers so. If they don't have him on Sunday and we're opening plays itself guy but they're having an MRI done again today. And it's brand NCR and they run the ball against this Pete Carroll and Norton front without the left guard. Well it is going to be up and you're exactly right your body is. He's one of them. One of the keys to to be so quick to their run game. It didn't frank Gore's numbers but beat the that they would brag war. Beat Britain have decided that you know we're gonna stop the run. And you know -- release is -- -- we're gonna stop the run. It may call me to make colleague cannot make -- decision feel. Throwing the ball so. And he and -- has been very successfully been been kind of rough in the red in it in -- passing game because he had the weapon. He's made bad decisions. I that you patent counter. Kind of gotten to a spot as far as -- game goes so. So defense who have basically we're gonna shut down the run make you one dimensional and make you call again. They abuse with your arms so. You know hey you know it's going to be hard it is it going to be important to establish some type run game against destructive is not. You can -- ball and an end and get their pressures Collins -- And -- colleague does well he's if he's if he's out of pocket for boots. -- on display now stuff but he gets a little longer if you didn't if he's in the pocket. Kind of blues progression he's got -- industry is when he gets those happy feet. And you don't want to run around or you want that -- -- that ball so. You know going to be important architectural. Joseph -- going to be important -- -- those two guards. Are gonna have to really step up -- Sunday because the running game is going to be important. If you don't have their run game Eagles linebackers again and we talked about that you sit back there that inspire Colin. You know they won't respect rotten it will become popular goes the plate say they won't step up there there won't step up to get out there right way. Give back into the zone coverages so it's going to be important these guys stand up and and this is the time to do this is a good team. No bigger you know they're hot they're hot. I think this is an opportunity -- terms as 49ers to get their mind together. As for some place else or Ronnie Lott always say these numbers department -- to record is he severed arms Turkey Margaret. Our goal -- to -- Good stuff Denis is always great talking thinks who do you listen. -- tear gas there's Dennis Brown.

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