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Joe Stiglich looks at the number of trades made by Oakland

Dec 3, 2013|

The A's insider from CSN California discusses the new pieces Billy Beane brought in over the past few days, and the latest on Brett Anderson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just cigarettes is gonna to join -- is great job on the a's beat eateries great stuff at the -- in. They're busy lately he has a big moves a recap them before again Joseph on. A Michael choice traded today for Craig Gentry -- ranger. At that trade. Somebody you found Lou will's credit card apparently because they signed Scott Kazmir for a two year deal that was due windfall from the national TV -- Lou. And baby gap you've got to spend. And the rate moves all over the place in Brett Anderson likely to get traded in his eight million dollar. Salaries so a lot of moves and got the closer yesterday and Jim Johnson as well rejected be about ten million dollars just in which is here to talk and high jump. I don't even busy lately. Happened did your retirement check my email I got to keep check these other movies ever know. -- let's work in reverse sort of -- I'm sure that is in the response I've gotten from a's fans in general they like Michael choice. This is a clear move again that Millie is -- -- this year Michael -- were able to help in the future I'm not sure he was gonna help them this year -- to assess Smith. Getting -- yesterday so Craig Gentry looks like a fourth outfielder type has some good speed what do you think of them of. Yeah look at me as a move for this year actually a lot outside I was looking for -- be seen him make the opening day roster CP can do we get a lot of tools but. It just trickle or -- -- Marty is probably more Major League ready right now helped contending team. Might be got a look at the fact he's coming from Texas the it got really good look at this -- the past couple years he did a lot of immigrants and some big hits. He's a terror on the basis of the fastest guys in the majors so the -- saw what he can do. Many sit pretty good call -- into so I think that's what they liked about and so they're giving up you know the gains of the for the present that we give up and up for the future though -- choice. So what do you think they that'll do them just heading into camp and injuries obviously come to play Joseph and things move around but is it possible that he could be in a right field platoon with Josh Redick. Well you know that question if he can get somewhat regular playing time it's going to be in right field right now at Beale who currently stand you know -- I can -- -- -- At the outfield stands that this will be left field Coke will be in center so I think that we possibly he can win some time there is -- right handed hitter so could make for a natural to and there are mean. Redick got to come out and show he's a better offensive player that you would last -- -- -- -- that -- -- 32 homers or we give a little more production. And -- -- he's going to be 2012 yet so the opportunities their urgent trip and maybe get complaints and Aaron and the -- sort that out spring training. Lies your descent and I was looking in his numbers he had 310 mercy is Lester at 421. In Oakland eight for nineteen is a huge sample size but that obviously swayed the -- thinking there. Yeah definitely we just got Craig about a conference call not too long -- he was mentioning it was not a big power guys so the fact that the -- -- -- -- big home run park. -- has an effect of too much but it's got a pretty white power -- used in media and it's more doubles and get on base and make things happen that way so -- -- can help and can be is an on base guys steal bases and getting you know the case occasional -- that. You'd be amazed how often that happens in sports guys have good track record records against that team and they acquired yet be careful about -- -- the holier -- -- much as you guys. Let's talk about the all stars they -- goal starting with Bartolo Cologne. What kind of deal was barred looking forward -- wide they eventually say bye bye to Cologne and bring in Scott Kazmir do you think Joseph. You know -- Bartolo. Look at the Yankees right now have an offer on the table. We're told -- like fifteen million dollars for over rookie Kuroda. He's the guy who's almost sparkles aged couple years younger he didn't have nearly as good year last year or -- -- If Croat and not about money he has taken it yet you can imagine what Cologne and his -- maybe thinks he's worked on the open market right now so. I think -- in order offered Bartolo a two year deal. -- -- -- got right now I just don't think the usual and to do that match that you're destined for too much where they're comfortable with and on the one year deal. So that would Kazmir and you get him for two years. At eleven million a season you know it's not real it's not real cheap either but Percy in a little bit cheaper and it could go up -- total of four. And it kept meters 29 going on thirtieth and there's more comfortable go -- younger -- on a multi year deal. Alan Johnson the closer it's it's projected its is last year of arbitration. Then he's gonna get about ten million dollars -- just that's not a Billy thing to do it again -- -- points to the fact that it's -- it's only going to be for one year that they're gone for now. Yeah absolutely need I think being musical -- -- tech guy I mean do little cook are fantastic eighth inning setup guys. Maybe they can get the job done occasionally as a closer but I don't think he's would sports just go into the season -- -- one of them. It's in -- -- -- carefully got Jim Johnson he can be real costly for this year ten million but it doesn't work out you can cut ties with him. When you look at his numbers across the board compared Belfour. Correct numbers are actually stronger side from the aside from the number of states belt for a little ERA -- lower opponent batting average everything. I think grant deftly with an elegant looking for two to three year deal -- used to be a lot more money. Beyond one year inaudible -- contract so you -- a -- for Johnson this year than if you would gut. He concedes he likes and Oakland maybe just one year deal but definitely are geared up you know do something big defeat. Do they talked to Brian Wilson and all I'm here in the Wilson that he was close to a deal with the tigers at least talking to them not -- gonna go back to the Dodgers is his set up guide they talked to Brian Wilson hello Joseph. Yeah I think it. He worked the neat thing was really going on on the Brian Wilson from what DA's press it's funny and the musical -- -- the closers because now looks like the tigers. We're gonna go after Joseph Nathan for awhile looked like they give Brian Wilson appointments signed Joseph Nathan. Yeah looks like will still go back to the Dodgers may be at the setup guys so I would thought it was a potential match for the eighth and at the time -- what -- they can there no way they're gonna pay. The money skeptic land Brian Wilson in the in the tree and for Jim Johnson was so they look just like Jim jostled or Brian Wilson. A gel anything on the burner for Brett Anderson it seems to be what every Sacramento as the next move. That's the world look at Ford is next move now in -- they edit Scott Kazmir in the rotation. Seems to make it more likely they could trade Brett. It's matter depends on you know what teams want and what they can offer the gates for him I play the Toronto as like Brett for a few years now would still like him. To me that's one possibility there it's -- abilities are looking for -- they think they've improved the current semen not maybe it's prosper expect now from Brett. Oregon looked maybe at a big bat in the middle outline of the tree branch and I think it's -- definite possibility because they've added another veteran guy to the rotation now. Chris have Joseph thanks for your time we always appreciated to and then we'll -- decent. I thank you Joseph Joseph stiglitz has great job CSN Mary -- -- stuff out.

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