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The Football Hour 12.3.13

Dec 3, 2013|

Bill Romanowski and Rod Woodson looked at the big 49ers-Seahawks matchup this weekend at The Stick, what we learned from the Raiders on Thanksgiving, and face off in Truth or Trash

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Would -- What happens when he put them together. Point seven big. -- sit down strap in the football are rod Woodson the hall of Famer Romo of the multiple Super Bowl winner and in this forum there. -- the NFL headlines take -- look back at Seattle. And the saints we'll talk about other stuff and I think we're gonna get stuck on this game the 49ers in ten minutes what they have to do to beat Seattle even at Oklahoma got to get the running game goal talk about that. Plus the key injury to Joseph Staley if you potty returns and and those conversations obviously we'll talk about raiders among blowing -- Prior will preview the jets game -- they'll -- joined us yesterday one of the things he said it was -- went up on the raiders and of course truth or trash. To finish out the hour hi -- tell aria. Great data be alive it is a wonderful. That's what most say it every day and it is six feet above -- Six Feet Under. Little clutched at her. Where I Drew Brees seemed to be in the -- last night's what did you think are there you know let's set Nadal is when they filmed him run and off the field. He the intensity. Of what you could see on his face. Is you could see right there. Mandatory work. I don't know of anybody can beat a team -- Seattle. The way to deepens police and I said it a couple of are probably mid season dad. Andrew -- to -- young quarterback. We change in my mind I say after -- -- I imply no not set up for this reason because I did the in Tennessee Titans in that was -- game. Without Reggie Wayne and and look looks lost doesn't have an offensive line he doesn't have but he looks lost -- I mean he's older but no he's going to ball is not as consistent and accurate as he was. When Reggie was fair to the other couple got it probably doesn't trust. TE which we have a football he dropped on that program out there aren't hitting a bad spot -- occasional one tactic but it did you look at Russell Wilson and this guy. I know it plays a really good team overall good running game -- -- -- line good defense. But if this guy makes on a consistent basis may have from the pocket is also. Here's add to that. The throws. It allowed him smooth he has. You watch him and it's for less. When he -- -- Every other a lot of the other quarterbacks when -- -- are running in its effort. It's like you watch him it's like he's taken off run in any monies in the pocket. Russell Wilson drops back in it is like captain cool back there it is why. And -- Cindy was backing kindergarten lesson lesson. Each bottle and then he's 511 unions for better boss. Now he knows how to move in the pocket but the pocket moves for him because if he's known that -- all those boots and stretch game off today he stole -- voted this little play action you're exactly do you know it's a vegetarian coaches but also he understands. What's drew breed and hundred -- which time last night. But normally when you watch him play because he's one of those more quarterbacks in the league. He can move inside a pocket additional quarterback into the exact same thing he can move inside the pocket he can find their planes. I really like I mean I said at a grand you'll come watch it I still like Andrew Luck but look at them plate right now. Russell Wilson has blamed her for -- what do what do you -- seems to be but Russell was nearly identical to say -- that's why the point is ridiculous because. Wilson has it seemed he was literally in every mile finishing piece remain Jewish and why do they don't have it. That you had a team which you have and he's playing good with that. -- does the Russell Wilson how I don't want ally in our material -- a new one every month. Anyway that was I saw I -- is -- -- -- -- if -- on the ball -- Seattle New Orleans and not only -- front Voyager team was. Of Illinois team I think that can beat them up there is Carolina. Is the only tonight they got beat them I don't think the niners can. Let's say what you don't -- -- two teams this year that random ball against them on defense at the box. -- rams and the -- and a gash to. And they get by state law passed. I mean you have to think -- went to overtime and -- They lost. But the only way you can be tooting my dad has yet to run the football against them it's hard to do. That's a fan of defense and -- I'll watch those guys. You know -- bottom. That they place so fast they hit guys they don't complain about the penalties but gonna get a couple of my biggest goal play as you know what. As Pete doesn't care that definitely play it's basically I would care free at a illegally entry let me every time becomes of the silent he's smiling to his guy he's Lebanon those guys -- there -- playing this like a college atmosphere in Seattle right now via a season's over papers -- -- this year guys. I gearan thanks for common. I guarantee you you can ask every one of those guys and they'd run to a brick wall offer -- Euro. I like you just see the way he is with everybody on the silent even everybody I've I've and they said these practices this same line. Yeah I do and it's going to be got a lot of youngsters got four more games listed a post season. They got to prove that they can win and post season but -- right now defensively. And being a team leader. All right so everything's gonna go through Seattle the end of season running game anything else that -- -- keys joining up -- -- and retirement before you fall behind. Indeed Charles what I saw last night -- -- its. They can catch up up there out of there and it's just it was a tough place to go play really use cam Cam Newton and Carolina. Potentially. Has what it takes they've got a phenomenal deep counts. And they can run the football and they act can they can do exactly what they can match them. Very similar styles yeah. -- let's look at over the AFC a Kansas city's lost three road through the Broncos. You got New England in -- they come back against Houston where where do you see a -- of the NFC is Seattle going through Seattle looks like it's gonna have to go through Denver but Baltimore one of their last -- -- and idiots. I still think. Devers the best team I know New England beat them. But when you watch that I don't think it happened again when they get down or -- -- by 24 and looking come back I don't think gonna happen again. I mean. In the the blocks are not -- with the patriots they're playing really good football. You Kansas City a lot of people think of the sky is fallen I don't think so. Lot of injuries as of late and normally the injuries occurred you look at everybody else in the league injuries occur cattle. You know third or fourth game to route and everybody else is getting healthy. Where they're getting hurt right now and that's a little thing you're worried about because when you don't have just Houston you don't have Tom Ali or that they they do come back they're going to be banged up a little bit. You know what DeVito. He's banged up so. The digital side is banged up not getting sacks not getting interceptions. And I think the tough thing he told us from a when you please single high man pressed all day long against any quarterback in -- National Football League. -- figure out what to do and I think teams start to figure out what to do against him because they're gonna press -- let them take some shots downfield -- rob -- some shallow crossing routes. That is topic covered I think they tried to take two guys -- that they couldn't take that or they didn't have any answer for Decker. And what did he do he got -- -- on 31 on the whole game Marcus Cooper was exposed. That's the problem he was a seventh round draft yeah. Tom -- did play in the game then yeah but he has been established but you know he has articles but here here's a question you're gonna DOS and everyone's going to be asking it. Is that cold weather with Peyton Manning in potentially. Cincinnati. Potentially knowingly was the temperature there evidence that -- And sing about there and didn't. The turning point but it was like forty something and really I am not a I don't look at the doppler radar as the wind obviously. How bad is going to be I know that it didn't happen because he lived he played in the don't. I don't think that's going to be the Kansas Tennessee. We look at his record in -- so what did you Denver and Seattle in the super able we have to -- Seattle has absolutely. We're just -- -- -- I said that early and there's snow on an added I don't watch the -- -- and -- did did a great day and say it after Seattle result tell me here's Julie Guy ranked. Here's irony ANC. Denver New England Cincinnati. And Cincinnati Cincinnati and it isn't a quarterback. They you know they're missing -- and it is that they had a quarterback and a -- like -- don't. What I mean if they had a quarter if they had a quarterback like any other -- get a quarterback Brett and I at all and today when they replace him and get a real quarterback and they little audience. You like and they run a full well electorate. Yet -- their games but no I've seen him overthrow AJ green again. Does that change. But does your NFL headlines here in the ia football are coming imagine. We got this these are great even at -- -- don't -- -- line. 48 hours you commit insane Seattle's who has really got me I got. He's mad today ended OJ's career you know and the other. This and I love previous C -- in the a 49ers a look at the running game what is the level of concern the left side. Of the offensive line and moral kick off the 49ers. Next couple are rod and -- here and I'm 57 in the various news -- sports. Hard hitters on the field. They're figuring -- return to approach -- -- recruit validation when. I play well wanna win and all these games come down to that that's all really all consuming. One win football and -- more get better. When you're playing game. You know those two factors. Question car bombing this back and football are thanks for joining us John -- Greg popping studio always -- Tuesday's one to two. By rod Woodson and bill -- allows dual head of on the 49ers -- match up right now in ten minutes. We'll look back the raiders Thanksgiving data -- another opportunity to winning game and could not finish organ and all the issues. But the raiders coming up in. Ten minutes let's a look at the game before we look ahead to Seattle Michael Crabtree returns nobody made a big deal of that what did you think of the crowd -- return. You know I'm not jumping for joy I think it helps the team I think there's a confidence I think everyone's. Excited about it. But I paid the one the one played the guy -- sit back eleven yards he's like OK come on. Come get me as. I can stand here in -- you in my sleep he was overconfident that corner there's no way he should have been off 1112 yards on Crabtree. And he did the little double moved in got passed -- but -- -- that he really wasn't a factor. Yeah you know I'm looking Adam and I think he's gonna help -- the one pass lady get over the top. He's a strong physical guy asked how he plays so he's gonna add to you Anquan -- is already physical. This test for these guys this week this really is a test. Because when I look at CN a look at their four losses this year all playoff teams. And it's the way -- loss of these guys who skiers your little -- because I don't they can beat. A lot of teams in this league. But when they play other physical teams -- makes me kind of nervous in you know the losses to Seattle to colts the Panthers in the -- talk about three. NFC teams. All will be in the post season. That's scares me from the forty niner fans because they're gonna face one of those teams. They play physical football. They can get after the quarterback and I know Colin has played better last couple weeks in the passing game. The running games a little nervous Mitchell or nervous or no they got a couple of slime and banged up and hurt. But defense is after rise up and play a lot better right now and hoping and helped -- -- cents. And they got to go on camera. You know chances are they're going to be on the -- they may get in line and you the last an elaborate now -- in the wild cards and our current. -- -- -- That's a passing in senate the running game side of it as you said in a physical game especially against CLU and -- to run the ball right -- that's for Seattle's been susceptible. The last three games -- they have not done a running game on they have not gotten Frank Gore going in now -- -- long offensive line what your level of concern there. -- -- meet you all party was out com and then as soon as Joseph got hurt they -- outline around. And they hit it I mean you know if you look at it. It's not too bad I wouldn't be overly concerned but they do have to get the running game going the next man up mentality has to be in play for at all -- And they do have to be run the football to take their pressure of a column I understand he's played better the last two weeks. But it's not about the regular season for the football team I mean I think taken. You know I don't know if they can beat Seattle. But I think big win the next cycle thing big winter out of four that put right in position for the -- to six wild card seed. They got -- -- -- It'd you know I think they can beat Eddie short -- I think they can beat a Dallas Cowboys team on -- road it's a second week. If they don't beat Seattle Sunday. They run the risk of not making it when they go to Glendale Arizona on our laps on -- -- -- already got our team to Seattle where his legal team zarrella is gonna win the west but they need in my opinion. They need to go -- Seattle in the mouth on Sunday and beat them. And go back to be in the niners I -- -- gonna punch back there but if they needed to win this game on Sunday. For further longevity in the playoffs and Jimmy merely making the playoffs is that Arizona defense. As a lot of the same qualities I see from Seattle's defense they are fast they heat up the quarterback. I know every night but they're not they're not as good as their goods and understood lose their gamer but they're not as good as -- in the secondary. When you talk when you look at both sides -- -- -- -- play for the Seattle Seahawks -- -- is way about the seat between there's and the cardinals quarterback play. You've got to think -- you know -- -- -- it was a definitely leadership -- -- I mean you got Peterson got below honey -- down there is Dozier played well down there and as the -- could lose that game like let you know and you lose two of them and they had to kind of like I got to go to the box. -- be a tough -- to cross country two years ago today. Played New Orleans. New Orleans came in and I said this is going to be a game where they got a knock someone out about his game I think he says yeah I said they have to -- guess what. That's what this team -- there's going to be somebody that has to be carted out -- structure and it's got to be early. And I'm Tanya whether or be read rather be here and -- whoever's got to make -- -- Regalia Rican dude you elitists in a knock yourself you can't tell I don't get another concussion. But I'm telling ya it's gonna take one of those kind of hits. To what to set the tempo early just like they did against Pierre Thomas hit an -- and who does say it was Shatner you know that they're that dead. Now because to formally -- -- at the tone for the again the game was over on that right there quite often in exactly as talking about -- and I think that's what you guys again now which is. Not only do they need to win this to get in the Playhouse but they need to get some confidence and swagger back to Seattle and they needed to show Seattle we went to this in -- last year now you guys out in that it's never beat them there at Kansas State both wins and and Seattle took on the candlestick and oh I think it's going to be agreed to yes I think as -- test for. Because this is not the same teeing the Seattle Seahawks as they were last year they played better on the road. This is a better overall football team the quarterback expert at quarterback is better the receiving corps he's made him better. Where girls -- now as harboring army backed this year probably bath yeah. -- -- now they're saying an outlet RS the year after saying -- -- -- announcement Alaska's there's no -- palatable one there wouldn't mind they're -- win the NC. Best recommending -- budget Crabtree back though I agree the the double move and then after he caught the ball he showed no speed at all trying to run away but. They have to account for camera so last time the niners played them Richard Sherman beat the crap out of Anquan Boldin because he's easy to get to was right there. With Crabtree around now -- rolled in Sherman go to eighty on the is -- your fifteen does he play aside I was and you hit your progress and do our best receivers to Anquan. Surely donated all Germans going to all right then then he did what he wants got to cover Crabtree. A Hayward the weight when you look at their defense the way they're playing right now is better than they played last year. The conferences at a high level in you know. In 2000 when I played in Baltimore. You have a swagger about yourself for your plane that good on defense like -- hear what you guys do you you ready for speed. The way we did took off mobile as a whole now -- -- and they can't lose this football game but that's the confidence level is up for the Seattle Seahawks. I don't think they're gonna game plan. Who's gonna who's gonna matchup what do I think they say my corners imagine -- any of -- receivers. Taken away. Comes out of this and what arrived -- sand was same thing in December same things here Francisco. If we play our game we don't compete. And when you go into a game knowing you're gonna win if you play your game. -- -- That. What just walking out on the field you've already got that seven point lead. The west side of the equation we're not talking about it and I Seattle's defense is playing great and -- good as you guys in 2000 but they're playing great. But the niners defense is playing entering earlier -- yeah Larry narrow fresh 94 was done and they are on they're not that far but below Seattle they are not there when they play at the stick to me -- season. And now they're back at the crowd to an academic field and market -- the elements of a vessel that's it's a good measuring stick. Not for Seattle. For the 49ers. Because if you look at their four losses this year. It's to those teams are going to be in the policies that is -- got a good measuring -- they were were isn't it doesn't come down for both teams have bowl teams and stop the run which quarterback is in a look through the full public is modeling your run and against Seattle and a run the last two yeah any money. But -- the both in quality quarterback our both quarterbacks you're gonna have to run you know at this game to me comes down to this game is way more important for the 49 -- -- -- a lot of times. The team that needs it more wins it. You agree it and I'm not a fan of saying you know quarter dollars to reflect artists. You know. This Seahawks won -- well. -- guys. Yeah. I don't know what they're saying is he waited on Sunday they're not making the turn and we can knock them -- right now and not have to deal lets it may seem in the playoffs and don't you wanna. He damn mess they deleted Sunday the -- Maine and -- -- is going to be a great game I get the call they -- you're called that game I think is the ball around where -- that's going to be probably in New York for the raiders jets unless you better gave the -- But that. Geno gets monotonous. At that big grid we use that yeah. Ha ha -- I don't like our biggest -- obviously Iowa today heading didn't -- at Seattle's defense this year is good as you guys into. You don't have Byron not it's -- I just had that confidence level that they and it's an -- you're -- think the 49ers have a two -- they are playing really good defense. No -- the 2000 Baltimore Ravens went the entire month of October without scoring and offensive touchdown and went three and two. Yeah it was a Toni banks a quarter. So I meant that we that we switched over to to do for real and I brought this up I think last year. Mike Shanahan had -- -- sense -- guys do a study. On how many times Ray Lewis got blocked that here you have -- -- -- eleven times of any year. Now guys -- producer is inundated duty and we played America at its -- and -- AFC championship generated never touched a club. I -- we will look at the a greater side another close game they don't get a -- and prior -- -- -- got to revisit data as well look at the jets. The raiders side of things coming up next football our. Job -- in the studio brake problem with rod and -- on the 957 game of Mears he's our sports. Points. I think they are making progress -- the raiders really had to create an identity I think they've established of the defense. I think you're far more progress at this point this year that you weren't the same point last year. Thanks Dennis we allow us football our. Dollar -- problem we're joined it in the studio every Tuesday from one to two by rod and Romo the raiders -- thing is now through -- -- six questions three on each team. Coming up in that ten minutes it was leaking -- in the raiders are making. Progress well what they do is. Whom under the bus last yeah. Here's the kicker. Has kind of feels right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They can motivated seat -- to get the bill that would it is announced strays and yeah. Thank you let us arguing here and I said yeah. I was trying to get the body was just talking national name brag that he was just totally into it doesn't do sort of this. Well. All right David in every game had been blown out twice Denver and -- -- another opportunity to win -- game what does it take for these guys closes just as part of the growing process. As is -- moral victories -- -- National League and a half. Ago and the next question that if -- -- becoming a lot but I also now. I say -- now close last year -- Atlanta. And our early. I think in the preakness. This this I would ask okay this. Last year four in twelve. Lead if not too many games -- competitive. Yeah before that a date you for -- neat so you compare the last four years the last three years where -- -- better than last year absolutely thrilled to look awful last year. So they do a better this year. But what does that mean -- they hit in the right direction. And her as -- there's more ahead on his -- is. -- voicemail if you walk up to do and you turn right in the wind in your face -- you hit in the right direction. You call it now so I can hear that and yeah she is ray -- -- -- this -- And 98. Please -- That's a question you know. Yeah that's -- there. Your record you record of your Florida for what they have asked for the first we've built myself. The only enemy and it lets you guys are under one year contract so he could be progress but those guys can be on this like -- -- yeah. Their plan mores that team did they have more talent those other years they had more talented football players. You have to say that this guy -- guy but this is a better team I think. You know. I know what you're seeing when you -- talent. I think they have better name players now recognition note guys you can recognize you said her name to go public I don't have that. Today. I think these guys are better football players because they want it more than the other guys other guys have bigger names bigger contracts. -- Football and -- in the league anymore they're that you -- might -- -- Michael -- where they -- those guys you know Rolando McClain. Where they play. I'm keenly aware that the Alabama penal league. Is not signed on and he just. Which is about the cut in that we know it and that's what did you Wear one and Kyra can she irony is that -- in question in my case it isn't chief there's a couple of I mean an end. To make up anymore it's time that that will give radio they they're like children of those I would say this. I don't think I don't remember I do remember come into the NFL -- And because we were crops in college. I do remember commandeered. Yet we I don't know -- and on and in locker and now you've got to the NFL in an -- We now where it's my favorite I mean we don't grab their how the hell did you ever did you -- on your -- to get an edge on -- yeah I would in China hi I'm glad about it. He ever ever do that yes did you ever violate the penal code. I did. You can't you know I can morning. And I realize that and JJ stokes race I did you grabbed in the -- Yeah and then also Marshall -- which are a lot of respect them mother throws killed. The issue is coming out to get guys like this guy this this is Lauren tells us OB. So you do the hard enough to JJ stokes. Some -- do you read it never crossed my mind after talking about the raiders. Obviously -- prior to -- from the rise again. Died that I didn't. Brian I mean little tiny little hole that injury have hurt and Laguna and. -- prior you guys are big prior guys. He was OK was good the first and I -- example a fade route to a 57 receivers from an -- fumble fumble don't forget the final fumble. You know the girl that round that. Who called that play -- jacket at the line. With Jack called the first look at a Jacobi who -- in the -- It was around my -- but -- has some medical college coach's responsibility as the put the right players. In on the field. To run the right play. And clearly. Clearly that was not the right play to run it. No more free -- -- -- I'd I wouldn't run. Any play to Jacoby and impact. He wouldn't -- economic team. Because he can't catch he can't catch -- he can't catch kicks. Altogether he should be it's you know it's it's been set free agent at the end the original and you know it's that. When you look good guy -- which you look at Kobe who's a great guy. Look at more is if you look at the guys who. Really played extremely well. Not last year but the years prior to in the last two years -- kind of fall off the map. And you know Holmes had a pretty good game muted form. I'm just trying to figure out exactly we're. Here's an -- we asked -- his team heading. I think everybody's asking that question -- team and I think -- better than last year you yourself said better weather better after all for their day off our children and how we're not better and better and they were three years ago now -- Brazil's. The president has -- -- last year I think. The question is how do you keep all these got you this at a normal one your guys when you look at the roster will be a lot of free -- again who go Nicki put you -- get -- of and what's going to be your idea that's the restaurant and -- do you really have to say hey you got a key and let me tell there -- -- -- he solidarity and you gotta keep. -- Right beyond that we'll think about this other now beyond that yet all -- -- -- understands McFadden Jean Jennings Jennings Lloyds and you can bring our complements you and bring Porter backs that he doesn't cover guy in red zone. Winner as our room at the moon who -- -- guard Kendall Wright -- made -- as everybody just two weeks or he's proven to me this year he's a good slot corner. -- support -- like to -- the -- I'm amazed that he kind of fades he could certainly welcome back he's not done that this year he's played through injured. He's got a one year -- so you're saying well we're -- one year deals in the NFL oil that's leaking continent. Nine. But aren't -- at his client now claim for one he's playing for one more deal the big question is the quarter. So what do they do the that you wanna see more of -- -- line thirty wanna see more prior RC enough among -- and I know who he is. I haven't seen enough of prior. We then we talked about earlier if you collect. Prior in Enron pistol. Read -- Asia they boots boots moved the pocket you want you -- Arizona running you -- you on else on what what would probably ordinary guy that -- -- I -- -- -- it's -- -- help the offered a lineup you your answers McFadden -- and I had nine. In -- zone -- a little bit a little bit of a running game now. That Rashad Jennings is and and with some receivers. Will -- it's all. Right. I saw homes. Play I haven't seen that got our receiver. For the raiders play like that in 34 years. Three years ago londoners been theirs Moore did three years ago buffalo. Yeah yeah this whole year after the season. It was playing good football and he did and yet you guys it is every single week. He might have been extra motivated because that was his former team it was Thanksgiving like he was great went up and got the football I think you do but as you guys he has got to be consistent. The -- put on it let's put it on today. You know I think they got a lot of courses -- themselves burden would you know Reggie McKenzie. You know who they're gonna draft who were freedoms are gonna keep you trust him to win this make over again -- most money -- NFL bunch of one. A guy that's another I kerik that this is scary because right there everyone thinks because he's got a bunch of money disband. And the raiders are going to be next year and it's not how much you have it's who you spend it on and do you get the right guys. Winners get a better winners in the day you got to find a quarterback. Personally. You cannot say and draft the guy first round -- you need to cool I don't think I said this several weeks in a row I don't think the starting quarterback for next year. On a roster I think they're going to be looking for more. Jay Cutler but the back up to show Washington. They're cutting -- and hands -- on them out of wanted to clear that Pete Sampras is number what about the credibility. Definitely burger Mecklenburg with the -- -- beard is a nice little our morning and does he throw big upper level just in football. -- -- slow way down way. -- -- -- One unfairly compete -- attacker apparently come out Eric that is making that comparison last night. Was burger -- I didn't want this Kuerten beat Iowa prepares to enter him whatever it -- it works its way a couple of guys couldn't be more different mentally. Well who's that men's room. We beat the raiders I would think it. I thought a the when you say to begin at the flying. Into a pretty good period Saturday. -- disdain he does that and only -- Side of -- and go to -- when you miss your favorite 957 games -- is entering Gaza he -- -- night by sending him out delivered by Domino's Pizza you get a mobile devices App Store the -- -- -- -- -- delivered by Domino's is sweep of the guys against each other three -- questions through readers' questions truth or trash. And you can tell -- -- went in and 957. 95 we'll do it next to finish of the football our rob Ramon here and I fives in the -- to various news Sam sports. Minutes of explosive football topic. -- football out. -- -- Football -- -- never as it always goes under the regulated all the guys fraud Romo have rod Woodson 26 at bill -- and ask you make you fall guys. By the way the -- have maybe no other trade. Seth Smith who they tendered at four point three million was the projection on him -- Gregor she comes over to nice relief pitcher. Piece of anyone ER a last year -- -- arbitration eligible. He comes over to the easel pocket he's in the daily dilemma today -- -- synagogues and nice really. Tenacious and very nice pick and -- Gergen -- and got a backup quarterback for the -- yeah and I am able to do that. So in that in that ten minutes Elizabeth starting corner and the yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Football our. True. Fire flip the -- backstage and Romo won and he'll start with you we didn't he wants the win or urgency when the wind went down to Carolina I would feel welcome bureaus call almost entirely pure cover up the people who -- the fourth. If you ask Romo he's ever done by the -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- JJ is even better but is there -- you haven't. Yeah. You know it's funny you bring that out because I got this car -- she from. David right now literally in a playoff game trying to ripped this cheek off my face. Guys my body's. You know from college and it's like I literally almost got thrown breaking it and actually writing game Barbara is good enough. Yeah I'm not an idea I just think about that so what's worse grab your -- vote for the penal code on the field and -- she eating cheap welcoming as old as I coat on and I don't know that India are mostly is that. -- Now let them -- Baghdad I did not immediately but -- -- a -- there for a second. I let's see it's very Romo prior from a blind doesn't matter this team needs you exits first round pick and a quarterback in 2014 and -- Address that is trash. -- You know because of the question is a first round -- round. Because I'm gonna look at flock Wilson. And compare it to say cabernet. And now lock. RG three and compared to Wilson interpret it now if I had to choose right now. I think I would take. The third in the -- around there so I think you can get a really good quarterback. In the second third fourth round which they can't pull over Andrew Luck -- and I'm not saying I'd I'd say in the -- I damaged by the UK quarterback later yeah that rod prior -- patter of the team needs these two companies in a quarterback in -- fourteen draft. -- -- -- personal I don't I've looked at the college football obviously there's. Stand out. -- first round draft pick that you have to have this coming out of college -- with rubble in this way and you can always find the guy in the second third right now. But that doesn't have to get drafted a second to around does not mean you're bad play. That's as a starting point he -- in the league Tom Brady's fifth round pick hall of fame which are all day of a thrill it was gone in on an undrafted players of -- play in this league can play extremely well the draft is not a science they can make mistakes. You can guys can fall to the cracks so I think that's a false they have to get more -- that to me either number one priority. -- -- Doesn't bill. In these civilians inside out and that's what he's saying. If you gotta be in need defense of -- and offensive line -- You need to win in the trenches. And then you're outside they need get -- you can find outside high number two do you rod losing Joseph Staley left tackle for the 49ers to mean a long day of scrambling and running for his life. Are calling -- Major this week again this week in C I think -- -- Joseph we scrambling for his life Justine can get after you. You know it is my body that -- I think they held losing one or all is more important well I'd say stale. Staley you know he's a pass for fourth I was right when you right in between the tackles the way they like to do that powerful bull like the party. It's critical for what they do. On a consistent basis really is critical now you want all you guys the first. But I I think it's fault I think there it's going to be tough because those guys on account. Running for us live -- Joseph Staley -- running for his life calling -- fifty -- one name Chris Clemons. Has not like his stats -- that great he's only got three and a half sacks. But that boys -- common. And he's going to be licking his chops. If it's not just daily. Former raider -- the ideas. And -- number three -- Romo it's encouraging sign for raiders fans and Oakland's been in almost every game this season and the chance to win moral victories. I think I have to say truth there you know I don't believe in moral victories. I'd just say going into that very first game I didn't know what to expect out of this football team and I think I got more. You know I got the cracker Jack surprised. Because I got surprised. This year what this team right take -- playing better. Football cleaner football I like the direction of where the tees on. Encouraging sign rod that for raiders fans and Oakland's been in almost every game this season with a chance to win. I think that's false because of and today they're foreign aid they got it on the road for the jets and affordable game but I think is going to be tough. They finish up playing the chiefs or chargers and the bronco. Phyllis lately when one of them verify. And we know what I'm -- eleven million. Is notable victories -- a good seasons -- better than last year yet one more win. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- let's go to number four Becky run the forty niners in the team most likely to go to Seattle and we need in the playoffs. 49ers most likely candidate Seattle and win in the playoffs. I think you're -- this is revolt from. And I think I'd take Seattle there. Because in the most probably about like videos in my whole life literally -- still cranky. Back grumpy you at ANC you -- here. -- vary from day. A I'm let's say I'm happy you know what ominously faults because I think. Com with -- that's what I think the care of the news could be that team to go -- here hit him in a mile from an off the most. Run the football all those running backs can -- make some plays out of the -- receiving -- kids still get down -- they do have some speed. And that defense can get after Russell Wilson. Carolina it's got three running backs. And they use a mall. And to me that's what this group today -- got to be around -- football up there you gotta keep Russell Wilson on the bench for awhile. And slow that game down. As you know that's what they're gonna do. So you got to beat them at their game. You just and I think they're the only team that can Carolinas for running backs including number one. Right and -- -- encampment. Do you agree that it I don't know like trust likely I don't know. Somebody would rather do them I think final I trust Camden to a playoff game. I do there -- five -- management -- -- the actress -- you -- the raiders go to New York this weekend and beat the jets. Raiders jumped out finally finish. I think they'll be them. That's because the quarterback. And they are Florida it's adjustments at all. These -- -- he's gonna give us two interceptions anyways I he's got eighteen on the year. They either give us do we got to go up against that defense which we all know that defense -- Really good. And raiders winds and exit I think. I think that's true and decorators go on the road. Now. -- -- -- that defense for the jets play the way they're capable player. It's going to be tough because they got a guy humble loosened and let you -- -- a -- on -- so we funds via. Children interest in the regardless driving in coach defense yes you can -- -- defense. The telephone and coach K and -- -- somebody. That you like to play for. Because the way he treats his players. -- so Brittany gets -- you know Gifford Kennedy goes anywhere as the coordinator. That team's gonna win -- he's good IID coordinator football though in Serbia during the niners' antioxidants or go to -- -- you type of political. That's a tough one. You do in that game ranked. Into an game I think is committed to -- a great merger entered for the 49ers. But until they beat. A top notch team in the NFC. Thomas ACO field Smart thing they got to prove that. To show me and they are healthy they got me to my cap they act capped they and I pick ground and -- -- nine -- pick and Seattle. And you're -- they have different. He says you have got to prove that got him grumpy you -- the 49ers. More costly as drives a minute. The 49ers have got to prove they can be the physical thing. At home I'm going to group book for popped up -- biography that. This football season -- night. I have a party want it any feels like lucky is getting disrespect guys on Di's son you that they don't listen listen don't lose it. Any endowed Dion is into DOJ's career -- doesn't I don't you know and they wouldn't even higher on rock -- -- Seattle the Malaysia between an -- and our Mike Tomlin. You should have been at the Auburn Alabama you know what they've got to come up with a rule where they give that guy -- If that happened and don't get it called it yes it would have been totally into it. -- most every -- at the flag if that would have been on May well I need to be just. Honestly I I I know they're guys that touched our guys held up you know it gets it gets engage call because of that I smile. It's easy -- because in my. No I Cortez Allen he was gonna ever gonna now court did definitely catch it no matter what and he can blame Mike if he wants to. Mr. still let's stay let's keep all non uniformed person and -- so I know what it was if you look at -- The monitor and and not enough to take the -- money or draft pick and they did adding that I don't they are just now been like a good exit charged down below the Obama and I got in my apartment I can't figure -- -- -- -- touchdown guys what it says it all is this mine. In my lap in an article one was just like I got them. Why is he watching the Jumbotron veteran guys who -- -- -- Everybody didn't wanna see you behind them and an as yet any -- and doesn't like the guys right behind my shoulder that's an area that's. Yeah I -- blazer hopefully he was gonna -- we ordered a cup. I have fun night on the game -- CU on a Sunday with -- opening drive primarily we're democratic NAS. We don't we can't find people they were all up there for you. The doctor you -- -- way. Red. That's five ER -- it into -- -- literally I was not there.

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