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Napoleon Kaufman thinks Terrelle Pryor has a good future ahead of him

Dec 3, 2013|

The former Raiders RB gave his thoughts on the Raiders QB's, and what he wants to see the Raiders do with Darren McFadden

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I had a psych 20 our friend Napoleon Kaufman -- man's gonna -- did. I'll -- I do agree that you guys do it. -- -- It. Went what what do you make of our readers -- you were watching and I know you're you're with the team all the time so when what are your thoughts of which -- seen this year. You know I'll watch the guys and you know I think I think. I think at least we gotta get some rhythm and continuity and consistency on off its I think that's one of the big things that that we see. I think and then also one of the things that I've been really really. Talking about a little bit. Which some people is this just finished in the game. I mean we're we're in a lot of these games I mean we're right the year will win that game we start off fast which -- on guys. And did it seems like in the second -- which is not close in and out and I just think that that's. That's what I'm seeing him right now it would not close and getting out. And a plane Koplan is Jonas former raiders running backing of foam on Twitter at Napoleon Kaufman. What is that like having to learn how to do that would in what was that take to learn how to win games to learn how to close games. Well I think yeah I think it is what what she'd do -- wants what you do it twice you kind of creative momentum in -- developed. A killer instinct if you will. I'm not sure sure we have -- yet but I think that. -- just gonna take discussed take a little bit of time guys just really. Get a feel for it. And that guys like he would they're guys. Some of its -- they're the ones that can help is it they'd listen just to sit distant. Really find out what it takes to -- debt. And yes he will that he knows that we talked about it themselves. -- and we detained just got to keep their killer instinct. Darren McFadden -- Great challenge probably the most talented raider running -- since you. But he doesn't stay healthy doesn't play enough games -- what do you think the raiders do with them long term -- is in the final year of his deal. You I'm not sure sure you know me personally. I love the kid I hope they bring him back. It's hard. No injuries are trying to. Because you just never know what's gonna happen. Do I think -- that he lost stated that he's no longer. Of course now I think that he is. Good running back I think that he's still got a bright future he's just got hit with their intrigue. And and it just unfortunate like. You know I don't know would say I actually filled those art form because it as soon as he gets ready to keep momentum going in his lower extremities he'll get injury. And so. -- I don't know what to say about that it is tough because I still think but he got a lot of game left. What do you think these two young quarterbacks. I'd like -- polite -- I mean obviously they're both unique they've got different styles but each one of them brings something that I think gives. That is nice I mean I really like -- is is always the way in which commands the opposite he's making a good decision maker like him in the -- With which -- aegis aegis of playmaker. I mean I think but I think sometimes even with the prior week forget how young years. And and he's still making some of those you know those rookie mistakes. But I think he's got a I think he's got a great future like a and some of the other stepped partisan decision making this stuff like that I think it is gonna come. We just played -- 83 yard touchdown run against the Broncos from 97 and you know wash and -- right criteria that 93 yard this year against Pittsburgh the longest running and raider history even longer than that. Any of those are Marcus is -- yours. He can run. And people talk about if he doesn't work out at the quarterback position moving around prior he's not ready for that the raiders aren't ready for that -- think. Ultimately that will be a choice that he has to make in his career whether to move from under center or Napoleon. I don't I don't think so I got I mean I think. I think that I think that he's a quarterback. And I and I just think just like with Cam Newton. You know it just gonna take a little bit more time to develop we and -- like that before we forget that he still he's still younger. Then that some of these guys. And debt and I still think he's gonna develop that's just my opinion I think he's still gonna develop and his running. It's gonna be something just -- Cam Newton that he's going to be able to he's going to be available to really take advantage of when he needs to. I know your tweet last night and you of course went to school -- see Washington in Seattle -- -- those fans are all about. -- read out Russell Wilson straight ball or what did you think of the imminent and that Craig you know that crowd they're crazy if there. -- that that's that's all that is as -- -- my husky. Husky fans I mean they just put on the -- -- It is their love another without it does Ganassi announced in our. Love my guys but but yeah -- -- I I tell you let guys Russell Wilson just impressed me like I mean. And I have been just thoroughly. Impressed with the guy because wherever he goes he's successful. You watch him he'd never get the sense that the game is is moving too fast for him. He's always in the control and he just the playmaker with his arm and with this week and I think the most the most important. Element or aspect -- -- game in just his decision making. I mean you rarely see him make bad decisions so I just love him and I think he's a great player. And man I tell you what Pete Carroll those guys they -- they definitely want -- that would make they knew what they were doing when they picked him. There he is remarkably poised as and I had a bad third round draft pick to be sure all right this is speaking to your Huskies Napoleon. What do you make as Steve -- occasion leaving -- You dove and go on the USC. That glass and yet there. You just can't you just have to ask me that. I don't know I was because I know sorry that. Like Steve psyche. Yeah we got like these to edit it you know what I would say this I cannot knock him because you know Steve this from that area. Just like with Jim Moore Jim Mora who were trying to steal from UCLA's. Is that your own business yeah. Hit hard you know it's hard -- it was that antsy and I have a chance to be on the sidelines for several games. With the team this year I think that he's that he's a good coach. And I think she just made a move what is. It was a personal move. And I'm not gonna -- informant no he really really USC had had conversations this morning with several people and. And so it was clear I mean that's that's just where's our woods. And sometimes it is just tough because. -- that. And I hate to say this but I just act it is tough because the -- -- it's. No date date date sell the program to sell the school base though the coaching in the end. -- just give -- been in the lead to kids and I think that's. Sometimes that gets tough. But I think the kids really they understand the business aspect that was going on. And I know a lot that the school right now that the kids in bed together and there will be fine. It's great stuff. Adding a -- as a man of god because he does have some dirty stuff there but he wouldn't immigrants are -- -- -- undeniable. Yeah. He's already started still Jim Mora junior. That's got more in trouble in Atlantic years -- remember what he said I dream job as well I don't get -- It was a dream job I'm trying to come on home. And in my weather might be afraid -- you know Robert Jenkins yeah yeah and then he played would be per year using UCLA a long. And so last night he I had -- I had the text in the last night. And let them know that we're going to steal his coach and if you don't need to keep you fit you -- have you could have senior which you can't have you. That whenever I go to the apple these words they Applebee's where they have to show grinder Robert Jenkins that requires that double winners that. It's a dollar there and it. The good in the neighborhood. Six Jenkins we say awesome stuff they -- it's great to talk to know you do great things thinks of -- duty innocent. Take a lot -- appreciate. I -- -- at Napoleon Kaufman make sure you -- what a great guy -- dynamic.

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