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Bill Polian would play Matt McGloin the rest of the way in Oakland

Dec 3, 2013|

The former NFL executive discussed how the 49ers could beat Seattle this weekend, and what he thinks of the Raiders young QB tandem

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Always a treat to have one of the great NFL executives -- six time NFL executive of the year. Now you see him all over ESPN talking an NFL Bill Polian Georgia's bill thank you so much for taking the time. Thank you it's -- to be with you guys. You know bill I gotta tell you after what happened last night a lot of forty niner fans are -- wow see not a -- -- town that we'll put that game plan together we're out of the 49ers take -- Seahawks team on Sunday. Well for one thing you hope -- should not play in India. In Seattle. That a crowd. You know provide the tremendous invented then there are particularly their defense that. And secondly. I think -- -- you have to -- Defensively which of course. Nor did nothing -- -- there's defense and even show up. They get beaten every way there were beaten dramatically. Thoughtful. Meeting you know -- -- -- -- didn't do any. But. You know look -- you have to contain world. Not letting him get out of the pocket if you can help. And in the -- got them use it. All of the running game and you can't let them. Point five or five yards per carry now that ought to be a good matchup for the 49ers. And the ability to contain. Well -- It is an obviously buttery herbal. In my mind the linchpin for enough. How do day offensively. Attack after watching what the saints were able to do offensively. Against that Seahawks defense how to 49ers. Go about putting points up on the board. The big issues is. The 49ers ability to run the ball I think they can do that. And they're they're obviously gonna try to do it and then when you get opportunities. To run it well enough. You'll get play action opportunities down the field and then their receivers have to do two things number one day -- do. Break off coverage they've got to get out of -- -- of those long armed. Defenders. And to -- apt to catch the ball and make plays it straight. They had a chance to win the football. You know there's no team is is overwhelming not being used. An overwhelming favorite and and then when you look at. The the injuries that the Seahawks I mean it's just had a great game last -- in the world inflated it. I expect that if 49ers and Seahawks to be much closer game. If you're the GM and you were choosing between Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll as your head coach. Who -- I you know these men better than we do. Know which direction would you go bill. Boy that's a tough call. -- -- to go wrong -- you either want. I mean day today. Building to building there rekindling rivalry today that in in the pac twelve. Pete. Resuscitated USC. And then you turn around and a different fashion. Resuscitated. Not resuscitated. It that you know reinvented Stanford. So. You know I don't think -- -- -- You know I think I know you're gonna go with this answer but. When you look at at what this kid Russell Wilson's doing as a winner I mean my god he's fourteen you know at home as a starter. Two straight years he now has over twenty touchdown passes I think that -- is Dan Marino Peyton Manning and any adult I mean he's been spectacular. Do you see him. As a system guy and he's just fit great into their system or do you see this kid has won the next great quarterbacks in this -- But that particular bill ready but at. It is not for me. You know -- -- draft time net. I was the biggest. Brussels expanded. ESPN. Because anybody that could be on campus for six weeks at the university Wisconsin learn the playbook. Take over the number one quarterbacking job. And be elected captain is pretty special and I would -- was fortunate not to. See him when he was that NC state as well when he did some incredibly magic things there. On it Doug Flutie. Will -- a much better armed. And and probably better. Vision down the field. So he can fit into any system maybe not a system quarterback keep it it helps obviously that they put them on the move but you'd be crazy not to. It doesn't matter which uses them -- changes -- the -- -- you know you've been anywhere. How do the 49ers. Get around being handicapped with the absence of Joseph Staley and Mikey potty and still. Get that running game going to the level that you suggested they're going to need. To have a chance to win this game. And I think that they they run the ball. On night news in morning next Jim Harbaugh was calling card so the people that will be playing in the back up roles there. Our are freaked out people secondly the way days scheme and on they put most defenses in the line because they're giving you. Power -- and power at the point of attack you get a double B it's sometimes to double -- and a polar. But sometimes to double teams in two -- up into the -- so. And their overwhelming you with size and strength that the point of attack. So it is and so much one on one this is not like -- zone blocking team. Where you'd be very concerned that a guy holed up in that protection or won't hold up in the run game because he can't block the man over him. On that so much of what they do -- skiing. That does it almost doesn't matter who's playing but they have good backups to the one area where they would miss. You poverty. You would be in pass protection because if you get a a a power rusher over him. Then you know only he can handle any power rusher in football. I -- think that their back drop back game has hurt its own. Because of the laws of the tackle because the best lectures that Seattle had -- off the -- -- come in a rush package. On they used to separate defensive packages that three man. Line which is made up of three individual players they replaced them as church situation. And bring in the forest beat guys but off the -- with with Irvin and the cupid came over from Detroit newspaper roll. -- this is really the strength to their right. Let's switch over to the raiders because I know you're very high on Terrelle Pryor what you've seen with local Lloyd and what you see with prior. Going the rest of the year. Who would get the majority of the snaps for you. I would go with my coin because. It's simply does. It is since he's been at Penn State which he was playing for Joseph Paterno Penn State. Every time I looked at McElroy and it says that walk on two small can't do it. And then I'd look at but the scoreboard at the end of the game and they want -- they come close to winning. And that some of the gun gets the job done every time he steps out on the field so there's something special about him. I didn't physical that's for sure but there's something special about preparation and leadership in the way he plays when the lights go on. -- that is that is really good on. Prior it has -- as I said view on this show in September. As far as any player I've seen in terms of just the ability to pass the ball he virtually -- none at Ohio State. And he's now established. Rhythm and a -- and emotion in a release point that looks like a professional quarterback. Bomb but the other part is that still have to grow and he's I think pretty far behind going in in that area. -- but the one thing he can do. Is make spectacular plays -- his feet which of course Matt cannot do. They'll always a pleasure to have beyond we always appreciated and that lets look absolutely love seeing on ESPN. Thank you very much thanks bill.

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