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Steve Largent looks at the 49ers-Seahawks matchup

Dec 3, 2013|

The Seahawks Hall of Fame WR gave his thoughts on what the 49ers would need to do to beat Seattle, and how Russell Wilson has performed for the Seahawks

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

My pleasure craft beer yeah. As a former Seattle Seahawks as a guy who's in the Seahawks ring of honor when you watch that game last night. Adidas had to see all the holes of the Seahawks game right. Actually yeah there's a lot of holes. And made it also for their running back. Now they say they were very impressive last night against a very good -- Don't don't put yourself thank you Warren is not a very good team they are. And the fact that they you know well Drew Brees to. Whatever that number yards passing in a single touchdown is really impressive to me. So where do you put that performance last night among all that they had this year including. Beating the 49ers. Up there are closer to the start of the season. Yeah I think the 49ers were had some people hurt and the church or wide receiver. And that that was a factor. But I tell you who think that people don't talk about very much older sort of talk about it now. About the Seahawks team. Is to defense. The defense really starts everything that they did last night. Against the saint you have faith based court that he can keep touched down and that would put him on a roll. And but the Seahawks I mean they're great they can score touchdowns would be physically but the thing -- -- They stopped you very challenging and there -- why in part because you blondes are very good they did that perhaps they stop the run. The linebackers are very fast and actors. And the others those quarterbacks are big and and the Russians and the they've got their totals pretty shaky start there and it is not clear at all. And so it they are very intimidating factor I think. In the whole -- But everybody wants talk about Russell Wilson Russell Wilson just played an outstanding game last night I could see why they. -- talk about I would think he's and actually hear it and -- arguably he's just playing in his suspect. Sort that your beliefs. But he is a consummate our study found. He's -- the game plan -- back. And that's great job executing it plays within themselves. He doesn't try to do more than he can. And he not think of all the quarterbacks I've ever seen play in the NFL. Throughout time. He throws the prettiest spiral. Has anybody ever receive. He's not -- it's magnificent. By the -- can be so much with yours what is armed with -- had. And what it's like page. And so I think you really Ebert presents a lot of problems for a defense sort of -- and Olympic. And they got a good running back back there. Receivers got to where they've been the weakest offensively. And offensive line they've had a couple of guys hurt. But those guys are getting healthy now and so really poised for great run here in the season. Yeah Russell Wilson now fourteen NL as a starter at home of the Seahawks have one. Fifteen consecutive games at home after their win last night over the saints a hall of Famer Steve large joins -- here the current Downey 95 point seven a game but now. I'm gonna put the forty -- had audio we need to figure out how can the 49ers. Beat the Seattle Seahawks at home on Sunday at the stick. If you're the head coach here Jim Harbaugh look at a game -- would you put together to take down the Seahawks. Well as well I think they've got to establish a running. It and that's about this sentence we're not able to do last night establishes its number one -- I have had the 49ers actually have a better run. And -- confident of them since their. So I I think I think offensively you've got to start there's got to be yes yes they've neutered and run the ball. Or order Auburn's week or five yards of terror. And -- it would put some of the questions often happen at some pressure off option yet. And do -- are wonderful and wanted to control the clock. I run the ball. I think that's the person not just it's definitely. I think he's got to get our predictions some opportunities. On the ball. Where he doesn't have to sit up there hold forever so he's got to be able to have a comfortable officers which is -- them. Sort over the oval. You know on the edges. As opposed -- sort of you -- nothing about -- extra months you have to hold the ball. Long enough for receivers to get. Let him just in twenty yards deal. Because I think what the classroom but if you are able or capable put him on a quarter. You know it -- On. You know. Quarterbacks when you you've done well he's a good question. Does -- our group that last month. So and I think -- that was not run game is really important. Well known problems and shutdowns or you know you've come a long -- was some sort of you know give it a little odd situation does indeed open. With him if he goes throughout the software to work. And typical can. I don't know what you want -- -- bronze ones on campus runs from one pops plays where he spun out. And -- delivered the ball but I don't know how well it's noticeable on the rock. But that is one way -- utilized those questions. He's use. Use different ones out of pocket and run the football so I don't think that was Charlotte from. I'm going to want to emphasize it but he's not would shy away from him the football with either I'm just I'm just don't want to -- when it's not just yet. -- you know the super observer of the popular formidable -- forever but all the parts Russell Wilson's lined up -- some of the players on offense. But the real story for the Seahawks is that you. The defense is for all sorts. The Seahawks is competitive and as they've been the last couple years there was always the feeling that you get him outside of Seattle and their completely different team they're vulnerable team. They're five and one on the road this year and they had some dominant performances. On the road what is the big difference. With them when they travel. Well I think I again I would sort of a decent desirable it is that that's. Here is it tends to break down. When you go on where it is used -- and so on they've not broken down on the on the defense. And dolphins can can play -- of defense and I didn't give them -- good field position -- -- points on the board whether that's sweet ones are. A touchdown that gave them over such acute. One this is where Russell Wilson -- the most in Islam it is car. Is when essentially -- -- And he's got a lot of options. He looked a lot about Russell Wilson's performance last night that he -- quarter birds especially receptive -- god. I've heard stories about how -- studies and I want them with a -- -- I'm getting ready for games and -- that's just really impresses me. He's proven that on the field. You know those -- all of this is about. And he's not afraid uses words -- -- -- very effective on the ball but what the hell out of course well solutions moments in my pocket. Until it develops along with it doesn't develop this level is just another pocket. -- support -- receivers on the last ditch effort on computers aren't going to Obama. I think that's what progress in the -- guys seen in the past. You know they don't have a climbers that are a ball about twenty yards did not hurt -- don't play on an officer injured. And a -- problem that California. She sort of as well so I haven't seen -- issues -- I think both he and Russell Wilson of them much better job. No mountain again in nineteen to -- place works in one just that -- -- that great users are. This year -- you sort of Russell Wilson's announcement either. You know back in the day at the Kingdome viewed gyms or -- easily Kurt Warner you guys can get it rocket there. But did you ever think while playing in Seattle. They would become such the ultimate football town it's such a fan base it's so crazy about the game and the Seahawks. You know that's good about the Q what have -- they've always -- but vocal and that's supportive of the team and we want -- games. They still would show up which Philips sold out stadiums. It's you have -- there's always been very little wardrobe series system. Lots of them issues. That but when he. Incessantly at home and now. Dispenses them even crazy. None in the world war. Polls close places I was is didn't quite hear the report visitors -- -- -- I would have known the whatsoever going that -- it is that it might they might you know might wanna do or say something funny to -- Because you're quoted opposing team which not to worry about get beat up or not stated -- also stated month month the V chip or putt. -- -- -- I speak. That good but they're very loyal and very out. And there -- great poem not a problem. Hey Steve before -- let you go fifteen seconds. A hall of fame wide receiver. Politician. What's the third chapter for you now. -- well the last two years I've been working at the presidency of the trade association groups are all the companies in the wireless phone business and I loved that. So this has been involved on. Well we appreciate you coming on a San Francisco station at picking and lighters on Sunday Steve we have really get our act and put them out of it. And playing at home. We always love have a idiotic continued success will be catching up and have a great holiday. -- --

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