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Rich Gannon: "49ers playing their best football of the year"

Dec 3, 2013|

The former MVP QB explains what the 49ers need to do to stop Russell Wilson on Sunday, and what he is looking for from Matt McGloin in the last 4 weeks of the season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Risky and it -- VP Georgia's every single Tuesday here on the appearance -- at 505. And we're just talking about Monday Night Football last night Seahawks. Over the saints rich I'm I'm sure you watched it. What are you more shocked by how well Seattle play or how poorly warlords like. Our technical habitable -- but it ruled out the water. Act that. A lot Seattle to hurt them more physical team but boy in the a lot to gain -- buried her company watched -- offensively. -- -- -- up on the second level there and make plays. A picket outside containment defense simply. -- -- The fate has had a difficult time you know protected quarterback he has stepped -- -- I'd probably could -- the ball down field and one half of fourteen yards or more. And you look at the numbers on the greens and baker oil is welcoming Drew Brees. Was forty restrict sort of being now those guys. -- political aborted -- -- -- that one reporter art but it's. He was probably to our -- our our ports and -- -- they look forward. Like Seattle called. Before we get into the particulars of how the 49ers. How they could beat the Seahawks. I'm wondering and watching Colin -- the last couple weeks it feels as if he is. Finding his groove he's he has looked more comfortable more decisive. You're the expert what have you seen. Well that -- I think it is the natural barrier or game which is cute and they're -- record. -- and worked with -- wire. I don't think that you know you look whether Iraq you know they've got an -- string for awhile at wide receiver registry. Getting Crabtree back on the field is -- and it helped everybody an -- Chappaquiddick. It -- topic club Bolton in criminal Burgundy the battle field. You know sometimes go through. You know from who co anchor Kurt -- and then extra spending to -- My sense is that typical point matters a lot of how well -- play. Against the Washington Redskins on Monday night two weeks ago are Poland. And in and no way to -- command -- waltrip and that he's claim that the simple straight into the plane. Rams had played well they match up well the vertical -- And -- that they would put and operated well I think the forward matters. Plan their football a year. Rich -- it was this -- bigger town united -- points out of the game you can catch -- average every single Tuesday at 505. I've been gasket everybody have a the 49ers win this game I keep parent reach every time Ollie needed either on the football you parties -- I. I don't know if he's gonna play I don't Staley for sure isn't gonna play. And Frank Gore in his last three games. Here's his totals 48 yards 31 yards 42 yards it's the lowest three game total since his rookie year -- five when he was the back at. They haven't been able around the ball they've got issues are on the line. I don't see how they run the football in this game so tell me how do you see the 49ers how can they beat the Seahawks. All the -- -- a number of different things and it and again you're getting back to the line. Frank Gore I've been surprised because of the power ultra polite and well all year probably -- -- -- -- -- they -- -- dominate like they were a year ago sort of that's a bit of a surprise and I think it's tentative pact a -- gore on Patrick's success. As well so. Jumped to a bigger news. Yeah I think that they they've got to have about of course about that it can't turn into one dimensional game. Against the Seahawks. And I think you look at you know what they've got to do got to -- and Soviet -- -- got guys that rust faster clip payroll or haven't been. Of course preserved and I think you get a party you've got to be able attacked under new -- -- a lot -- by him in the secondary but you gotta make art. After the catch against the defense like this would be at the tackle -- -- -- you gotta match. There are terrible that are their enthusiasm their energy level early gains because Seattle has done. Is it got Alter lead and the naked prisoners back in traffic and the other critically at all look at what they've done all. You know fourteen straight games now all but they -- it will even those -- like twenty or more or -- field early lead. They don't look back you've got to take a bite of Seattle early and keep the sequels. How do you go about disrupting Russell Wilson right now because he looks to me like a guy who is playing with such confidence. That he's there there's. Every decision seems to be so easy and such the right one and I look metallic properties a year ago and I kind of felt the same way. -- there was an aggressiveness because of that confidence what are the 49ers have to do to to knock Russell Wilson off of his game. I think it can be very disciplined with the irrational jittery you've got to deal would you know he's not very tall we know that by eleven. Released more quarterback doesn't like interior pushed pockets so they get a -- rush up the side. But you also got to be -- set the edge. Beat discipline with Iraq slate and not allow those guys to break contain. And around because he could extend plays -- he could really purchased by doing that brought troubles 500 yards or. And so he's very dangerous. What -- political football bouncy getting disciplined not try to collapse the pocket around them. In force in dissident there function. In the pocket -- allow him because obviously duke job there'll doubled the output -- to a good job will be getting him -- side. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rich I got so many things that Russell Wilson at 22 and six as a starter fourteen in hole at home as a starter. He's one of what you got Dan Marino. Peyton Manning an -- he's the fourth guy in his first two years at least when he touchdown pass there was another -- As any don't buy any locator rules that list of largely but I mean what he's doing is so impressive. What do you think his number one strength is as a quarterback. And it could not rule it straight is the preparation and I know that you know are frowned. Probably have maybe not a football terms in terms of the -- thing here is. Maneuverability year it is ability to process the creation of options you know. You know I just figured his preparation this guy. It's a lot like Peyton and and you know. Brady and in breathe some of these guys. He loved -- he is so full of jockey he would get enough of the gadget in the building early on Mondays. He's been there all failed to create the players' day off this -- is is all -- and you know he's got a -- that the preparation. He loved the competition. You know -- will use historic talked to Pete Carroll unused basically. You know he covered it and you'd start looking at bill that -- -- these. -- that our players don't need receivers. Golden Tate Doug ball. Year old. Sidney Rice to date we've traders -- -- bill here's the thing because prayer -- your ally. I mean not the coat -- but who the quarterback rookie quarterback order though I mean I think that would that would bring Greg. A certain level professional look at all these young quarterback. So before we move over the raiders what what kind of team are you expecting in and what kind of result do you expect. Technical game. Division game that they should between Ukraine -- -- great familiarity. Between the Seahawks. Of course the 49ers. Remember now this one. -- isn't it Francisco epic before and play well. Conduct. But there -- about economics -- on who would be anchored in calm down through our Arctic ordered a lot better. But it matchup well the principle. Exactly -- the -- I think occurred near vertical. I think that there. -- need to play well this form. -- -- -- -- Our MVP rich get it -- this every single Tuesday right here are the current Downey at 505. We switch over to a game you are going to be calling you're going to be in New York for raiders. Up against the jets with a loss to the cowboys on Thanksgiving Day the raiders are four in -- I've had this data been asking people about disparaged in the first quarter. This season the raiders have outscored their opponent 86 to 41 from the second quarter on. They've been outscored 259. To 151. What do you make of that -- Plus today's start that so you know that -- don't -- and a career and eat -- -- look -- conditioning of the South Korean people it. You know look at it in the worst down. A little bit I would also -- You know you you've got -- you get a lot of young players and roll through there. And this scene that has a word that finished late games that he'd have to learn to keep the concentration of falcons. When it matters the -- the fourth quarter. You also got young quarterback play and stroke prior early disease and now that of course there are going to be mistakes regarding the opportunities. They have to realize that you know. You know you over patrol. In the various Maurer. And onto him Holmes. -- open news you know -- in the secondary in -- by two -- three yards. You're you're you're not going get 45 shots that you you you get -- you get the opportunities you got to make and count after the raiders have -- a couple the ball because. They have played well -- -- -- -- a couple of game. They raced up that are only are -- going to be your ruling could tape for the race is also. He didn't account he did plant on the on the scene make it rocked the -- was a comeback at some point. The raiders have to learn to slam the door cap lowered the finished late in games. How did your estimation of Matt -- and how was it impacted by his performance against the cowboys on Thanksgiving. I'm really saying if you look at his streak -- reduced to gain from the Tennessee game and the raiders game considered you know these. Go on the road to. If we play well not the Tennessee they want producing game play well the senate seat gain politically correctly. It isn't good things in in the game gets account I've been I've been pleasantly surprise you eat you think at all. What did that again. Group that you expect a couple of really well let's -- but he can look at and it yet in that played better -- -- -- -- -- that may in -- went. We get a seat. He's he's he's surpassed my expectations keep our fingers cross -- -- pulled this guy can can really finish strong in the next four weeks. All right so the raiders are four and eight. Four weeks left what do you wanna see out of this team. Or -- as strong or in carry some momentum built his program in continue to make improvement speak sensibly. I understand they have issues ultimately the issue opera or soccer goalie gotten export weeks they have not overly Powell that the you'll position. You look at the jets are very similar scene meter team has -- talent at any of the skill positions I'll sensibly. Not a wide receiver not that -- it and not running back and not a quarterback -- is a problem. That makes it difficult to advance the football and score a lot of points and so the raiders. The win ugly I think they're capable or that it a lot all game I have seen improvement. But we've got to be patient with the -- that not everybody can turn purple ball around electrical current last year which you to do on this year. I think you look under the hood there're there're a lot more serious issues. And he related that to the raiders get the ball straight out at the coaching staff straightened out. They had a lot by the way to that the -- The political -- together without any money manager -- I think you got to be patient with the raiders. So ultimately with with what you've seen from the glowing is she just is he a nice story a guy that hey you like keep around can you be a good back up. Or is is there a scenario in which you can see him as continuing to be a starting quarterback in the NFL on -- on a competitive team. Well there's been here Arctic it's hard to evaluate. Map local and solely on -- -- -- -- -- this year I don't but yet to evaluate new I would quarterback Oprah about it or -- Had numerous changes on the top of the -- equipment to get the car. Well without the skill positions so and direct impact on what apple unveiled the is that what you're all you're right -- brow. So -- negative factor that. I also think that the raiders Ricardo. What happened this year -- control prior and that aboard the raiders are going to be in the quarterback mark and you look at route division. They got Peyton Manning you've got to reverse. Chief of good about Alex Smith you've got to figure well you if you're gonna stack up with those seen lord for what purpose you know our. Our quarterback in the attic raider difficult to avoid a partner year -- -- quarterback position now these. Great stuff free agent will be watching on Sunday at 10 AM as the raiders travel east to take on the New York Jets have a great call -- it actually. -- Experts Arian VP rich can't allow a lot of good stuff there.

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