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Susan Slusser: A's feel like 2014 is the year they can do something special

Dec 3, 2013|

Our A's insider from the SF Chronicle explained why the A's have the best bullpen in the league, and the playing potential for newly acquired Craig Gentry

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Madam president and president of the baseball writers' association. And our days insider here on 95 point seven a game. Susan thank you so much for stopping by by the way. You looked great on the MLB network you're all over the place right now. That America now I'm -- and maybe it can be done. Can artery and keep calling me and I don't. Quick steal one here on here when. I wouldn't it be like dictator for life or something. Do you still get used to the G four. We could carry very bad day and he's he's done a security detail right. Yeah that and the floor before we get to. He Kazmir Johnson. And Gregor said. Michael choice being moved for Craig Gentry. As you notices that there's a lot of people scratching their head on this one it and I have a theory. -- -- Is not going to be an athletic once we all hit Arizona that he possibly is going to be. A part of something else that Billy Beane is going to do that's why you see choice move. What do you think about necessary for. The price would be what can I can't thank you for eight. Kinda guy that article the part all. Every. One handed hitting anarchy there there are a lot. -- a little more. And -- look at it and it actually want it would. Collapse on an -- arch this army at the argument merely an old lady in -- down. Maybe that window is maybe. Any year you. Clearly aren't -- for the future maybe not their next year. It was like you would immediately -- -- am -- next year re -- out -- -- and gentry is a guide and contribute. About. Kind of back player he knows it we actually. Not everybody out adequate and that was the gentry is made great fit there that's exactly what they -- young last year. Yet you -- and much. And a much better. Now why why do you think that they are in the mode of our window could be closing a year from now -- I -- I look across the board. And I don't see a team that is particularly. All. -- not be. Needed -- we shall we are legally. But. It. -- -- -- -- agree you're next here on a tree next year -- -- and bring a lot -- feel like jury bill. Bring back in. -- -- -- on the will be. The court. And we're pretty sure would be very. Little. Typically not a lot of -- Million and in. Year one year. Combined with Michael I mean they're working here very -- -- you're articulate it can be. You know Johnson -- -- from the services -- -- -- insider joins us here you heard Downey. You look at 51 saves in fifty saves nobody since the start of 2012. Has finished more games. And Jim Johnson but we saw a record setting performance by grant -- war. Is this an upgrade is it eat it or not an -- how do you view Jim Johnson with the days. Probably early even and looking around multiyear deal I don't need it are looking to get older. Kind of reliever. Big money on your deal Pakula. The younger guy and a and a short. And is -- a little bit better kept the mark EU and multiyear deal over the last eight years yet there -- young guys. Our order create and not -- They haven't had a lot longer term the I -- -- in the shorter term he'll keep that we're all. On the and the guys had very good (%expletive) out. And you know I'd try it not better at like it -- -- -- -- So when you look at the -- now. And what's on the mark what's available on the market what what do you expect next from the news. Well -- wore it would be ball. And like trade. And let you know when -- eat -- on the all star. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and I act of Michael -- You know let let them -- potentially the first round and players back in air. That would be out -- -- pretty peculiar I don't. Would be I'd get that -- -- that. That would require and Kirk. Have we seen the last of Bartolo Cologne in an a's uniform. Yeah -- how -- it was I watched him to chill out here. Ike is on a problem. I -- it well. You have great birdie on record I'll learn how important it is and go out our man. You know you viewed at that one out on the I would like out -- -- not that that would give the kid at the how important in what could be. You -- at my at various Susan. You know I think a lot of us -- valve or. We knew he was going to be gone where like and I don't know about book here I don't know about -- little -- -- closer. Johnson now in the other interesting move today assessment going to see Diego for -- graders -- This guy has been an inoperable for a bad Padres team. As a setup guys and now when I had booked a greater sense and a -- and in my left these would plug ins and you throw it too little. Is it is it's safe no question this is the best bullpen in baseball. Back -- and a bit -- I agree with you that could be the eight get it right now. You look at young harder knowing. That trying to book and got an -- them I -- at that. -- -- agree admit that Oprah and they'd call it they could use them and really tremendous bang. I think -- and so highly regarded one Major League that is probably did -- -- a different maker. Which is -- mark Craig and I cartridge and John did you sound -- it big and all our McGregor and it. It could handle a lot of different world leakage of late he's not a guide you to the trade. The average against the -- it quite indicators like 190 queue up on your. They've been -- and it really went bankrupt and be excited about. Susan if this if the -- are gonna be World Series content I feel a lot better if there was if there was one more that one more dynamic. That one that that go to guy that your entire. Lineup hinges on that scares the opposition. I don't really see that there is there any prospects. That they could still go in that direction or look to upgrade. And now anchor you know seven million. I would find it very hard mediate and like I. You know they had -- the battle big big kind of and they like. He is unrealistic even now -- and leverage on the market. I -- -- in ticket you'd won it it'd probably be at the line one. With the way it currently concur with the -- you know let us. It's going to be interesting to think being that right now because it was done on whether they're not we grew. Senator quickly before we let you go look at your crystal ball what's gonna happen for the days at shortstop. Well -- I get up again and Lowery you know are hard to find a great short. -- -- -- -- -- I don't know -- -- in the united that -- on either via trade the or via trade. You know and that -- -- an okay job not not a short but he's such a good and that the they certainly like -- lineup I think he's he's white but on its people are. Will seize the star of the MLB network watch she's on all the time love watching Susan we'll catch up zone. Thank Susan Susan's -- our agents Saturday around 95 point seven in the game.

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