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Jim Barnett says the Warriors are 1 of 3 best in the West

Dec 4, 2013|

The Warriors long time analyst says the team's great shooters will keep them in every game this year. He talks about how special a combo Curry and Thompson are and the difference in today's game versus when he played.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That we have the pleasure of being joined by. He's just he's an NBA guy longtime player. Longtime voice for the warriors Jim Barnett joining us Jim how are you this morning. Well I'm pretty good this morning a lot better after what transpired in the fourth quarter last night of course. Yeah everybody wants as everyone does. Obviously is an exciting impressive comeback by the warriors but how good should we really feel about it when you were trailing. By nearly thirty points to a team like the Toronto Raptors. Well it's it's it's been a trend is that struggle a lot and even when they played in Sacramento and stiff period. Consulate opera but 6465. Points the only in the game by two but that happened in the NBA and and you know. I think that doing Casey got his team ready ready and he made the couple games regulated. Lineup change he took them their jobs and out of the line up. And put in Tyler Hansbrough and so that motivate Johnson and so this. They're there MBA players and they're capable and you've got politics stores -- -- DeMar DeRozan who wrote and had a incredible third quarter for a liar and Howard played a good game last night in there NBA players and neighbor on the warriors were little flat coming out did meet there kind of intensity. And that's what happens doesn't take much for almost certain to get behind that they were the first quarter gave up 36 point. To talk more about the trying to game and -- -- but I I want to hello how are you June I -- just say this real quick. I know it's your last year Jim and I -- just tell you that it has been. I got the good fortune of working with -- for a little while five or so years. It was a privilege for me I think -- you are at the top Ukraine after one of the best. Analysts. I think the NBA has ever seen and as good as an analyst you are. You are probably a better person and I just wanted to tell you that and it was a it was a joy -- work in with you while I had the chance. I I really appreciated -- reciprocal etiquette tablet you hadn't we have a good time on the rose -- Indianapolis let. That place -- like Super Bowl day it is not borrowed. Yeah I'd -- I do remember that they look. Let me take you to some memories on the court last night's game -- reminded me of -- game in 202004. When the warriors scored only two points in the fourth quarter. In a game against Toronto I don't know if you remember that game or not but it got to think how things have turned around large wanted to ask you. What are your expectations of this team this year how far you think they can go. Well I've got big expectations for the men and -- -- is that they were last night in that piece of the action the first three quarters. You -- on the typical back less than a week in the plains and Oklahoma City. And their plane into the stance so they get what rebounding with decades of that you get insecure that final rebound so. Mexico not many people going this to Oklahoma City. And and play that well and I looked at San Antonio and I think about that a few weeks back when they lost by two without -- curry. So this team when they're on their game they can play obviously and beat anybody in the league that would include Miami in India. It when they're on their game. But the great teams know how to sustain that -- the great teams they'll lose the game is really not very often related -- Schedule you will. But losing games your you know not supposed to lose and so they're going to be tested this year. But -- would you have if it's for the interesting thing about this before you get called. What you have. Shooters like they have with those two in the back court you're going to be in every game as evident evident last night and. If they'll get one of those players only war if they had just stopped but not curry this -- would -- purity is good if they had curry but not profit. This same thing that that 12 combination to real. Special special combination I know you got boat helping this year that's that's good he can you know he helped with the game -- Sacramento with a block. But Jermaine O'Neal. -- basic game last night -- he's still got something left. But operated what he comes back he rounds out the team and that he makes the team without Andre Iguodala I don't have the expectations that that I would have with him. But you know I'm not gonna look at -- -- that you know being the NBA finals. But they have the potential to to do that and I still think I really think that they are one of the three best -- In the west and I think of the three best -- I don't go to the 45 quite frankly. We're talking with Jim Barnett -- longtime NBA veteran and longtime analyst for the warriors. It's 95 point seven a game the bay -- new Sampras sports and Jim I wanna ask you about a statement made by Charles Barkley who's obviously. You know trying to following your -- says the immigrant NBA analyst. Has. He said that. Watch in the NBA this year he's embarrassed by the level of play. In the NBA so far this season is that too harsh -- statement is that an overreaction we look at the east especially the only two teams above 500 at this point. How bad his NBA basketball right now. Celebrity -- but that I know that the east to struggle and that the west is strong conference. But that's a little hyperbole. EEL. There are thirty teams in the NBA you're going to have some bad team. Is -- water down a little bit probably so. There's too much of the disparity between the top in the bottom but I would -- You know -- interesting is that some would say that I'm trying to think how -- that he's been out of the league of the older we get the better we thought we work. -- That's it Charles since you've been out and leave for one years of. You know these guys coming in the tribal aspects of their 611. But they have some great athlete how that team. And -- you -- I don't agree with it quite frankly I type of these guys are in BA players they play at the top of their. Their game I will say that and I'm very honest about that day -- -- and fundamentals there's no question about it but their athletes is just the waiting game is played today. The three point line is a huge factor in the game and -- people grow up. Holding their skills. Because he obviously. -- that this league back in the late seventy. -- like -- the -- in the mid sixties. You know there's the three point line with the thought about that no one would ever think about coming out on a fast break. And stopping if there were three point line about for the put out there it's it will would never do that is critical to the basket. And get -- scored tickets real fast break he'll do that. So fundamental to different well we know -- the senate you know Silverman on the weak side screen and how to establish a typical but everybody moves so fast. -- and you've got guys that are six can't they can hand the ball like. It's forty years ago six footer could. So that their skills. There but there are lacking and so the game it just change that put that would negate the change in the way you approach the game have to have to. Go along accordingly change itself. So your estimation that the door reserves the third best team in the west has nothing to do with the fact that the league is watered down you're just think they're ready to be. Any lead team. Well -- -- -- think Houston is a good team. Would -- have played except that uses a good thing but I think ports are better. You know I still think -- and they're -- -- payments and that it is they can compete in the air. Who like Jim who do you think they're better than Memphis the clippers or Oklahoma City which of those three. I think Oklahoma City is a better team. Yeah. Yeah yeah yes. But especially -- but -- it's all going to be out that this. But I still think even though they've lost but I hated that but yeah I I think playoff series that the warriors who would win that series. Now San Antonio and other other thing -- I've put oak -- city San Antonio right now both the warriors. But I put in that respect with the about that but in my in my estimation. Yeah there's just there's still something about the spurs -- Their their role players have stepped up when they're older guys are getting old they're still. Well -- formidable. They know how to do it they they they'd just do the right thing and usually they don't beat themselves. Oh. But I don't like to think about that I just take it game by game picked up and. But MBA players and most NBA coaches like is it to would you put this -- traveling you know what you -- -- -- -- he would replace. No hidden eggs for public. -- we were flying from. Houston to New Orleans and it was trouble. And I mean it was it -- air air problem with whether. And we are circling circling circling -- navy -- back to Houston. And you know we were we told Elliott did Nellie was killed by -- by -- -- out and who that -- traveled that we're up in the air and they'll remember we've got an afternoon game device at all really indeed -- -- afternoon game. So here's a funny here's a real quick funny -- story for you. We were in Oklahoma City. After Scotty Brooks had replaced PGA -- -- right -- walking into the arena. And -- asks is assistant coach. Hey when did they hire Eric muscled and I had -- -- Scotty Brooks. No no no now Jim. Thanks so much were for coming along I'm gonna savor this last year. -- come -- will -- -- launch this year for sure. -- I appreciate your comments in -- shop both. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Watch it hopefully we'll get -- beyond oil again before the season's over but. He never talks to -- so nicely he -- the -- that kind of praise and I work for them every day do and just thanks a lot for. Throughput Michaels and a good mood for wantonly. I tried to tell you what you guys that YouTube. You've made me curious now public start lifting a little more. But it just probably a Good Morning America go about away. They do. -- --

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