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Pedro Gomez really likes the Scott Kazmir signing for the A's

Dec 4, 2013|

The ESPN MLB reporter thinks Kazmir could be poised for a breakout season with Oakland and could become a top guy on their staff. He talks about the A's trading prospects away this offseason and says some organizations do a great job of building up guys in their own system.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right now signing of talking to a friend of the program again we've had some discussions with before. Pedro Gomez of ESPN joining us federal allies there. I enjoy it went public about our original. -- -- -- abducted today begins you know ability has been fairly busy. And the DA's have made some moves here I'm curious to know which one you think is gonna be most significant as the season plays out next year. All I would say that kept -- This is a guy that. You know it's like to -- thirty years old hard solid lefty and I think -- basically around. The key to being successful at the big league level -- you know you got some early success -- the career. In -- And I you know got traded away. For whatever reason camp thought they'd they'd need to trade away at age 26. In a -- peace -- -- and -- 98 I could being traded. Full of whatever reason it's public need to be -- the angels and he didn't really respond. And it could have been just an age thing I think you know like Scott quite a bit -- here wouldn't European -- and know that he felt. Like he -- Feet. I don't know market earned but received a second chance to try to make light. -- and I think it's a very very good move quickly to gays are gonna see. Quality starting pitcher Scott Kazmir. -- -- if you look at his numbers. It looks like Cologne is is not going to be back for the day so I I think it might be a case of close 186 last year with a two point 65 ERA even if you bring Cologne back he's probably not gonna have that kind of year. But if you look at Kazmir its -- looks like he set up. To have his best years as a pitcher. In the next two years just kind of if you look at where he's come from injury the kind of year he had last year and where he's going would would you agree -- Absolutely and I think it's a great move that some people in the state. 22 million per. Year and a half ago such ridiculous. By. You know you can't so. You look at it in the sense that 4930 years' sole committee in which 3031. For the next two years. And that is if you can't. Continue giving Cleveland last year and -- the -- which you're very capable of I think that. 1718 gains. Each of the next two feet and if not more and be able to really anchor. I doubt that that could use a little bit of hell I mean there's a lot of young. Pictures well mapped -- and am not totally. That type of -- that everybody can book true radical change in you don't attempt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So exciting he can go talk to him and Europe and which aren't on the tribal level that maybe Scott Kazmir. And and -- decree yeah so when you look at stepped into the took it to great great -- local and and I think at the end to years they're going to be in -- got up. And yet. And got -- very well could be. Looking at and so. You know. 83132. To receive hide your hundred million dollar contract. But he could be the picture like. -- -- I'm I'm somewhat stunned by it by your reaction I mean you talk about him setting himself up for that kind of big money would with somebody else have paid him. Comparable money to what the -- game for these two years. All. At the world seem that were shot in I mean. You know here we get to that point. In all people. Over -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 45. -- in -- and you know things like. But. It's not the market. Goes now amber. So what you got pictures or eight. Who can give -- Much. -- Any. -- country record. And -- you couldn't. About that attacks. -- upside. And no he should be. Prudently. They're not. Occur -- any Kook. -- probably. They're very -- you're. Probably count on him all the time. -- -- They taught me that -- just -- I would ask you about the the -- prospects. Pedro. The last couple years we've heard you know jamario weeks grant green and the latest Michael choice were kind of the days. BA's future and choice particularly. Don't it seems like he -- a power hitting outfielder chance to be pretty good he just traded for a role player explain that -- to me and then the a's fans. I would say that good behavior pretty good. A look at Atlanta probably the best interest double up 1520 years and doubting their own team better than anyone. And you got to be able to know you'll organization. Better than anybody else on the outside. -- the they'd they'd probably. Being that led him to believe it's a good player but he never going to be that type player. That maybe a lot of people think he campy and let's not forget a lot of time. -- well built up their own prospects. In order to try to. Put them -- a level where other clubs as -- optical -- I. And maybe to get over pay pinprick I think to the giants for years were pretty good. You know you remember all the great pitching game. Dirty work. Because like. You know they really do much of the -- Are. Which actually get something for those guys can think -- okay so well as the guy pay. They -- we're able to get something or ever had major leaks. -- there's a little bit and should -- -- -- that I think the club to play that they don't. Angel organization -- region. Pedro Gomez joining us obviously -- Major League Baseball guru for ESPN's. Your thoughts on Jacoby l.'s very dead deal and of course what that means for Robinson can no. Well look he's been at it. Traditionally that much at the tickets were able. At that type contract and be able to go get -- -- knows. Want. -- -- at least you know try to contract ever got it and George Steinbrenner was alive. That Butler is on the -- And -- I eighty boy other insiders. Industry people who think that would deal pre contract. -- left could really pouring down. The features that have been talked around you know we sort of a 300 million unless he come down -- -- in. Yeah it is not -- Torched acute. And I'm sure -- -- lady Betty traditionally toward -- -- -- And you know agent -- and they would say well at all. It -- -- option. At the end of the day the agent. He's proposing to not obviously. Or. So that can now. Maybe in the one extra one. Can probably willing to let him. Pedro great talk a little baseball with yet in December. And hopefully we'll get to Chad again soon thanks -- --

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