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95.7 The Game>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bob Sargent explains the team's fan approach to the Seahawks game

Bob Sargent explains the team's fan approach to the Seahawks game

Dec 4, 2013|

The 49ers Director of Broadcasting weighs in on what the team is doing to prepare the fans for Sunday's big game, and how they've learned from other stadiums in building Levi's Stadium

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bob sergeant is it is a a good friend of yours right director of broadcasting the -- Easter ordered -- all Sports Radio station and I don't remember much about you -- -- -- -- hitters and any as the director of broadcasting for the now let's let let's be fair here right the week they sent out this. -- document to to essentially tell fans ask fans how to behave because it's a big game this week and against the Seahawks. The Seahawks are obviously loud they set a record and we wanna get it from there angle of of what this document is all about hi Bob thanks Dennis are you. -- -- -- -- Or would you rather have -- chastity -- and moved to Canada that. Happy siding with the interest they would it would have to lose significantly. However we are we already had that you're the first segment of the show this show off tonight residents. -- a. Our money -- -- this all right we want we want to give equal time because we obviously the media got set this document about. How to behave in this game in my viewpoint was. Obviously you have a great fan base who knows the -- you know who knows how to act of the game who certainly knows the traditions of a great. Our organization that has won five super balls and and my question would be is this really necessary. It seems like a kind of -- them for dummies document. Well you guys later phrase that so well yeah. Frankly it's I'm were up a little taken back and it is not really so much how to behave it's simply -- out this is something we've done -- each of the last several years. As you may or may not know me our fans certainly know what may come it got -- traditions and some people be. Wearing white jerseys some will be wearing -- -- boring black so this simply ran out -- And it means that we want everybody to be there in rat. And that's it's really not any more complicated than that some much -- About the behavior and and all of that we do have new and young fans every year or so not everybody that comes short games. You know was there when Joseph Montana rolled to his right threw the ball pretty except you know so I think sometimes we forget that too. So the new traditions that we started like the chain upon first down and things that have kind of organically been created the last couple years but this was simply. Look to some of our partners say hey help us tell they have like this is a game where. Ideally we don't want to why we don't watch or black do what you were I don't it's really not any more complicated than that. Which other teams do in the policies in the warriors anchors -- -- were wide and the sharks there was so it's kind of a get ready for the playoffs but the 1 thing and I am looking through. What you guys sent out I mean you know. Know your -- speak quiet on offense and deafening on defense I mean is that your fan base has seen if you -- August. They have and as there isn't sure you've seen -- that they don't you know -- generally because of our history Q I think -- -- super excited our offense or a red zone so. Again I think the have to keep in mind that there are new fans you know especially as we move in the -- stadium next year there's plenty of people. Quote relatively new to the forty -- -- game game experience so. Some -- that was probably a little bit you know information it was -- really necessary for this particular game it was more just kind of in general. But ideally in the ill intent was we just simply want people to Wear -- it's really not anymore less complicated than that. Bob sergeant is -- at the Jonas he's the director of broadcasting. It's generated a lot of discussion the document was sent out to fans about this game so this is an -- direct response to Seattle obviously you're allowed. We're -- an -- that there's two things that are kind of being misinterpret your -- want is. You know we do -- stand out I think we sent out season ticket holders were a lot of this stuff came from. The email that that I said to some of our broadcast partners were simply to those folks its not like that email went out to forfeit its I think that's where. Some of -- again it's getting kind of misconstrue. So. You know this was an intended to -- stands in -- -- -- tell them power -- to behave behavior was not really at all what that. Request once it was like hey help us get the word out. Because we want -- -- candlestick rocking. In red it's a great visual it's intimidating and it's going to be a fun weekend and I think we all know that. You know this game. You know when the schedule came out you know hey this could have been or should have been for the division and now it's a little bit different. But it's still Seattle so great rivalry we want our -- succumb to be excited and there's just two games left to stay. So we want China and the tradition that the stick. And do with the right away and want everyone to come out -- -- and and the part about trying to giving literally for kicked off our nose was shot Cuba can't -- it's tough to get into. Q did you hear that our policies are never found an ambulance you know -- yeah. Eight or anything -- the parking lot or anything like down at. As you if you come to a lot of niner games it would not be uncommon for you to look around and there's still a lot of -- -- coming in. As the game is already under way and this is a game where we would love to have 68500. People in red in their seats ready to go kick off it's really nothing more or less than not. Look at you better leave now to make sure you're there -- -- -- that. It's kid's shirt. You know when you're when you -- your product -- stadium and next year and never asked this question at your head -- talked about the stadium I've seen the designs in the luxury suites on one side. Did you guys go up to Seattle at all and see exactly why that stadium is so damn loud we hear about how they. You know have all the seats pointed towards the field did you guys do that at all should get the same kind of -- level on the new place. Well I I know from having been with the team now for eight years that back and be literally went and -- stadiums and entertainment venues literally all around the world to get the best. And then incorporate that too whatever division -- -- wanted so. Were not mimicking any one individual thing we wanted to be your own baby which I think it will be but it's certainly a part of home work went into. Everything in and think you're gonna see when you -- you know Lee -- stadium excuse. I would imagine because in that they've got a huge advantage up there. I would want to be as loud as possible. Well of course you know I mean there's always been that thing too about whether you know piping goalies in the air and who knows how they -- I find it a little bit. They might noisy and yes they do. -- -- shot live WikiLeaks not lie which you know it's not from the warriors right he's the water went up there and built that thing. I mean an all -- by credit card. It's a little funky when you think about. You know they they announced at a time that the organ you know break the record and and they break the record there's no denying the cup place is a very. Difficult place to play in the venue and allowed this is certainly part of it. And -- team is -- sport that this is a really really good football team and we've developed a great rivalry with them. And Greg is as you know you know when realignment came. You know many years ago you know Seattle came from the -- -- C in the rams left LA and and you know it's so we needed and wanted to try to have those he -- divisional rivals that you meet. And it certainly has done that so we're really looking forward to Sunday. Looking forward to a close and -- candlestick the right way. And get ourselves as good playoff position as we can't. To try to make another run at number six. About sergeant is good enough to join -- sees the a 49ers director broadcasting let me ask this just some curious. Or what amount and I don't know if you know what amount is season ticket holders vs non -- is a season ticket holders an -- and a general games at 7525. What is. Well I mean we really wouldn't default that we've got a significant. Fan base this season ticket holder -- and the reality is like I mentioned earlier. I think what you know there are a lot of fans who were relatively new in the last year to be six -- season ticket holders so. Those numbers in most document change and of course everything's gonna change as we get into the stadium next year but. You know -- -- significant. Season ticket. Fan base to keep in mind of somebody owns season tickets. They may give those tickets just gamer that game to someone else all we have new people were coming into it not everybody's been there for thirty years. Itself it Bob thanks for your aside on this we appreciate. It thank search there remarks under Bob -- organized director broadcasting.

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