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Matt Maiocco updates us on the 49ers OL injuries

Dec 4, 2013|

Our 49ers insider from CSN Bay Area looks ahead to the big matchup at Candlestick, and how he sees the QB matchup between Kaepernick and Wilson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well the Mac that will house John -- Greg Papa thanks for joining us on a Wednesday and at this time we were stuck to the 49ers in -- mammy Yoko real stuff. At CES in the area dot com Seahawks coming up this weekend so a lot on the plate and let's start with the injury front we will let's skip the penal code. And go straight to the left side of the offensive line know what's the latest there man. Well I don't think either one of those guys just feel they're like you're body will play. On Sunday. So but the good news for the 49ers that is. A line that played three quarters that they get the brands. Will be active in other words yeah they got the opportunity that played together with Buddha left -- -- Looting it's Snyder the guard position the other good thing for the weary candidates they don't have to worry too much about communication. Complications. That that you might spirits obviously you're out or another road -- at least say they should be able to get on the same page. With there. Communication at -- a scrimmage. Play at Candlestick Park. So what's the severity of your body's injury I heard rumblings earlier in the week that the ordered a second MRI. Is to get a -- sample one -- they gonna get the all pro left guard and he. I have seen in this week yet either and he's he's walking around better now -- it was -- against the only injury that. That this -- -- other it was -- pretty extreme you deliberation you are crutches for the first week. Last I saw it was still -- -- around I think there's a chance. If you let them play this week which -- get like get be mildly surprised he'd. That he could be got. That epic game the following week at stake -- it -- -- you're looking at one week. And maybe you'll it's possible -- I could be back. But it Abigail I would definitely expect both. That Monday night finale at candlestick finale against Atlanta about. I'm that man could generous of course for previewing the SE oxen 49ers coming up Sunday. At that Candlestick Park talk about the injury situation here in 9570 games so loony right guard and Snyder left guard. Alex -- left out how does that Alter the way that they've got to take on this past precedent of Roger breeze so much time on Monday night. I don't know I mean it it expects them obviously in the right game and in the asking I think it -- -- in the pass game. In the run game to level achieved RD ears. -- ease ease the road grader he's it that a lot of foreigners to run plays especially that power play that they run -- the right side you already falling. The bread and butter of the run game and it will be -- the united respectively. Without him also alien news. In the prayers that's -- that's why they're probably had to run blocker and it apps locker. But -- an app -- the -- it is it's okay. He's still like to think itself -- the oh a freighter that told militarily that the Jews too slow to be at tackle he's been in nicely art. He did really well and surprisingly well Robert and Bernanke get the ramp and gave it to be thirteen in abstracts. You know the perimeter like -- number Q left tackle Alex Boone. Robert Quinn leaves regain what thirteen an abstract so that's good the air and I think -- immediately got it -- ourselves why. A lot. It he you know it's pretty much at -- cheering for a year and a half he got in and played pretty well against the rams also so. The prayers and good position in debt. They have acquired some depth there -- they drafted. Pretty well -- -- that's my positions. And -- bring -- Snyder back -- gotten better and I think if you pretty good about being able to it just you keep keep doing what they want to do. In this game against Seattle. Well I mean I -- -- -- body -- for the last nine quarters essentially to me edges that the running game and you mentioned they can't run their bread and butter play 94 power. And you look at -- good numbers the last 33 yards a carry 121 yards -- three game totals and she was sharing time. Back as a rookie he is showing up on the injury report as with -- ankle is he bothered at all or is it simply the loss of the left guard. I think it's I think it's a lot of I would put the ankle probably -- bottom of that I think that biggest factor. Is how -- -- it's a place then and now you might or dispute that changed a little bit. -- Crabtree -- the 49ers. Wide receivers. Really created. No Brett whatsoever. And it showed by LT that it. They played. Again it's saints and keep your washing and I mean you would see. Eight in the box. Routinely. Routine night in the box Arctic Asia. There and we we could stay an eight or nine and knocks against this running game. For the last three years. It out I don't know it to the strawberry and yet these last few weeks. So inserts simply outnumbering the 49ers up front in I think we knew -- -- best. Run blocking out that the wind and in my body and eat less. You know about midway through at that game against the saints so for the past two and a gain of three games. Period you're talking about work or has struggled. That is nose and a common denominator -- -- of one thing there really is out party. Oh lead in the lineup but also to help these are really -- the line of scrimmage and outnumbered supported -- up front and other areas there. That actually people are talking about. Is it being a McDonald is not nearly as good of a walker at the tide in position as Delanie Walker was alas he's -- You know I think I don't think you can edit on just one area think there are a lot of things at play here. On the other side of the ball the defense is obviously playing great Russell Wilson in the type of things. That he presents to defense and against New Orleans only was he thrown the ball well but he scrambles out of the pocket. How to they defend him an avid they have one of the guys at the -- -- by him how do you think -- defend Wilson. Well I think to see you you got to try to keep him in the pocket you know he or. All that big knock -- Russell Wilson now out let's decide in our. -- -- Yeah he's out of pocket that height. Is it as much of an interest for me -- be able from the eight. Good player is buying time. Rolling out. -- with an open peeled and ultimately run the ball on the you know we are all very well on the -- eighties. Eight or more watchable are are. In more. -- -- in ocean in -- throwing motion app and that's what we're we're very get outside the pocket throwing on the run. It's a forty hours in and keep those wide. Rush lanes were brought. And I -- brought it collapsed pocket. And Eric equally boring. Well -- are all right I think -- -- that are perhaps structure that are larger than Willis. At this point if they can use that I think that'll be -- -- keep -- in pain in within the pocket. Where he and should be able to prevent the big play. Many what's the motor around Santa Clair with the whole nation just fawning over Russell Wilson and the Seahawks in an airplane grade I mean they've lost one game they -- the best record in the league and they're gonna win this division -- be the number one seed but. The niners are the defending NFC. Champions are they look at forward and knocking this team down a peg or two on Sunday. Yeah I think so you know I -- X they try not to get caught -- in all revenge motive. In making it personal. And they -- they really view in I think this is what Jim Harbaugh out of them very well -- they've been here it's you know they they don't overlook teams they don't. You know point a game. Three -- out on the schedule I think it really delicate job of last week preparing for the rams the week before that prepare for Washington. But now that that it's over yeah I mean. -- are a lot of personalities at play here. Certainly. Richard Sherman makes it easy for an answer that to fight extra motivation is that if there is such a thing. You know trying to silence. A guy like that China's island. You know all the talk about Russell Wilson but let's face it through twelve games of this season and the -- have earned every bit of well not spotting you know dislike. You know -- the entire offseason everybody I'm not 49ers. In jeopardy active. And how they were get. You're the first team and a you know you overcome that. Over the -- it was Super Bowl. You know forty or you have an opportunity. Do certainly not win the NFC west. With the game on Sunday but when he. Yeah everybody's attention and he into the playoffs and you know whether they win or not. I still think it. That teams. In the NFC. Divisional winners. Nobody will be real excited about covering the forty matters come to that are being in the playoffs. And that goes or. The Detroit Lions or cowboys and Eagles whoever wins in north and east respectively but I also think that goes. Or those talk is cheap to whomever those might be. You know it's obviously looking like it's going to be Seattle the number one seed and -- New Orleans to that number Tuesday. None of those teams will be thrilled. To -- the 49ers and the third and a. No doubt. Matt is always great stuff we've -- and double talk to next week thanks. Thanks thanks --

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