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David Lee talks about the leadership of Jermaine O'Neal

Dec 5, 2013|

The Warriors PF brought up the veteran's message to the team at halftime against the Raptors, and looked forward to the upcoming road trip

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it's Thursday that means aside for that David Lee report any joins us before they're going to be taken off for Houston Dalia I -- one. -- You know that game the other night was absolutely magical you're down by twenties seven. What was the mindset. -- and your down you're coming out of that third quarter and they continue to put -- little bit. Windy and it just it just turn and start going your way. I think I think towards the end of that third quarter about a minute and a half ago can commit a little bit of a run -- the quarter. And until about -- -- bunker and and you know scored a couple buckets -- -- a reasonable or genomic probably would be in doubt now but so is double -- a perfect basketball you have to get back into the game much less and it would indicate bad Diet -- And you know they had a couple pretty good one don't want players and Enrique and Marta -- and so it is a tough task some guys because you can play. Very good defense or those two guys can gig going and you have even a couple buckets and hear a lot of trouble to -- comeback that they will mark the. Her question I have is why were you guys so happy at the beginning of that game I mean everybody. That it that there was nothing going right it was just. Half step off fumbled passes passes that nobody I mean. It was almost comical how far away you guys were from what we're used to seeing. You would and and believe me if -- anybody had interest could be paid a lot more than than me Youboty. That's just doesn't have a good part about -- -- took over 82 games he's seeing happen and and the biggest thing is being resilient -- the way to -- victories in situations like that because. Who came out and we were half -- slow rebound the ball got low. Essentially rotating and at all Turkoglu couldn't get anything going so. And it isn't what you're gonna stay in the game -- get blown out at halftime hour period that ended the third quarter. Religion we could also ecological collapse about who who both got credit report quoted in my early timeouts like. Are you pretty much like -- -- I didn't work about forty minutes he was. Coach -- about a terrible would it be a cricket -- it because you like your book. Make a comeback quite what about big will it be great crew conducted a completely wrong and everything -- What do Jermaine O'Neal -- you guys at halftime. You order and order. You know so much what -- revolution you know you're retired veteran leader for us all all your life if you thought about Colin guys -- individual -- or about. It was more about this has got a play up by being you know you're gonna have -- to lose. Throughout the year of the biggest thing if you don't want ever gave you look back and is because a lack effort because of opting to we can control the -- shots aren't at all but. Like I told you -- serve up regular crust up look at everything and about what they're actually ever be an excuse at all which as you know we're at a better. And and you know. Conceded a scenario maybe it's a short game five nights where you could keep the pressure on the road -- like Netflix but it you know building and had a -- -- -- book or that other note -- going on but luckily restrict certain. And it just looks like about Portland right now are in the record. I hope he's not sitting close to you says that this is going to be edited but what what have you learned about Jermaine O'Neal. As a teammate today eat you didn't know having him as a competitor. Comedian uses. I think a pretty much your current news scouting report on it compared. -- -- -- -- does that some veterans that are a lot about the game greater picture and it's the other -- A group of young guys look good good here and their about the Cambridge. You know I I think that there's more than its leadership abilities commercial -- this year I think it. You he's given that the Patrick -- -- -- some unbelievable medics and and you could take leadership out of -- I think -- play on the court this has been great. And out. -- want to get it's it's always good to have a veteran guy you know can pick and talk Clark might have a bit. It is and isn't it that you think he'll give me the ball and couldn't say and what other people need to do it right it's not spoken to that because I spoke with Mary's. Two things are strictly out of out of orbit came away. David Lee joins us every single Thursday here on do you currents downing and David. When you think about Klay Thompson he's got 683. Pointers that's the most in the NBA he's got at least six games. With five or more three pointers we know what he does on the defense of side of the ball. Just -- just tell us what you are seeing. It in his third year this kid maturing into all around quality pointer. Yet he's he's an unbelievable start this season and and you know the biggest thing has been his consistency I think we'll actually start. -- sparks everywhere you would have recorded pre game -- create heat get out shoot the ball. It all around they got a much better defensively -- -- describe to us here hurt to where he was our. Our best perimeter of hundred is up there that surely got a lot of help would go without -- as well that whoever that -- lenders he's. Due to a great up passing the ball when needed but you because it knows his role his role along staffers to get wrapped up -- -- got -- two great shooters. That are connected that -- a lot of time. -- -- -- won't go through 56 minutes of the game when those tours -- our whole goal is I would advocate peace has open leader that greens. And get some good looks and and the biggest thing is you know -- quit because celebrities -- -- Japan is at a point where you take bad shots slightly due to won't tell you that but Q you decide on the it got excited and and keep it up -- and along with -- those -- gonna get up in a remote shot of our guys can't score but rather with the pressures and the Democrats. Pete Best who spoke we can live with what those guys can open shots. Hey David how how do you feel about the comments that George Karl made about. The series lasts. A spraying and what Mark Jackson did in and saying you know there were high school is moves it was kind of bush and and even saying dad. Hey Andre Iguodala -- outing Andre Iguodala as the as the mole who is saying. That the nuggets were. Trying to take shots -- staffs and that he wasn't download it. You know what I I promised I would Alitalia that was our problem media boycott -- are really had not read. -- -- comments of her little bits and pieces are here under my teammates start. Any time you know you have a period where are your -- to wake up -- afterwards. You know. -- you know. Host losses -- and there are a lot of changes that -- I understand that you know there might be to comment surveyed by. Come over all -- -- known as America's such a coach because that it was a former players understands. Kind of legal rules -- and how things are done. Even the unwritten -- -- tried opening coach anyway is that -- under head -- And then. -- undergo chemical anything lecture it's certainly what. -- She didn't Specter it's Oprah in when that -- pressures broke. That part of it's just I think looking back then and and try to arteries and collect under a lot of pressure but it looks stellar light -- -- you know. Called state had a great series shot the ball unbelievable and and it would have been urging. Media boycott does that mean you're not listening to be guards Downey and 95 point seven a game. You have applied a mediocre. You have for the special categories just look at what's. -- the whole thing -- that you know they've gone back Denver has -- and -- has had the scoop on this for a while that they went back and they looked at film and they have determined at some point during the game Mark Jackson was standing next to Iguodala. And they had a conversation and that's where. Coach Jackson would have been tipped off that maybe they're trying to rough up Seth Curry hurt Seth Curry. He is a wanna be apart that he's not cool -- that. How -- just looking at that situation if that's what happened how odd is that that during the playoffs. A player from the other team would be telling the other coach that kind of information. -- that it iPad without a little -- not but I mean. Such as noted saying it would recall two up we're looking for a -- her freedom recovery could order protocol -- If -- facts. You know that that was you know they were saying we should potentially hurt -- -- And and everybody in the building weren't noted that I guess it would be out like -- -- great coach. You know -- rapidly -- -- part of I'm not saying it happened or didn't happen a promise to have another cover anybody but it. Well. -- -- -- outline the logo and giving it -- even under greater good competitor. You know. Perjury right that I have put a little I'll go the other I could -- usually opponent seemed to echo what it is you know. We played a lakers actually took -- territories but federal federal -- the opposing coach so. Wouldn't be. It wouldn't -- to create user error occurred about I would be true global. They got a stiff. Back to back coming up here with Houston and Memphis. Probably a lot of a motion in and then there's some history between. You guys in in both of those teams at this point. The defense has really in after a great star has really been falling off the last couple games is that fair to say. -- in our -- at least edit and I ought. To. Well don't tell them that Rick do you for -- will never interviewed -- president on competitors. -- -- go -- well. Yet it's I mean it was so great at the beginning and it's really become kind of mediocre and that's -- that's been your calling card. How how do you how do you dial this up with these two teams that are certainly poses challenge. Realize I think you know it's -- Lot of things go. It's -- -- Pincus global -- jotted. Every single night and it presents different challenges. And and you know it's it's easier still in the last three games we've got you know a good score. We talked schedule we've got a lot of game. -- ultimately Kendrick scored the ball well at all. Colorado got half the record against -- nobody. Can distort not gonna take a look like black truck -- hand -- as the trolls. Don't probability. And you know we're gonna go to Q -- team that. It would talk until 830 culprit out of every stroke of older shocker reporter there could -- considered looking to shoot the threes. And then Memphis for the team that you -- -- gonna try to grind it out and I don't that they are mr. Marcus or bewildered at different game but. Two completely different teams -- your credit score and completely different ways so. No we're gonna go counter rhetoric but -- -- -- their own you know historian and -- Cutler pastor. It's liquid that can strike. It always comes back to the table always comes back to card. And you -- go wait a pro card from a lot of it has rhetoric by the way we are gonna do that thing we're gonna get you instill -- together and and and and get something done. Good does a cloud of as a -- like like trillion. You're here is -- you don't -- look like I have so you'd better be careful work America use you do try to you're gonna get go over the metro five minutes ago that Columbus. Yeah he's a professional gambler you've got to watch out ideally have a good road trip we'll see you back get oracle -- in -- -- President.

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