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Rich Gannon says Dennis Allen has deserved the opportunity to come back

Dec 17, 2013|

The MVP QB explains what could stop Dennis Allen from returning next season, why he sees Oakland as an attractive job, and his expectations for the 49ers in the playoffs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rates again and our MVP joins us every single Tuesday at 505. Rich how we doing today. Got a dual grade I'm looking look at Portland next two weeks -- about what they're still up in the year really involve the ANC and. Well I'm glad you brought up the next few exactly because we're discussing that today rich. You look at the last two weeks now Mike silver from sent. Yesterday. That even before the Kansas City game that these three games Dennis Allen is on the hot seat he'll be evaluated these three games. I went with this rich I said you know what you've seen this guy for two years these last two games at saint yielded -- whether he wins or loses. For me you should already know where the U wanna keep -- -- not my partner says he still wants to judge him on these last two games. How do you evaluate these last two games within this hour. I -- something really need to happen. And in and quickly Purdue and its army in you know I ethnic. Usually I -- -- -- -- San Diego at San Diego -- Denver reached seventeen. Probably not real good right now and you know you go for twelve again for the second straight year. I don't know what you're survive I mean and I in its service to Dennis -- to the number of times. I think he deserves doctors come back I have seen improvement. And you know specifically. You know I think to defense although it's not played well here the last. -- weeks. You know I think -- and got a group that -- and armored got a bright future critical recruit coordinator do with the knicks' current guys. -- when he stepped in that situation. -- applicable. You to work -- football coming you know there is no there's no money to suspend. You have a -- to overplayed -- underperforming. Veteran guys that you'd be released. Didn't have the draft pick. You know really had a just -- correct and so to say are what we have you know Krugman what. But give credit -- in the staff start over again I think we continue to cycle that the deal with a lot of whoever twelve years have been -- some point you know you've got to have -- patience and hope that it can't get the opportunity that would value. Doubt that the applicable for the tree and if they lose these next two games and they get -- but it is significant to achieve -- you know survive. But that's the thing for me riches is not some and so much a matter of winning and -- winning may be you know prerequisite. Four for Mark Davis it's -- I defended. This coaching staff. Through the better part of the season because they were competitive in a way that they weren't last year and I can I can defend that hey they're getting there there making improvement. These last two games have been more difficult for me to defend them. On that front is that is that fair and has there been a difference. You're right yeah. And and and -- look at the bottom line at the bottom line -- sure you're based on. -- you're you're you're about waited on your performance you you won lost record and you know it's not unity you know you worked hard to try and our you know there. You know good effort that's flat out works that there should brace for when the law is yours and your body where it'll -- that help people understand you know this problem business the the bottom line is that law. You know what -- for the last seven games and you don't see them trending in the right direction you know you look at the sensibly. It's been ugly it's an ugly in the last couple weeks you know you look at them this past with a terrible reception from. -- get -- city Cheney's stated tackle that run that report. They had no answer for Jamaal Charles I mean. -- and India and you know I don't. He'd become an airport 56 points on -- -- -- to meet its -- type of performances and I think we've Mark Davis. Coursing and so saying that it may change brought the apple football or treatment or you know debt at a quick trigger. My senses of wrinkle or twelve here locally look at Robert coach. Rich -- joins us every single Tuesday at 505 are in BP right here on view current -- let's let's say he does get rid of now. What kind of coach are you going to be able -- a raider fans always wanna say the big name guy. Do you think Mark Davis with everything that's going on with the raiders could land a big name coach. I think he can because I think it's a very attractive place brownies -- why is that well I think there's been there's been changed. I think there's certain number of individuals that are no longer a building. I think two days. I think they've got. You don't count on the roster and I think. Is intriguing published to applaud your work to be -- matter -- -- look all the -- that takes direction made the team this year and contributed. I think it you've got to go out addressed the quarterbacks situationally any question about that. But I think there's coaches out players that you know look at that positioned to look at the fact take many crack -- forever. -- Philip Rivers you know still in the prime of his career but -- get a get a signal caller there that can you know. He could think could turn around quickly for the operators -- I think there's some coaches out there. That would love to take the take to challenge on it and coach joke -- And some of those coaches would be. Well I mean you know the I was -- fans' -- -- that -- -- work the at the end it at all. I don't know I mean I've had conversations with job in the past. I don't think it's without without. You know out outside the -- possibilities it. -- I'm never comfortable speculating on you know the future of the Oakland Raiders weren't bent down to open -- vote to turn it you know. I think he deserves the opportunity I hope we get you out -- ridiculous which started -- they'd get yourself and I think significant in the next two weeks. Did rich did you hear that sound that sound in the background where were heads blowing. Up at all around the east bay when you have when we -- insinuated. That Jon Gruden is still not out of the picture as the next raiders that -- Well I I you know what. -- -- -- out on parole -- the you know the problem but the last. You know -- I retired. Of the coat and -- who Colbert are back in there were some point I don't know what. I don't know where. But I know there that yet -- experiences. But it coach. Was a boulders that he just had a -- time and you know I think it's pretty clear that didn't necessarily. -- Fiat I would mr. Davis I think he's really supported quite frankly surprised so that was the glaciers. You know electric vehicles winnings -- down there and Tampa. And I think he wants to go somewhere worries get an older that's not ever. It'll. Kind trying to pick the roster and trying call plays and mr. -- committed -- -- You don't hire staff and into the great turnaround -- I think it's an attractive place I think what people of northern California. -- at some point look at the stadium. Issue resolved. I think it's I think turned around a look at injury did Kansas City clearly -- roster he went out and got quarterback. Smart -- yet knows how to take care of football period with. -- they already have and you know it would be -- it really really football in the to a fourteen to into a scene that. You know it's gonna make well to me that that's the dramatic turnaround. Before we switch over to the niners. Are you gonna have to give just no matter no matter who wants to offer -- in the job. Are you gonna have to give him full say over personnel to. Certainly. Would you ticket job and that does that profession and not have -- through personal I would. I think it's important and I think he you know you have to be able to be involved with the general manager but I think you're not more like Bill Parcells -- surgically. -- the well arguably cooked and you know what political shop for groceries I don't know I mean I don't think he needs the job. I think he's making good money and jointly you'll be at the end but for the got to -- there's holes. In the comeback give and take only. Are you know all of major. You know challenge I think he's gonna water -- say in the person not know I would. At live 49ers are gonna be without. Fullback Bruce Miller for the remainder of the season he's a guy that probably didn't get a whole lot of shine while he was playing but now that we're looking at his absence. How do they make up for the loss. One of their best run blockers. Well I think -- spinal Marie's secret about stake in these data in those familiar with. What I'll and Egypt and flexibility can do some different things that. You know to break it should get out of gallons of punishing. Eagles fullback you know guided it could open up to and you know do the dirty work inside so you know -- you're gonna look at a couple that's an option arm. You know you know look at your roster you -- look at the that tied him positions and you got -- -- they can reduce that to -- -- the extracted. What we do operationally to steal you know rubbed the wrong you're wrong with you know with the two back looks so. Well Greg Roman -- horrible Smart guys both find a way to get it figured out. I wanna put you in the helmet of Colin -- predict because Colin -- verdict still. And the 49ers offense has trouble Keating the plays in they've got eight -- games this year. They have all are more. If they weren't called a -- a time -- they did it in the scoring drive on Sunday they -- called to timeouts during that drive because they couldn't get the playoff on time. How would you advise calling -- predict what would you do if your great -- Jim Harbaugh to correct this problem. Which saw -- -- what the raiders to that we got to -- prior yeah which is -- -- a young quarterbacks and I think there's there's little reason for you don't know that they get deployed and quickly. I think did you know as a quarterback you get it you. You've got to build the system inside and -- perhaps what -- -- -- fingertips based on the personal to regain based on the situation in the game. I think -- get your take on more more ownership of this thing. And you know it could expect accountability -- He got and knowledge to order there and in you know you look at those situations and there were called cap -- most improved. You've got -- Michael Crabtree Anquan Boldin and Vernon Davis and a lot of this has to do with matchups but. What would be if you're the quarterback in -- in the red zone what's your progression. Well again it depends on the concept you know situation in the you know proceeded down and distance is his first goal to media figured you know. City -- Crabtree year Vernon Davis perhaps double linebackers ray recorder. I think it really depends I think now with the LP Michael Crabtree really opens up the potential options I think -- jeopardy unity gap Vernon Davis. In -- -- can do some damage in the old field. You've got to speed now on the -- just simply didn't have before an adult that dependability -- go get the ball makes plays. I -- is it means this this comes at a perfect time for them they could just tell you what you can -- -- watch the game against the Buccaneers last week Jermaine. You know that that that touchdown that first touchdown shoot for me to you know to see it. You know there from Michael Crabtree is first got -- overseas and that was pretty hard I think -- This is good news reported it helps it helps everything they do including running the football was francoeur. If you look at Carolina and you look at San Francisco -- to take gonna take the -- New Orleans Saturday. Leak one Carolina lost. Against Seattle they lost twelve to seven. They've been on a pretty darn good run very tough physical football team. Who do you give the better chance to beat Seattle in Seattle the playoffs would you go Carolina or would you -- San Francisco. -- all -- -- -- Francisco because they've got great familiar Aires divisional opponents. I think they match up will be sensibly and talk about their -- goes deep sense verses. Seattle's offense. You know what that the child that they are gonna. Is going up against that Seattle these I mean they don't give up a lot of points they create you know negative plays. You've got to deal with the secondary which I think is the best and so ball. And Richard Sherman's army you know this miscarriage really had an outstanding year and look who did Eli Manning. The last Sunday and you know you've got to. -- -- run -- football player actually game has to be -- he just stated handles situations on third down. You don't get behind in the down and distance of Depp plays the cowboys. The pressures that that that the papering. You know it's going to be you know. The other big thing obviously know -- doctors is doable here you know if you Q Russell Wilson extra opportunities which -- -- -- and the -- very difficult towards Seattle. What did you make of Michael Crabtree is reaction when and he's he's. Cap doesn't see him on one play. Under throws them on the other and he's heeding the football. I don't like it dollar -- a little political we've received from I'm not. But what of that category -- figure -- to. -- control your ball in -- they have regained be a great focus remain. You know look at other remembered you know timber larger rise through the only part you know these are the players. And -- about that they -- I think the and one half Butler country job several weeks ago walk off the field. Late in the game with a -- was. Was still out there you know. At home in in Houston at that level of debt sportsmanship doesn't know what the reflect well teammate. As crime again this past weekend. You've got to be able to control your ball you got appeals stay in the ball you've got to be focused concentrate fight can be adversity in the that's an area of Crabtree game where he can still improve. Speaking of Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys. I was read a stat -- since their last Super Bowl win. The area they're like just water two games over 500. You saw what happened in their loss the head coach maybe through the quarterback under the bus what do you think happens with Jason Garrett there in big. I think you're. Europe -- -- miraculous that they have the wouldn't division they've ordered extra -- -- the prisoner they used up in the policies. Something significant quarter earnings of vigorous start Oregon Dallas. Nor did it for the 500 football team. But you point out you look at the -- goals that they had against the Packers lead 26 to treat acute mountain certainly have. They're real unpredictable when -- it would with a lead like. And the markets Thursday you'll get the could be the back mark number he had. 100 yards rushing in the first they -- warning for parents and -- and there. And in -- just seven times and just three times before courts bad coaching bad execution. That Tony romo's decision. Ernie is -- gain there to try and you know. Iran called to try and throw the quick slant on the backside the mile -- the draft he had had unblocked. Linebacker to set would be quite Nazis made you get hurt and he's he's a -- albeit. Any any try to throw tried to make you know. It's bill that the decision that -- it -- except those beating bill Callahan for five years bill Callahan didn't coastal -- Told -- global open bill. In -- bow tied for the citizens in critical moments. That you'll legion. Scratching your head as to you wondered who is Tony Romo is easy if you choke artist because he can't seem to get things figured out in the fourth quarter. In in in meeting talking and it's it's been a problem for him to re occurring thing it's a team that I think is very disciplined. Now a lot of -- you know what you want to play defense simply awful. Before we let you go one last thought on the raiders. Do these players. Are these players and they bought -- enough to done sounded as if as you believe. His job is on the line in these last two games that these guys have the capability or the desire to respond and fight for their coach's job. I don't volatile -- the -- and it out of the building on the locker room that was earlier this. You know down Charles Woodson and the Nazis and I note Charles to different player to different person. That he was when he came into the Oakland Raiders in 1990. But he is a leader. Did not follow but you have to ask yourself cool at the other leaders on that football pretty. Do you brought in nine starters on defense you look at the out and -- -- young players. You know quarterbacks are still trying to figure out the game. And that's part of the problem you know. I think you know again -- and so industry users who are the leaders. In the building all the football. And you don't it's. It's easy when you've got Peyton Manning or Tom Brady here there Rodgers or drew breeze. But we don't have one of those guys you need a lot of leaders I -- -- -- not the -- -- -- -- -- that's -- doctors to -- -- next two -- Great stuff rich have a great rest of the week you'll talk to next Tuesday. Thanks -- right now man he is good.

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