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Trent Baalke talks about his plans for the team in the off-season.

Dec 20, 2013|

49ers GM, Trent Baalke, stops by Bucher & Towney and talks about the last game at the The Stick and how he goes about finding new players.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it's a very special 49ers. Friday because not only do we have the general manager Trent bulky. But we're also saying goodbye to Candlestick Park -- how are you Dylan. Great so you don't Howard do what we're doing really good Indiana Monday night I mean unless something crazy happens in the playoffs and you host a playoff game. Monday night 36 Monday Night Football game at Candlestick Park is going to be the last game at this stage how -- hat. How are you gonna are you gonna remember Candlestick Park in the 49ers. Well I hope real well. However there's a -- gonna depend obviously on the way this thing goes on Monday night but. It's sick it's a great -- it's been a great venue for a long time. There's so much history and tradition there are so many big games have been played on that field so how can. Help put. Just enjoy the moment. The trend is there or what's the keepsake that she would take away from Candlestick Park whether it's a memory or it's actually. Something you know retirement taken seats or is there anything that you would want to take with you as a as memorabilia. You know that there's a lot of great memories you know remote a lot of lot of plays us you know. He could talk about the ones who histories that have been played there the catch all of those -- for me personally. You noticed is that the big games the games. The big game a couple of years ago the two big games were against the giants in the and he. New Orleans Saints you noticed a lot of memories so a lot of players great players making great plays. And just. The fairness of the as a fan base everything about the places and enjoyable to me. And what do you think about Monday Night Football we know players love Monday Night Football 'cause they know the football world is watching C gets him as extra Jews there. Do you think there'll also be some extra -- for your players when we start seeing the grades. 49 -- greats like Jerry Rice and Ronnie Lott and ready to -- think they'll -- little extra Jews from all those. Ex players and owners and people who are part of those five Super Bowl trophies. Now they have to go to. But at the same time I notice about this group right now they're extremely focused. And they're going to be focused it to task on hand there's going to be a lot of pageantry eagle that a lot of things set up. Pregame. Halftime. But a lot of that's going to be -- You know either the players' -- out of their sight for the most part of all that -- out of halftime they're going to be in the locker room doing their thing pre game they're gonna be in the locker room well that scored -- and that is. As the as the game gets scored I think they're going to be able focusing real well take care of business and did the Atlanta good football team. Let's not forget that this is an average football team -- the players their record is what it is. But a year ago that was thirteen to three football. Team that we. We had a heck of a -- with just get inducted into the Super Bowl. Trent looking at your team right now obviously you're probably gonna have to go on the road. When it comes to the playoffs but I look at the health and end the level that your defense is playing that. And the offense coming together. Can be a case made that at this point. The 49ers are in better position or or or in a better state. At this point continue work this time last year. You know I think you can make arguments. A ball a lot of you know. All liabilities. -- we try to get a little bit better every day and when you get healthier. It gives you open a better opportunity to get better and you were keen that. Has experience -- some lows as far as health goes. Early. We we he called a little bit to help your team each week. And I think we've. Got just a little bit -- this week as well so. Hopefully all that adds up into our favor but at the same time we got to get it done with between the lines and that's were focused on right now is get it done it and preparing have a couple more. Good days of practice and get ready for a football match against against two good football team. It's a 49ers Friday here on Dierker and -- and that means -- bald he stops by every single Friday at 505 earlier this week. We've been talking about and Tim cal Tommy at a very good piece talking about your relationship with Jim Harbaugh very strong coach and a competent GM. And possibly times battling but in the end it's a very good mix. We wanna get -- from your standpoint what is your relationship like professionally with coach Harbaugh. Well I think that's all overblown. It's not it's no different than it's been since since they want you know I think every relationship changes it is to a certain degree but. Yes very professional. He's got a job to do I've got a job I do read we try to do that together. And we we do well together and it's not just did that to a -- -- so what are people that are involved in decisions in and -- -- everything else that goes on here so so many people that have been involved in the in the success of this this organization overtime so. You know I think people like to focus on that but in my opinion it's it's way overblown. From what I know about successful organizations. There is a lot of people that have input and it's gathering that and and coming to a decision. Collectively. How do you guys go about when everybody comes to the table and they've got their opinion they've got their position -- has and is you have viewers. How do you guys resolve that at the end of the day how do you come down to this is what we are going to do. -- the only way you can communicate. You know you lay everything out on the table and everyone has a chance to weigh in. And once once that's. All the information has been gathered his decision as to be made in. -- most of the time you're you're on the same page there's certain times that he bit. You're not -- always agree and I don't know that that's healthy it's always agree in always being on the exact same page I do believe there's times when when that isn't going to happen and that's okay. But -- a lot of this came up around us surrounding -- and Marie sic. Can you clarify for us -- we heard three different things we've heard actually two different things one day. You didn't want and jammed did and then we heard that Owen wasn't looking to sign here what what's the truth Trent. Well if that's that's really easy and if people did their work instead of just you know writing whatever they choose to -- That was something that you and I were on the exact same page -- Basically came valid or choosing not to two pursue playing in the National Football League anymore at this time had nothing to do that any decision that was made by myself for -- it was a decision that was solely made by it by -- So if he wanted to still play would you sign it or not. Fair enough. Pay we were talking at Mike Tannenbaum who I'm sure you know former jets GM. And he was talking about what a terrific stout. You are and that. You go in not only are you out on the road but the fact that you go when you talk to everybody that you can in a certain situation. Where did you pick up that style of scouting and that going to talk to the equipment manager in the you the ball boy and everybody grounds keeper yeah whoever might be. Well who -- where did you develop that style of of scouting. Well you know I was very fortunate you know it is to break into the National Football League with with coach Parcells with Dick ideally. Coach Belichick was on that staff. L -- there was an integrated organization. With a lot of great football minds and very very highly highly detailed individuals that really expected you to know. Everything there was in the old -- the individual as you were scouting. She added I know you never know you never grew if they were gonna ask you if you'd ever groups they were gonna verify it. So you couldn't get away which is saying it you had to be because there was a good chance certain -- situation. Under certain circumstances. That they were gonna call those individuals themselves and verify it. So it's just how you're raised in the business and you know they were very deep field they expected everybody underneath him to be extremely detailed in and excited that's how you work. What do you what is the difference between being a great scalp and a great GM. Oh there's there's there's so a lot of differences that make it through the management of the overall. This stole a breath of what you do is GM vs. You know that the barrel -- issue this list. Scout in the area that cute that you -- that you working so there's a lot of differences but at the same time the skill sets is. Relative to the personnel side of things are very show more. You know I think about Bill Parcells I also think about Bill Walsh their two coaches that set up -- template. Of how to run an organization. That they've obviously bills no longer with us. And then coach Parcells gone into the hall of fame but people are still using their template -- -- number one thing. They -- still used today that she learned from Bill Parcells. There's there's now one thing -- I mean it's it's probably pretty much. Everything we do is still around that model you know for the type of players that we're looking for. Systems fit guys hype we XP did that -- within the parameters that each position. The federal knowledge of the guys -- -- that you're drafting. That the background information the character that you look and there's so many things that you learned from bill. The importance of the locker room and what how quickly you can. He's destroyed a locker room. Which certain decisions that you may or don't make so there's there's so many things that we've picked up that I picked up over the years. From just talking to that's why -- enjoy talking to -- as much as I do. But there's there's a lot of other people particularly who I think is one of the best personnel people. That government. -- never just it was in the National Football League. To the ability to work under him for a number of years coach Belichick. It'll allow a lot of tremendous assistance that with the jets and then my title Washington. Which Joseph Gibbs and Marty Schottenheimer. Steve Spurrier and and he goes out and aren't. It -- just an opportunity to work with a lot of great mind. With Marie -- out of the equation. It is it realistically. That you could go out there and find somebody. Who could play full back who's not familiar with your system at this point and get them up to speed in times that they would be a factor this season. Well I think that's why you saw us to make the move that we made and that's why you know what that care more about -- it was almost laughable if it is people just did their homework. They would have understated understood. These these uses them -- Because she was the only person out there by this will to coiffed who lit and any experience within our system. And you know that's one of the reasons -- was in here earlier in the year. So we could give him some -- knowing that there was a bitch it's -- we're going to be able to keep this season. But it schooling about getting giving them an opportunity didn't it. Get back into this system -- a little bit better and that if we needed him at some point being able to go back to so. It just didn't play out in that was totally own shores nobody else's. It's a 49ers Friday that means -- bald is all this here -- -- 95 point seven a game one of you're really good picks has been Bruce Miller. I mean what he is done going from -- the defense of side of the ball. Two point fullback for you and he's meant so much to your offense Trent 159 point 2%. He has played the 49ers offensive snaps major third -- receiver how much truly are you going to miss this fullback going forward. Well you. You'll always who's good -- when you lose good football players you always lose something. But it's the next -- -- theory and sometimes it's now one individual. That's gonna be able to step in today. And replace that person. And in this case it may not be it might have to be multiple people step because they're role but the good thing is we have people that are more than willing to step in and more than -- The -- doing the job that we need to get done. If you have a couple of interesting. Free agents to be and Phil Dawson and and Anquan Boldin. Have you begun any of the discussion with them about trying to keep them in the fold. I wouldn't we get -- discussions with their agents their agents know exactly where we stand. And not necessarily on financial terms but we're where we stand relative to -- warning them back. And we've always taken that stance that we're we're gonna try to do everything we can't -- -- girl and so will start working and as soon as this season's over and hopefully will be able to get some deals done. I'm not sure if you've seen it Trent I I I I know that this weekend this weekend you guys are going to be with certain work on the draft -- the first mod Strasser out of he's seen them. I don't look -- So right now I as big vehicle struck back -- big equipment we get closer we get into this stuff still true. We always take a look at indicated -- -- what's out there what's the insert some. In overtime we've learned. To look at certain ones in value certain ones more than others consider ourselves -- to a pretty good job of well. Talking to. It won't fly any help maybe where certain guys are gonna land but it's way too worldly to -- -- get involved with goes. What -- my time as press so who who should I be following to know that I'm gonna get I'm gonna get a good read. You're stressed. It I I thought I understood and that's why do you you'd be the guy that. Ask. Well it who once again it's way too early I have no idea right now you know -- we're that we got this -- in here this week is a better effect. -- -- -- 600 names in the past six days we've got another 14280. To go yeah. So world. We're gonna sift through those 750. To 780 guys and try to narrow it down from there -- I was told by a another former executives that end to -- and creating your draft hit it it's not a matter of names rise but you're really you start with a huge base and you're calling names and so. Guys might move up your list but it's because you're you're eliminating guys is that the way you guys go about your draft process. Values and from elimination values what the field -- yeah and it is. -- gets from its. 780 let's say that -- number if you're trying to work down to a workable number which it all opinion somewhere between 210 -- 120 guys -- China's you know you -- -- that number of guys. And determine the value the true value the 120 that -- -- sitting at your board from draft day and so I don't know the elimination. Of players. -- value I guess it goes if you look at it from the perspective that there's only eight guidance that you feel a draft worthy. And somebody needs to tight -- then they may reach around higher than they normally would -- that same guy. So there. You know that that it becomes the old adage you know do you draft by -- -- draft by values. You know and you know we we tend to lean toward value a lot of people I think we can lean toward need because of the way the -- -- -- -- the last couple years but I would argue against that we try to put the right value -- -- player it would all things being equal regardless of position we're gonna take to guided system. The most value if if there's days. AA definite difference in the two. When you look at at this drafting you're looking at these players coming out. -- whether it's offense boards defense what position is going to be the deepest in this year's draft would would you seen so far. I don't know -- are an -- -- in the process to really say that you know there's some good skill position players on both sides of the ball this year common no receivers. Quarters. I think you run those those two positions I think especially as the junior class to get into this there should be some good depth through the -- I think the line you know up to the office supply should be solid I think there's going to be depth -- a lot of a lot of positions I think there's also going to be some. Positions that are banned but that's no different. Than any other year you're today you're gonna go -- there's going to be years were certain positions are our top heavy certain positions there. You know -- in the middle and then there's other positions that are like you know it's different areas so it -- just. It really depends on the year. -- I would imagine that one of the reasons that people have that idea that you guys draft for need was because the AJ Jenkins picked. Now looking back why do you think that didn't work out. You know sometimes -- -- -- it's just doesn't work you know there's there's no I wish I had the answer you know but that. That lies solely on my shoulders you know in. If that's. That's just the way this business works and means you can you can make a picket at the time you make that they can certainly feel very good about it or you wouldn't make it and you know sometimes it's -- you'd miss Douglas skilled trades but most of the time when in this. You -- because you can one -- two things either. -- you didn't have the news the white during the characteristics. Right or you didn't have the right. And in that case. And in -- case. You know I'm not sure you know what it's all said and done I think it changed. You know look let's let his career column to a -- a conclusion before we try to make a conclusion on why you know all -- can -- -- you know. He gave it his best. We worked -- our tails off to try to make it work it didn't work and that's on me. That's not what anybody else that's on me. We'll -- good luck on Monday night the last game at Candlestick Park and then have a great Christmas we will talk to -- wake. Appreciate it guys thanks -- thank you.

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