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Ivan Bettger from says the Dubs aren't elite yet

Jan 21, 2014|

The contributor to joined Zak and Mac Tuesday night to share why he thinks the Warriors can shore up their weaknesses before the playoffs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Becker from golden state of mind dot com you can follow him on Twitter I actually I just followed him a few minutes ago. That I've been BE Ivan how -- No complaints it has been the last segment talking about that that tough loss last night against the pacers. At more coal I -- know did you look at that game is a good litmus test for this team in terms of just where they rank among -- amongst the NBA's elite. Yeah I think it was -- -- groups that the court you look at the plate who. Arguably the best in the league right now. It could it's any different that they took the to Miami at seven games to break. You know being that it should be catching anybody but prize on and and they do it got better. It's really hard to argue against the page uses as being at least -- In the league you know it's going to be a tough matchup for the warriors you know there. They're they're close but Saturday they aren't quite ready. It's clear that it has -- not at the championship caliber level that they -- be. When -- debate is that you know it equated and and it's it's kind of an understandable. We talk about the pace is being one of the best teams in the NBA they are literally the best defense -- team. In the NBA so thinking of taking a -- the first half. Talk about what you learned about. -- state warriors offense in the second half verses such a good defense and we walk away thinking hey there's some opportunity here to some some good things happen. Yeah definitely knew who we kind of have -- -- -- get a -- can give -- David -- on the run I keep circling really part the third quarter. And they are able to put up points on anybody and that's definitely true. I think it what really helped out -- that third quarter. Is that their defense and it helped kick in and we've been kind of relying on the -- -- -- -- -- for much of the human -- we're talking of the pictures there one. But by far and deep integrating it but the warriors -- number right -- there. Are right in there with whispers. And under. Right after the and so you know we in the defense and in their -- I think that we shouldn't forget that the warriors beat a lot of weapons and so you know they can turn on. Every so often in and hit it nice when you beat them all in -- the bank. And and every soft and you do keep in that and shot the same time -- -- trouble. -- what do you make of -- all Crawford. Came in over from both arms are Jordan Crawford came in over. From Boston hasn't looked fantastic. Early on as this is a situation where he needs to get acclimated to the team. It will participate Berkshire ended during properties. A good player you know I'm maker orders -- mystic the bench. They can come in and created -- shock -- shot Brothers he's the kind of put into position pot and -- you -- into the primary playmaker. You know that might not be his role in the might -- -- federal -- or at least. It's just gonna take a little bit of time -- -- to get acclimated the other issue here is that you can't again. By and large with with you know a lot of -- bench guys and adapt -- -- released. Shown much you can collected the group. And and very you know if it is going to be soccer -- Crocker to make it or guys who haven't really played well not a lot of shooters on the court. When you get into that the first quarter with a recorder in Newton hit not dream -- -- You can go out there we've had and paid more we've had. You know you others that are producing offensively. And and so it's. It's typical bird like proper to step in and make -- happen. When he's surrounded. But those guys. You know is it gonna take some getting used to he's got excellent teammates and figure out where they need to be we're in need to get them that bother -- popped up an advocate of the matter. And I it was a great equipment and you know definitely worked trading on the go with -- I think he got much better it. In talking with -- -- -- of golden state of mind dot com and you can follow him on Twitter. At I even be that IVP. And B he -- -- make sure because. Sometimes I get it right guys are older right so yeah and welcome so. What are your I want a new website golds in mind dot com and -- -- things you pointed out something I'd toll nest which is great -- is the rotation. So there's a little bit of -- a switch up in the rotation right because. Usually we expect our Andre Iguodala set vs you said -- Barnes coming in but wholly different tonight we also had Andrew Bogut getting hurt. So all what did you see in that means maybe what are some things that warrior fans can take away from the rotation. Yes there have been a lot of soccer technical that it might not quickly. -- Mark Jackson's. That is dependent he'd. Which all real problem comes starters -- bench guys. I usually come from the first quarter you know bonds amid a little earlier by the -- in the first quarter in most gains. You've got five guys about the bench and and they really haven't performed. That we all need to -- but it struggled to -- -- -- -- -- -- And and so what nice if he. Jack and trying something different so. You had -- instead of you developing burst quite sitting in that unit -- the best guys. World and there are quite and came back in to beat back primary that the player up to that point we had Paris aren't in yet. Kind of primary scorer and in that might not be in the best suited -- And we haven't really seen much comparison in that ruled the night that the Jack and try something new. And and expected that they keep trying new things and seeing if there's a better at getting Jordan Crawford. And quite content on the court in time is probably -- -- nuclear war her arms to to get open and shut up. Ivan you mentioned that this game show that the warriors are not quite there yet but what I did like was the reaction from the players in the coached. It didn't seem like all we played a good team that they seemed genuinely upset that they didn't win this game do you think whatever adjustments they need to get there they can do. Come playoff time. You know I think they can and unfortunately much of it is to help them. We -- you dot Bogut. Yesterday at all worried. Urges. And there are a little bit it was it was scary moment. You know they really excited -- and they need a copy have been. The question about well a group that mainstream news he he's not look like himself -- not getting the elevation. Not not moving as quickly laterally so. Start to wonder if he -- on the the pick and get really helping make sure that. About percent. Especially as we get towards look at the end of the -- They really need those guys -- -- yet they're that. They're gonna. You know take the next step. Good for the wars they got till Friday off when they take on the timberwolves and and an -- one of the things that you know people or are are talking about in and a good buddy Zach talked about it is. What at the end of the season when -- is done. What can fans expect from the wars in what's gonna be actually except able to fans this year as is is another first round exit. You know acceptable or getting to the second round again good enough and what are the things that. We want to see the warriors. It kind of excel lighting kind of figured succeed in this year. You know the great question. Expectations are much higher year we get into the -- you're playing the spurs. Is it. And -- expecting about one and then getting it on. The right from the get ago there was this expectation. It should be able to get beyond where -- year. And you know -- it is a tall order you look at the way it is still to I think that our team. You know what the -- trailblazers are on the right now standing is expected that. They're playing great basketball. There and there are a lot of hurdles to get over and jump in into the third round to get aspect that matchup. I mean what. What we should. One -- this game what maybe it is expected themselves you know what we're not thinking they're going to be the best team in the league. -- in the west but -- -- eutectic good goal right now get home court advantage of that first the very least. And and you know NC state in getting to the area. Foresee that -- would be just fine but it really. Did it got a picture business in that first round big advantage. You know. And do that again that that second round as well I think that Western Conference. -- -- -- our goal here. All right Ivan we'll get -- here on this you mentioned Andrew Bogut and warriors fans. Across the nation gasping. When it looked like he might have been banged up -- do you think the lawyers are not done well and and Dylan in terms of maybe get some depth I know they have a -- and Jermaine O'Neal coming back do you think they're just gonna wait for them. I think they're done I. I think they're gonna wait for those guys the guys back healthy and really they are apt to think that the deal they -- Expert -- basically years that they -- trade. And so if there's anything that. That they can do it going to be a big move like trading -- -- at least. Workers. And I'll either of those things happening. The record industry and haven't got a good thing go and it is just one -- and -- Can't forget that in I think there at what they have now and and now -- He is Ivan met her from golden state of mind dot com follow him at I BA and B he really appreciate the time Ivan. To examine.

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