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Kassim Osgood would love to stay in San Francisco

Jan 27, 2014|

The 49ers special teams ace talked about the energy in Head Coach Jim Harbaugh, how he felt about his 2013 season, and who he's pulling for in the Super Bowl

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's a free agent not to -- Bosnian I think he's a lot to ask we tamper with that I'm not -- -- India. He's a special teams ace of the 49ers and he's good enough to join us. Here on in 957 game -- scenario. To a pretty good ideas -- Big kiss him think -- the Super Bowl man. Are you are you or your watch the evening to watch the game that Sunday in Idaho last week and went for you. I've got a lot of friends playing -- -- game you know I'm not on -- a book on the ball it could be -- stretching their -- to see what happens again. -- happily pay attention to it. -- -- -- your friends who you are you feeling we've fought for us on the. I think -- the -- for the Broncos really because. I don't know code you can put -- -- -- that -- under strict code. No regard to object your real -- of yes but given subject to go around in there and smoke -- in its own term Antonio Austin so. The governor collective amount of people on non on -- in on what you know. You look at Sam I don't fans always taken hard and in last week was hard for fans but from a player's perspective. The ever -- get over something like that the loss since he had the guys are so close. Now I'll put out a lot replace New England in the -- detention. Yeah big political career when -- -- the terrible you know you know make it and it's. It's pretty gut wrenching but you know -- -- human heart that that progression and yours and you torture next he's -- They can sit by -- or Jacksonville. -- I was playing there and first few years which is to force. First of all the nickname -- job. That he is known for -- Pop art art art art may not rose pork -- yet pop rose one can't beat. Yeah yeah what we're gonna get that nickname and -- 88 when he seemed legendary. In the it -- -- -- -- gotta kill and it. I'm on the development of my. I can't remember who -- champion was. 100 million pot -- it's just but I mean you're you're big Mac and in part of our problem milk for the program game. -- distributing content. 49ers a special teammates might Syracuse in Bosnia generous here -- we from -- -- conceivable the -- up in this -- of all the stuff gonna come out. And he was on a plane next to somebody. And the choice to -- was shrimp Alfredo or pot roast and he chose pot roast it was that some like that weather tomorrow but that's what I think what occurred Saturday. The cadets and that's what I read some like that. He could be the key go there in -- Marshawn Lynch gave you guys all sorts of trouble but the way -- they've been playing defensively. He's right in the middle of it. Did you see that where he could where he could really slowdown that run game from Seattle which is obviously the key to winning. Yet definite mean -- you're no -- don't keen to -- -- -- -- -- -- Basra apartments throughout bars on the remotely. You're not that this is not what marks on dissidents and he's he's a huge threat in. And I got up to him -- run its impact on the opposite position and -- -- Austria and it because -- so it's going to be is it you know they competitive. What what was it like flight for Jack Del Rio I kind of thought you know he would be a head coach maybe even go back to USC but that didn't work out. For him what kind of a head coach would see what you were Jacksonville so. On his great great leader I mean very vocal god love them to relate to players really well. He's very intent very organized and I mean yet that they -- about the bottle political problem where. Grace period character but can also you know children -- deviate relaxed mood. Are you free agent. Yeah. The what are your hopes. How much do you hope to come back of 49ers. All of them -- quarter and integrate organizations. Great players code code that they level. We ought to -- prepared we can get out and and it -- -- moved -- Barbara district. You're you're one of the best friend I we're glad that his emissary. Alipay an idea what my best years in my career appears -- whose great great. Atmosphere to a development. You had two great years this year and actually even had better years San Diego we watcher for years the AFC west and one of the best gutters are pro football on a pro bowler but I do wanna ask you about one -- strange play that I saw from you earlier in the year. Against New Orleans in the dome. When the ball was plotted and you were trying to as an outside -- typically Agassi -- rundown try to covered but you're trying to find. The ball in the air and you wound up contacting. The punt returner on knowing where you were. On the field is that something you often do as a daughter we try to find that the the flight of the ball as your running down to cover it. Yeah and it's hitters like I mean mr. Jeter. There was kind of it's not toward an outward from appeal such -- hit the ball short about a slowdown. Could that actually did not want but it went out. They that I look right towards him I guess that he would which is is short are very short -- -- up in the air. BP yet there but it beat you know content. In the timing was discarded just you just looked away when he called for the fair -- Darren Sproles. Yeah action came moment -- like a lot of to -- that the odds of that happening but there's a lot of yeah. The reason I bring it up is the only time I've seen you make an air I think you are one of the best in the one ahead in Seattle in the NFC championship game. Was just a a absolute. Example of your brilliance as a -- down that ball right on the one yard line. -- -- -- I don't I don't color accurate that one was when I guess earlier in the year old dog it's not when would that there's really important. He'll run -- -- Victorian Britain bought to you. It is Timmy obviously played the chargers the jags the lions in the -- played for the niners. He played a lot of coaches as you know Jim -- positive thing guy what was your what are your thoughts on playing form. Are -- very intent. I'm. He had a great sense of humor and it's very subtle and you focus more on is. Coaching side you -- the humor. On the personal side or -- -- the rounds. Very very motivating compounds played football in your mind right. He's very intense it's like he's -- you on the -- of playing playing in the game with this and these are on the top -- highly tuned into the game and me it's -- -- -- severe. Great great person. And he acts like he's a quarterback in the team at times. Size up the special teams match up -- in Super Bowl forty acres are also good the two kickers. Prater harsh cut could be two of the best thing your guide to -- a great Earvin. These guys only missed a couple of kicks each of the plotters are good who has the edge on teams on Sunday is so. The other day it I -- because you mean both Britain traders. -- holidays in in every other part turner I'll go take root yuck her attackers were they are still make. Amazing in greater -- all year long and so there are -- both those guys in both those guys. Just you know put players might topple ball and an -- -- -- the -- watching. It is similar or open -- back with the niners next year you're not the it's tampering is Greg officially works liberators but. -- that would let we have to have Ian black is a silver black leather -- you're forever eagle whichever you would Taiwan Jones would be nice combination. Yeah got to get a black. I'm we would love to go back to the niners in the -- played it out but revered him and I respect him about it. And -- it -- eight -- to make the time and when Oprah talking to UN next year with the niners in Phoenix at -- greatness. Are your review you guys to scenario it's him -- is joining --

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