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Jared Veldheer wants to get a deal done with the Raiders soon

Feb 3, 2014|

The Raiders LT discussed the discussions with the Raiders to get a dew deal, gave an update on the health of his triceps, and what he made of the Super Bowl blowout

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- Big number 68 is a -- and -- -- traders left tackle is now free agent -- Dario. Did you -- well did you text time cable others Zach Miller yet to congratulate them. I did not but I am unhappy for those guys. But we're impressions of you take dot he's taken on obviously that Broncos team they're very good how surprised are you that they got blown -- the way that they did. Yeah Allen's pretty surprised. I don't see them turn over the Broncos. But you know I think. Seattle defense is in -- that they've played extremely tough game. And it forced a lot of turnover it would pressure in the being in the right spot at the right time sir. Not that I think they -- been given one. You know I think -- definitely didn't play their best game that note -- that -- -- enough. Yeah how much do you think Denver was impacted jeered by a -- playing -- -- it at mile high. Sports authority field of play and on the road because they one thing is that you can call Omaha this game because they didn't go with that kind of a occasions they went to a silent count where he was lifting his leg. Explain what happened in in your view. On the first play of the game when Manny Ramirez. This center snaps the ball we all know Peyton wants to take it right up as long as he can move people around you snap the ball early there the first silent count of the game. And you know that's. Adjustment that he'd audible. Acceptable like you doing you know we got those guys and so first Super Bowl the political and urged them run it because you know -- chomping at the bit rate go to Tibet you know first player with the kind of settlement in the game. I think must also -- that note. Try to take advantage of that but he has acute back because you know what melanoma spooked him and even though -- many but it looked like that you know going on movement so. Interstates and that and I'm. Trying to figure first put him. That kind of confirm -- in the game and then on top. I think you you guys don't play him in pre season and you're obviously out for that game I don't know how much you've played against Seattle the speed and she talked to a bunch of different guys how impressive. Was that performance your mind a defensive performance. It was a very good performance. I am I remember playing. You know pretty similar shoe at him not that Cuba you know the last year pre he's been in this you know -- report preceding game. And that in -- and even then you know. Had a feeling that you know their defense and that. There you know really getting pressure on the quarterback got a -- a lot of guys which as you know. Obviously -- very valuable tool at the current -- that idea are gonna plug up the run and affecting the quarterback euros which you know. Give those guys in the league in -- boom those those interceptions. And I think part of the problem -- is there's not one guy you can designate when you're playing the chiefs it's ninety Juan and it's what fifty Justin Houston and Tom volley if your plane Denver's Von Miller. With -- it's it's everybody -- don't know what the pressures coming from. Exactly how it all eleven guys in their defense their. Not playing well when and where they need to be. A -- builders Jonas you fall -- nine Twitter Advil dear. Six eights are right let's so let's get to your situation egg intake explain what the rules are your free agent now is there a window here how does that work. Basically I believe. You know nothing rarely. Happened until March with any kind of a window that I know that. -- march -- it's in gonna use a protest that you need to be back and so. I am humbled and you know that that's some kind of deal -- -- You know. Expressed you know make. -- stay here. The team Olympic teammates coaches and -- really feel like that you missed the push for me and that. Who just beat beat your beat you know perhaps some urgency and and that he moved the launch of -- doesn't creep up to that -- where you know maybe something that happened but that's not laughter. Yeah YouTube and outspoken everytime -- come out with us you wanna come back and Reggie identified you as one of the guys they wanna keep. In -- this works charger you're gonna sign your deal long term deal on March the second ten minutes before you can be franchise tag drank. Yet. And patient about it at the same time -- You know it too little little bit of urgency from from Russia that would would be night. -- armed and didn't do that here stay patient and optimistic and you know everything should should secure and again. While a lot of players so down on the franchise to tag and you want the long term deal but if you get -- jeered. They're going to be a wealthy guy. Some aspect economic and -- -- just being nice. To have more security in and being you know -- for longer than just one year. Not a place that yet for. -- the rest my career at the fact that. But in the couple and went -- some stuff happen and then it's. You know all the it just goes it's it's different because it goes against ever in the have been sent about. No one you know Q cornerstone of the team built around view you know others. Generally back up any word. -- -- direct action. I'm accents does it seem like. Something is close. You know right now it's -- these kind of you know. Not at a standstill it is not a lot happening it's you know. I think -- -- it. Keep you know movement along -- little quicker almost they're not and not enough urgency. Put it kind of a football term. It's almost -- -- and as I say they're gonna take this thing right up until the final moments so. Thank -- hopefully you'll sign long term. Where where where US physically are off the injury had you played well when you came back to you completely over that sort try separating after brace that. Next year where are you with an injury your. Yeah and that it fueled. Great you know it's completely usual. Noticed that wasn't quite you know strong advocate and you know don't let -- game. So it kind of you know like a little bit that way you know at this aren't being able. No big you'll be functional that we work and then it it feels really good now and I've got a lot of strength back already you know being able to work on the hot -- -- really focused on you know get -- -- that strength back and not a great weight room and economic excited you know that back -- -- -- percent. Targeted -- -- their raiders left tackle. Our liberal last year you got so big that it there was some blogs that -- -- in green looking like the incredible Hulk. Well I guess the exactly much like me are you is that kind of the offseason you're gonna have again bulk up get big. You know it's always you know try to try to get out and strong you can. You know unfortunately is critically -- injury. I don't think that was. No consequences you know anyway that trained. Because he can't -- can't prevent everything. Note. Some pocket change my intensity and an electric match my out he's worked out. This make sure that arm drew the correct thing then. They're doing things that Natalie good -- you know keep your health -- So what what is the schedule as far as you being a lot of go back in the facility to use the raiders. Weight room and the amenities there what what are what does the off season dates with the new CBA at pushes everything back now. Exactly sure I think like. Are. Like. Offseason schedule were all the guys in the comeback in the -- -- worked out in the spring and that starts in April. OGA is the organized team activities I think late April this year it is now -- later. I've -- they have a great offseason we hope to hear some news on a new contracts and obviously really in a raider nation wants him back and be healthy we'll talk to -- -- -- Injured again. He's not going anywhere.

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