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Derek Carr looks at his connection to the Oakland Raiders

Feb 7, 2014|

The former Fresno State QB looked ahead to his training plans leading up to the combine and draft, and what kind of advice he's gotten from his older brother on the NFL

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Derek Karr is getting ready. For the NFL draft to -- the first week of made. This year so it's actually going to be more anxiety -- push -- back to go to the -- I am sure of that couple who just a police would come on the a Fresno state signal caller joins us now. Fifty touchdowns and over 5000 yards of passing this year hi Derek -- of -- you there. Are a Dario. I'm good thanks I'm well thanks your time. All right so take this into the process right now what do you what do you what are you doing as you get ready just of the come on a couple of weeks away. So are just discerning with my brother and Eric thank you guys who tried him before he got drafted in. You know something done here is a -- so barber and that's movement and everything he to. Teach me how to be professional. In your brother Lester in the NFL -- number one overall draft pick now do you did you engage -- the whole family moved to suburban Houston sugar Linda. When David was drafted by the checks and you all pick up in just move right there with him. That would. A minute you know controversial quotes you know he won that one because so. You know he decided -- have a talk about it sort developed together a majority experienced the other it was a time. So what do you learn from him what does he tell you mean he's been through the exact same process -- you're going through. Tell tell us what kind of wisdom he passes on. Meant certain of one thing at least I mean during the process especially. -- your career but just it's nearly five months -- There's going to be praised going to be criticized ignore -- because you don't matter just continue to work car. And you know make sure that you don't have to make one of those teams followed that so. That that's that's the part of the commission which. I think the one thing he would teaches don't get -- 78 times in a year earlier when he was there is a young player. Or that line wasn't -- they beat you know one out of them. When when you go to Indy for the come by and -- are you planning on throwing and taking print part of all of the work out torture plan when you get there. You know right now we're you know awesome bill follow. All the people -- -- to my agent -- people. My brother my Chamblee and we'll sit down and talk about actually dipped ever right now we're training. And that's where you know things are remembered or do whatever potential as we get closer to a I'll know better and has now. You know I'm sure continue to work to do to a total new. Their car's gonna to -- -- and they'll draft coming up in the first week of may become mine is just a couple of weeks away. -- behind the scenes and I thought process because through the years some guys have thrown some guys haven't some -- just gonna come -- and get weighed and measured not talked all the teams. What goes into the the the process of whether you're gonna work out throw do all those things are not. There's so much you know of course it's my first -- -- -- learning you know that. Try that here about the reasons why people do certain things and you know some guys know and they no -- -- -- that things aren't stats people just. There that they can trust you to listen to a big analysts and so -- terms. Yeah every football there's competitor. I mean you potential medical -- together but. Don't you when you you know when people work with few an agent you know businessman turned everywhere which you wouldn't Brothers mr. You have to listen to them because their involvement in its way you know where more than you have so. Not sure. Exactly what goes on and think about it but it publisher must talk about. Your brother was and number one overall picks I think I'd listen to him. Did he throw that here at the -- or not. The if he gets wet but it's that he went way to. How did height away -- -- -- change it to go to didn't do. Yeah the one thing about your game injury you certainly have the NFL body your size and an overall demeanor in the army can make all the throws going to go to the comment -- cam -- come nine. Does he didn't know the wide receivers. It just looked awkward is that one of the things that they're thinking maybe it's just difficult to go there and it's strange environments -- have you are wide receivers maybe do it later Fresno state and I. And a pro day that you guys to set up your selves. I mean that's -- that makes total sense you know difficult so the people -- and on the -- and they understand that Cuba. If they -- -- -- approach funeral. It. You know you can say all the that you want but just excuses -- at that time -- excuse so. Think that that would be. Do it again that's that's about my integrity and a I think they've -- good reason. A -- cards -- of course. Fresno state quarterback. It is far is you don't Wear and we're in an era of mock draft mania you allow yourself to look to be any of that stuff to where you may be projected to go. Are now yeah. I try not to you know as human beings -- your friend had chosen to launch -- did you -- passionately disagree on here now appeared on outcomes range that. They'll be for myself I don't pay attention yeah I watched. Yes can have told our Jim Crow about how because it's I know that I have to work hard and to reach Margot that tiger -- there. You know the NFL people in Europe for overall your your game film from from your days at Fresno state the one game in particular because the level of competition the USC game of the bowl game against Las Vegas and I happened at. To watch that game from start to finish that day guys -- way behind and -- -- -- game to bring them back. And I heard whispers after the game from people -- close the program that you were not completely healthy. For the game I'm sure the scouts are gonna ask you about it but what happened in the USC game. Where you were you are completely healthy detector. I was. You know as a -- that's never excuse I mean we can't excuse that so well you're not can be helped each. You know sometimes people may not play that we can neglect that. It would have been my last college game analysts examine the there's no doubt in my mind demand game you know but I. Just excuse better you know they etiquette you know good things were considered a good that it really didn't know -- -- -- in -- You know and -- that is some good during that time here and Q talk about you know health policy and -- hopefully she'll. I would never make that excuse two I lost. Is can you tell these -- going through the season or talking to teams now I'm -- may be more when you get to the to to come by and maybe you'll figure out maybe your brother's told you this can you tell what teams like Q. -- aren't enough people like that. Yes. That's one thing signal you'll experts on mr. inched -- well it into Dutch U. Then go back and think about -- potential actually did feel a need to smile you know. What you know so. You know you can't tell you actually can't go. And so people typing and again I would that actually hoops that way. Because you know that's not my business I would not want to upset them anyway but if you can absolutely tell whose interest. Their team in silver black and certainly I think I knew he was. Of course they need a quarterback does -- have a favorite team grown up. No 22 literature it's not my whole childhood usually chaplains for the raiders my uncle plant operators. You know so -- we have little black and -- process. Luckily -- -- onboard yet he played tight and background. Coach met with the coach. A Yahoo! thing is RD connects him to say -- and I'm just what what was the nature of your of your injury -- that game against SE and are you completely healthy now under. A couple of times on. No one was much older now. You know and no other little bunch numbers here and -- -- I am completely -- now two when I went to receive your boy I was completely oak -- so. Renders and I won't be too much into it but it just needed to rest just need to relax just take second. You know and so that you know it was -- do count. I think it's great scuffled Derek I know you're you're married you have a child so great things your head for Europe Stanley and a good luck in double to watching for thanks. Thank you -- gaga dresses snakes they yell. Their car.

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