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95.7 The Game>Audio & Video on Demand>>Phil Barber says Coach Mark Jackson may be behind the Warriors inconsistency this season

Phil Barber says Coach Mark Jackson may be behind the Warriors inconsistency this season

Feb 17, 2014|

Phil Barber, sports writer with the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, previews the second half of the Golden State Warriors season with Josh and Zak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- barber of the Santa Rosa press Democrat he -- check him out on Twitter at skinny underscore post. Phil nice to speak with the hasn't -- on. Not if you get -- at. Breakthrough came when my kids room so we'll keep this conversation Goldman's long. I thought well let's. -- -- -- today and what Hillary go and eggshell we've gone though lemon yellow what color we -- It keeps trying to light yellow I would say. Green that makes. Sure sure that sounds welcoming that's in the buttered popcorn family. The -- we call. If Philly better debate on the show occasionally we get into a debate. And I've tried to be optimistic but I can't sometimes of the warriors assailant. Best case scenario maybe they can make a run into the Western Conference finals but I cannot bring myself to view this team is a championship caliber squad. When you look at this current warriors team. Think there's any chance right now that they would actually be in the finals. They don't feel like that sort team -- -- a lot can change in the NBA between February and may obviously and that -- could. Coalesce and become a lot better but you know what I mean if they became quite a bit better. Then they would look like a team that could mean -- get to Western Conference semis. For the final. The -- in just a little too far away for that right now. Fill it. What is missing because of the way -- -- it is they had a nice little run in the playoffs yes the nuggets weren't that good but they beat them they gave the spurs are only two losses in the Western Conference. Playoffs last year knowledge it was added would -- yes they lost Jack. And -- and everybody and in my eyes that was what vaulted them up you got a lot of young guys that are getting better what's what's missing for them do you think. I agree with you that I thought they would be better. This year than last year adding Iguodala and which you know -- those young guys get in and year. We're getting is consistency that I mean that's that's. Either saved or really. Turn around. How do you make -- more consistent and Berkshire. But with. With the warriors right now lately it seems. To me like a lot of it is -- -- -- -- go to long stretch of games especially early in games where and they don't seem to really be playing with a lot of passion they don't seem. -- at any level of efficiency. And you know obviously that's a Mark Jackson turned -- -- -- they also has some. Players were not playing very consistently. And it'll be interesting to see. How does this all star -- kind of expertise and it differently Klay Thompson who. Really not the machine all that well for for weeks now and a lot of people. How are people saying they thought that he -- succeed I don't know that he would be physically fatigued at that you're in the entity he might. He looked at from the might help a little mental fatigue and being distressed we'll do that were also very curious to see. How they play the next week or two. Warriors back in action Wednesday night taken on the kings still barber. Of the Santa Rosa press Democrat our guest on 95 point seven the game -- just put it perfectly and that's exactly what I've seen from this team when you say. It might be mental there's been a lack of passion at times he said of course that's on the coach. How much of it is on the coach you deal look at the players and -- are millionaires didn't pay to play basketball show up for four quarters or is this really on Mark Jackson when you see the lethargic effort. Like -- what you're saying yes these these guys are professionals -- and they should not need a coach to motivate them but. Let's say typical wall -- he's the NBA season. Is -- you know it it it goes on for a long time that the team had some ups and downs and you know if you look at it -- like the spurs under Gregg Popovich where it seems like you know decades and there is. You'll ever have to worry about that you don't have to worry about. -- -- -- -- -- do one game to a row forget it no way and -- -- that not not every player out there. Is Tim Duncan or Tony Parker the guys had a pretty special mind to it but it. -- I also think a lot of that fault on a coach like Gregg Popovich who can find a way to. Motivate his players. But not rot away in -- that can really sustain and keep the heat shield and you know I'm not. Trying to say Mark Jackson. Doesn't have that can't be it kinda coach certainly don't think he's achieved is plainly that to -- so honestly. I do think a lot of the fault. So what I look at this team and the reasons why they're not. You know doing as well as I thought that they would a lot of it is Harrison Barnes you look like he was going to be. In emerging star in nets spurs series any -- is easy looks lost out there are similar to -- -- loss in the slam dunk contest is sick crazy. -- me to think that. Maybe tweaking the starting lineup putting him in there and bringing play off the bench is is is that too radical. Well I don't think it is that creepy -- can articulate with orange right now. It's almost like you'd have to increase is playing time. Or decrease it and really make him. A fringe player because the role that he's in right now is is not really working for him and not working for the team. He doesn't connect culpable he doesn't seem to have found his role. Certainly nothing like -- solid play out the year ago. And you know especially with which also happened to market troubles. I I think I would -- will be important stories starting lineup for awhile at least seeing. How it goes I mean it's any part of this the confidence staying with him maybe. That can you know been advantageous. Cabinet and -- effect on that. And that you know maybe just an increase in minutes will will get. In to a point where he's playing on the patients because it just looks like I'm not that he doesn't really know what you want to do. Enough Enron was shaken it up a little bit warriors. In sole possession of the eight seed as of right now fill -- Santa Rosa press Democrat with us and 95 point seven the game. Phil I'd always satellite curmudgeon is talking about all star weekend -- -- the dunk contests in complex at three point shooter Alice with the new -- the skills challenge a little goal the game yesterday it was just all about dunks. Your take on the whole weekend it was in a dud in terms of promoting this border did you enjoy it. Me in steals per game. If not that's reeling a bit extra and he. You know I change. Took the way that game is played to me it's really fun to watch for about fifteen minutes you don't -- you will Selma. Amazing Walton and -- definite gain but. You know. It's utter lack intensity. Makes it hard to. The states and the whole game at -- extent. Yet they they really need to do something with that slam dunk contest collecting hard against an adult life is that they really need to bring some bigger names. In that game likely to be a lot more firm for fans to watch it. You know they had LeBron and bleaker for it and all the media -- -- -- -- -- can recognize if you had those guys do it over the weekend I I think a lot more people with two million. Well right -- I said that there is a long list of teams I believe I said seven that I wouldn't be surprised that they represented the west in the and the finals how do you see at UC has a much shorter races -- -- a longer list of teams you'd be surprised by out of those nine. She. Yeah I don't think that would go. That deep. But it -- -- here. For. Me side to me for sure. -- -- you. Russell Westbrook injury it would really I mean it's terrible thing that he's there or see marquee players. He's coming back Thursday against the need. He's coming back against the -- You know I didn't realize that as well you know that could. That could really make them strong front runner depending on how how long it takes him to really get up to speed. In that lineup that like. They were playing so well when she got hurt that. It kind of brought them back into the pack a little bit and it made it -- wide open field. It would really surprise me -- -- to combat -- and if they start separate little bit but certainly -- along with then yeah. Three or three or four other teams and I can see as legitimate. Final contenders. It's going to be a -- that rest of the season all star break now on the rear view. As the warriors get ready for the kings on Wednesday he is still -- Santa Rosa press Democrat check him out on Twitter. -- skinny underscore post -- enjoy the rest your week thanks so much for coming on the show. -- -- -- -- --

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