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95.7 The Game>Audio & Video on Demand>>Joe Stiglich says the Oakland A's pitching will give them the edge in the AL West

Joe Stiglich says the Oakland A's pitching will give them the edge in the AL West

Feb 18, 2014|

Joe Stiglich, Oakland A's reporter for CSN Bay Area, talks about how the A's could match up against division rivals this coming season with Josh and Zak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right now stocks and -- baseball just English from CSN Bay Area nice enough to join us here in 95 point seven again yes that is your these flagship. If you followed Joseph and Joseph stick which on Twitter Joseph we appreciate your time as always has you dig on. The bill good I appreciate it Twitter plug too. No doubt about it we're looking at the jail last stand. You know the angels' roster is sexy the Rangers. They had Shin-Soo -- Prince Fielder but still we're sitting here looking at the days with some confidence tonight have you made your picks on who you think can win this division is here. Let's have a similar storyline for the past couple years you know it's amazing -- Back to back division champs and they're not by any means consensus is the favorite in his division if you. If you talk to people around game around the country any of these big names keep coming into the division you know this year Robinson -- and Seattle last year. Josh Hamilton tomorrow and -- And you know seemed like -- other -- always making more noise in the game even though we have to make a lot themselves -- I still put BA's as a proper go into the season just because I like their pitching depth compared. To the unit in the division that's both rotation and bullpen. Opened very -- we know but you know there's a lot of talk about the did not have a number one. Clear cut case that I think there's some truth to that. Well one through five I think they've got the best options as far as you know guys throw out there every single day. Edit anything in division and others a couple of people have better you know -- -- -- the top rotation but these other teams in the social circuit for the reported that guys so. Like pitching right now with the itself. -- some of the Roxy and ecologists digs and I got a little jealous we follow each other on Twitter we close enough that I -- -- the -- OPEC have so okay ice -- I was I was I was -- work on CS and Bay Area you know and the the -- claimed Joseph savory. Off of waivers this bullpen is to act is there a chance that he can crack the -- the roster. I think period interest in this time of year -- never knew I get thrown into the mix you know guys get. Comes from other teams that guy has some you know pretty good credential for tropic put. The Phillies picked up AJ Burnett the news spot in the -- rosters this guy gets put on waivers need pick them up so he left hander he's got a big league. A relief experience so you know I think he's that you figured again -- seven relievers are probably -- wanna have to lefties what do we know going to be do little. So we can be between slavery in another guy they got the top seeded Fernando -- They traded for him from Washington he -- with the nationals so. It may condemned those two guys that may -- even falling below the troops home grants on could be a long relief guys but I think to be deeper Europe ought. -- -- bought out of options right now also maybe he has. Little bit of an edge you know the if if these were trying to put -- miners. It got exposed in the waivers made news at first but it's been a little bit of competition that we think is going to be worked his spot available. There's a lot of vehicles those last couple spots. Pitchers and catchers out there and Arizona get ready for spring training or -- and a's baseball with Joseph state which from CSN Bay Area on Twitter at just a glitch. Let me ask you about how they use Sonny -- I remember when he first came out. They were really worried about any count pitch count almost coddling him least 44 years old is that's still a topic with the way they're gonna use sunny. You know it might be ended that's something that will be it will be different talking about no I think. Bob Melvin about come August September's letting -- be -- at -- count always a public with the young pitchers like that. You know I think it -- -- -- of course cropped up gradually get to it it's funny pitched well. And any doing well you know what it means -- and a final month you know that's really good. The does that mean he's thrown blood in his -- get a lot of -- you're really good job so we'll see how that comes -- but it could become an issue for them you know he's probably gonna. These -- in the big entire season in spite of the pro war means. -- that it hasn't anyone he's in his career so -- the past few years aides have had watched the innings limits on some of the guys. But in the past you know go back to when guys like Brett Anderson young and Trevor Cahill is when and and it recently worked contender like they're going to be this year probably so. Going to be little proper call legal fees that -- Hidden in and it and limit the -- might have for him a mile to give you know -- I'll start off here that are. Or back -- on meeting in September just simply be ready you'll policy that you may think that the they would -- the price try to watch any little in September. If it -- -- exhibition standings really could. For the hope that have been in ready for the play out the biggest -- the policy -- first so. Joseph if they had. Set down sunny last year I would have literally letter riot through the coliseum saw I'm hoping the day. Here dot com and I'm. I'm hoping they do not coddle him OK just Redick. -- I've been on on record of being terrified. Of this offense I love the -- and I love the starting rotation that's never been Maher worried the offense is always my worry and Josh -- Islamic and had they avoided arbitration. With with Redick for a two point seven million dollar contract for this season it -- if you had to guess from what you've been -- in -- -- in the spring and it was a real early but do you think he's going to be a lot closer to his two year or two years ago form or last year's form. You'll have to we have to go -- right now it is -- health and how we feel attitude -- it -- but because he's feeling good physically. He seemed like he's pretty companies got the right attitude right now so very early to tell right now we're talking and no relief and so I don't even know who know it during exhibition games I think it's going to be. The first month or two into the season first -- the if you can be more of the 2013 -- from 2012 Redick obviously need need. See more that she doesn't already know I think we've we've talked about before expected to be at 32 homer guy again. Like like he was in 2012 I don't know if he's if he's. Cut out the -- and -- year after year. At the you don't need for what they needed like 20/20 five homer guy who's gonna get around to sixty. You know drive an 8085 runs in India that gold glove defender right field if you have that guy whose pride in its sixth or seventh lineup. That's pretty good you can pretty contributions from somebody. -- or devils lineup but. You know bottom -- -- get healthy right now that's all we have to go on right now also. I think Josh thinks he can have better seat and discuss you'll be able terminals inside fastball better thinks because wrist feels better but we'll see once April it will be eligibility and and it hit the -- two years ago or last year. He's just one of those guys fans want to love they wanna see him perform hopefully. A comeback season for Redick let me ask you about the new clothes -- Jim Johnson -- Nobel for. Leaving it might have been a big deal but it seems like everybody is in love with this acquisition look at -- Jim Johnson like they won't miss a beat. From the closer position what was your take on Belfour is exit Johnson's arrival. Why would support the -- go because I talked to grant the night they were eliminated by Detroit last year grant was or the use credit or seeing his goodbyes to Oakland and it was kind of like I've enjoyed my time here that you -- great. A great opportunity close. I'll probably headed Oprah can adjust to what he was saying it would I think grant was ready to leave Oakland and look to cash in on the bigger payday as much as -- Republican. You know to replace the media as a two way street that just seem to be understanding he wasn't going to be back. Based on the money -- the -- figured. You might end up being so they went on the -- for Jim Johnson. I mean I think it's a pretty good replacement given they had. Belt or leave some pretty big shoes to fill Johnson you know we know about -- one -- last couple years he also led the majors in blown saves last year that little bit of the concern. But it yet underplay this guy's got a proven track record. The one thing it's gonna be different it is not a big strikeout guy you know he comes and if you put two runners debate that he needs to strike out he's usually not that pitchers is going to be you'll get. Who's going to be over the a lot of bet his sinker ball or he need to get a lot of ground balls if he's going to be a lot of grumbles that means. The defense is gonna turn those grappled with a potential double play and so he's gonna need some help behind them you know other close six succeeded -- that style. But just going to be you can get it done it differently he's not get a lot of strikeouts. He's not going to be worth as much -- does -- And nobody does not honestly don't know anybody swear that much is he pro -- -- opportunities. Though probably not much intensity. But there's logical way to get done in ninth inning that -- -- -- different in the different kind of show in the ninth inning and but you know literal Soledad passel the you to go. It is different no profanity now much intensity and out of strikeouts but still. Looks good on a promise that -- -- between called bitten him Belfour. -- -- statements covering a's baseball for CSN Bay Area on Twitter at Joseph stiglitz sticks we appreciate your time thank you took my -- -- The zags appreciated digs there really does to you nick has good stuff thanks Joseph.

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