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Bruce Bochy says we have to improve every year

Feb 18, 2014|

Bruce Bochy, San Francisco Giants manager joins Haberman and Middlekauff to break down spring training. He also breaks down the pitchers and his thoughts on Posey.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it's always. Good to give back spring training and I think -- Rios recordings are unique in its own way. We have a lot of players at glacier -- the core. Amateur group with their new additions -- and of course Hudson. You know secure free agents and -- some audio with. You know it's always -- Good to try some different things shake things openness. Myself and staffer who introduced him. Is there anything specific you look morally honors kind of every day its own and it. I mean there's only so much you can do an argument mean again it. -- -- stricter openings through the fundamentals. It's all about only your little things right -- of this are we try to do here pay attention Vito. You do drug treatment. Maybe mix in some different employees choose you know. You know to keep them on their toes a little bit because they can get monotonous -- -- to realize. He's six some weeks to this is your time we get ready. -- -- -- -- -- This where I think you you didn't have a winning season that's where you are now some things. Hope we get to Gary's you ready for a three day week -- -- Arizona LA so we need to be ready when the bill orange. What ways are you shaking things up for -- first few weeks while we and how we have been on router solutions we've we've mix and a little bit rodeo. You know some things like to keep internally -- leave it. You know Jerusalem on the group's. Different ways we've been teaching them maybe we've used more than you already things like that. It's trying to get groups who is smaller -- so we get more government. Our problem and so every day you know we talk about you know what. What you know we can do do. And reduced to just make a little bit different where we can continue to call it work for. You talked about buster couple days ago putting on some some added muscle it was or something you talk to him on the offseason -- something he did on his own. Well I feel much investors Morgan. He knows what needs to him and he understands. You know how demanding season cabinda -- unit. Make some adjustments. Learn from you know -- passes a year and a I think last year in his legs early. Big deal and a fatigue a little bit and some you know we took it upon himself to get stronger we've played longer games left here they pick with. But he also relational and you know media. Maintain that level player needed to keep. I need it currently trying to get a little bit stronger so he he did that all zone. When you look at his second half last year is is what he did you think enough to have to turn -- around is there anything that that you would do differently with him this year. We're buster. Let him do it any differently from probably used. The last couple years you -- first race occasionally and he needs Tuesday's. It's hard. Give your -- computer and off but you to remind yourself. In the long run it's -- Tokyo and so. And doing things. We will try to do you and you never arrived in his game and and -- -- is he's trying to get better and we're trying to make a better player who you know -- defensively or offensively so that's ongoing. You talked earlier they don't Lincecum kind of being Michael -- said the war. And we had a really good bullpen session I know it's only mid February that ask you some confidence early on here. It does I'll like words right now electorally. He made his judgment sheer. Sort of agreement and so. What agreement. -- coupon so -- be hitters will be important. Go to -- and a -- extra -- his way through lineups and now he's coming into any realize what needs to do and a and the good news. First goal and -- and he's worked toward this winner and and so I think he's in. Better frame of mind. As he goes into 2014 to. What are you watch with him when you're watching him -- -- bullpen sessions for -- or anything in particular that you're looking for. I say morning and evening as fast welcoming him with me. Yeah that's where -- probably try to. Emphasize with him it's. So important for him. I think to realize now. He needs to continue to work. As well commands. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Need to pitch a little bit and endless search with the community as most of us what I'd pour. With -- -- with Tim Hudson obviously -- resume speaks for itself but last year with an injury. With a couple years ago buster -- -- ankles welcome back to the organization just some comfort ability knowing that you've experienced and how a guy comes back. If it goes I mean we've gone down that road -- -- we do we know where where it -- -- come out soon. You know he's he's doing green fortunes were first bullpen and he. He wouldn't show any signs. You know the injury. He style percent he is that it is as more braking to his right. So you know we're we're trying to be careful with you know trial courtroom closely your first couple weeks -- -- run him through all these drills. Though pitchers fielding practice and and some of their running you know we have backed him off but. He'll get with the program here next week. Or so it -- see him any setbacks he's had no issues with the -- markets and involvement in the pre needs. Doses have been a topic on going and that probably will continue to be elbow to the news has been good in the spring and that's Pablo and and the way that today he came into camp so far. Just when you watch him is that an ongoing day to day conversation or you you let him be and and and it's up to him to just kind of determine how good he's -- Well -- my hope is who have would know wouldn't be amazed at some point the players take responsibility -- things and you know probably in his way you know that's that's always gonna have it doesn't matter what we do what I think ultimately he's worked. What to he believes he has to do and so it's it's just fantastic movies coming in this country and a and take it upon himself to. You know to to secure this issues. India understands. He's a better player when he's in this country we show that 2011 so. You know we're -- that you know this is probably -- -- Two point where we don't torture. One other thing on full song we talked to yesterday and he talked a little bit about. So the way he came in last year and and maybe being a little more focused this year after winning a World Series and accolades that came with the WDC do you see any difference in him. I do. You know any kind of player Politico -- row appears so to speak. Yeah there's a sense of determination. What players -- good ones. Certainly there -- We're Soviet thank -- so I don't use the word lenders but he was happy with. -- season that he. We would consider well the WDC the departed and remind I mean that's. And his agent on the pitch at least in the World Series and come right back and crank it up early -- the WBZ a monetary -- but we'll see this year and -- like his his determination and looks good so far. Much appreciate -- time -- my pleasure.

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