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Ryan Vogelsong says Anger is his motivation

Feb 18, 2014|

Ryan Vogelsong, San Francisco Giants Pitcher joins Haberman and Middlekauff live from spring training to talk about what he has to do this year in order to succeed not for the team, but for himself, personally.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Stay healthy. That's really the goal for little spurned. You know get hired to work and doing -- do and a -- for the season and don't get hurt in the process. Do you feel. So good so good you know stinks haven't nine extra time off put. You know it's definitely -- my body and so. A whole lot stronger -- at this point Russert. -- and things specific for your offseason he worked on -- different than your previous. Volume book Alitalia though it to you about it. So that's not conditioning is now. -- When when you thought about. I saw a few guys said things about last you'll likely -- forget that it that doesn't seem like business so the approach you've taken just from reading some of what you said in terms of how you use it to fuel. Yourself as it is that a fair waited to put it. Yeah I don't I don't forget about it. Clifford grew when I think about it makes -- mad and that's one of those things that drives me is has been about it the way I've done things in the past and you know all that anger hopefully you'll translate into to a better season. You coming into this. Offseason coming into this. Spring training with any different folk features same typical. -- -- -- -- and you can you talk about wearing a chip on your shoulder is there any different she feels this coming in this for spring training. Yeah you know there's there's a lot less distractions. You know. They're a lot of distractions come with when this BO world chance which is a great thing but you know last year and throw the WBZ in the mix. I had a lot of destruction since returning and you know I felt like physically else fine and I felt like mentally else find -- Looking back on it I probably wasn't as new minority and it has a close. So. You know coming into this -- -- and -- Prepared mind as much my body. And I don't imagine that stuff that a lot of guys go through -- it sounds like you you look at that stuff is totally controllable what you've had the experience is that something you think that. Eric can you control stuff before you had the experience to see that that's it you can't get away from him. While I don't think you can you can know how to control it without having the experience on the you know I think I think the guys the other guys that won in 2010 try and it was a little bit better than minded as they had been through before. You know I was here in 2011. Was around the stuff that was going on but it didn't really directly affect me because I wasn't here. The year before so. I think you learn from things I think you know as much as I didn't think it was -- my mind last year I think the option was -- and LaMont. You know hopefully this stuff that I learned from last year helps me prepare to fits better on this year dealing with that kind of stuff known that I -- going to be a free agent in here. You know this -- all about feeling and learning from your failures you know you -- a fail as a good -- seven out of ten times so. You go learn from those -- seven and trying to three -- right. So you learn from from what went wrong I think we need to learn from the mistakes we made last year and you know he's trying not to -- again and hopefully if you do things right here at the end of the day here where you wanted to. And oh sterling campuses the -- or five in the clubhouse feel different let's say the last year. Yeah it does. I think we're right and I last year. You know in here and everybody was you know happy to see each other and you know we're back in you know feeling good and I think. You myself included there's like you said there's a lot of guys that are dealing with. The bad season questioned the way they wanna deal you know like I said I'm upset about it there's other guys -- so they won't forget about it and move on. So yeah exits -- it's a very different feel. Right when you talk about angers it as a motive fair when that that start to be. A motivated for you high school before that when when when did how to that come to be. I mean I'm Amanda Ireland you know this uphill climb for a long time. Wasn't the best players in school. Obviously -- wasn't going to visit to a school. Battled. You know when McCain draft time -- face and divisions of players and a stack. You know obviously -- haven't you know the bad stance in Pittsburgh in afternoon -- it's it's always been up hope island and the -- -- about not that -- away. Opportunities and things happen but just performance wise in incidence of minister for a long time. And continue to writers. When you become an all star in the World Series champion and like you said you can use and anger that chip on his shoulder to fuel you and it's got you to where you are. But when you when you kind of reached those heights is harder to kind of generate that. Yeah you know I felt I felt a lesser. You know -- felt like -- following gotten to where I want to be and you know I was searching for her searching for things to drive me. And there was an all out there and you know whether that affected my performance -- not a product figures I've never been in this situation before so. It's like I said it stinks to not have a good season and not win. And be put back on the side of the fence but it's almost like I'm more comfortable in this Arafat's. We need to months. I think he's going to be great. I -- you guys struck -- speaks for itself. This the first couple days being around and he's blending in right in here. Just the way I thought he would you know everything I've heard about him before -- not him it's true he's a great guy seems it is going to be a great teammate. He's got tons of knowledge that that all of us to learn from and yeah he's going to be a leader he's going to be a leader in the clubhouse just because of what he's done and whether wants to or not he's he's going to be one. So. To explain to never have enough guys have to set the tone and club so it's I'm glad this year. Does it feel pretty -- to just be back swing your form getting back out of it and just getting the kind of put last year mean an -- that you're angry and he still think about just kind of -- forward. Did you know it's the biggest thing is you know the offseason the long offseason like deficit comes with a bad season but sometimes it's good bush. It gets too long and gets the point where your workouts start and steal you know it's time to turn the page to a new routine and that's sort kind of felt like I was good enough felt like well this is about a strong resentment build again this offseason and my arms where I want to be an industry turn so now it's time to get there and in turn the page and started new routine and so yes. And I'm in Philly so on billions of dollars it's it's nice to get outside and pass and sign and not beyond -- no please pick up basketball things that are just too dangerous -- I -- do more program tool for aircraft. All of these guys say they ran out warehouses forward roll when -- in the northeast snow. I actually throw out of their exports categories and in order partner saga players' room in the the people there are great to me let me command basically no one's -- the lights on throw in. And they've pretty much let the duo one and its. Without them it would be definitely tough on things that do own places throws so. I got a good good situation. Certainly passable places to be rated if you can and when you get the road goes growers are routine east -- that something about. -- the picture. He only got some bullets aren't known in the Kansas. Go -- fired two or three times -- day you know it's. You know -- her -- working and you know kinda. Do -- you're training in if you had a bad day thrown have to wait till next days and -- recovery but. Yeah I mean it's it's it's pretty much like you know I do a lot of my stuff tonight hospice -- bull pens because the guys the guys catch works -- On the easy tolerable and at 7 o'clock at night on. But yet it's nice and it's it's like this I got a good situation. I was sec ago whenever you know and you know about it then introduce them and come back -- so. But unfortunately again you know throw Lawrence that -- -- -- That he ran down the jobs your catchers have. -- daytime jokes tentative. -- -- guys a schoolteacher. On he he catches me all the time he's he's a schoolteacher but he he and I were roommates in college. He actually pitched and -- for the Indians. In a little bit. Singler do away with the pirates and daughter. Com and we've been we've been bodies were about fifteen so he knows about it but he does say he tests in offseason and time rules and all I had the settlers -- jets. And I give -- points when he blocks. So. But. Yeah its. That's the hard the hard thing sometimes is working around people's schedules you know -- so but it works we we figured out. Chance. He's pretty good player man I think he's a cancer -- as a shortstop for just straps it on because he wants to do so yeah I -- he's a pretty good players should you know. Directors that yeah you --

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