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Javier Lopez says he has to be more aggressive in the strike zone

Feb 18, 2014|

Javier Lopez, San Francisco Giants pitcher joins Haberman and Middlekauff to break down his readiness for spring training and the season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So far so good everything's been great to you know -- seal the familiar faces again -- of position players are -- -- and it's and so we're Gannett. Clubhouse coherence that should be exciting in the just have to be done here and some warmer weather. -- it's -- mis club houses before years how much of if you can you get the team just from. The early week of spring training well everyone's that is about the only time you're gonna feel a 100% this is a great day for everybody -- -- your true greats. But it's always a good it's happened in this clubhouse has been. Pretty. A pretty consistent clubhouse as far as the guys the camaraderie that we already have going here it's nice to see these guys that misses him again everybody's having a good time and you know now we change in at the workouts a little bit so where apple will be quicker workouts I think everybody's excited about that. Gives an editor offseason and was very extras if you work and but my off season was spent in Colorado where I live so my street season has released -- family kits start. Takes time away from the game and it watch the playoffs and toughness -- in the baseball world -- that. After that. Suspect -- -- strength training and nothing too exciting that's pretty monotonous but. As far as pitching wise started just to work a little bit more off speed stuff that might be able to case -- once keep you out there for. Mourn a few bouts you know it will face those rights and if you off speed stuff over you throw them around in the offseason as your first time management and and I actually do spend a couple times off the mountain in the offseason to skip that he said the slow anything I'm not worried about. About what outfits are actually working as much as just getting news that they climb again and that. And in the senate. You know you get down here you start -- -- -- probable on the first day and anyone else were throwing candidates so they start getting used ergonomic mount an awful lot elements are too early. Element growth of an offseason it's portable mounds that -- now we have big warehouse had a kind of workout and then that. That's about the best we can do because that's last month and half in Colorado and snow and it's when he agrees yes that is portable -- and indoor facilities are really what you look for. When you're talking about -- on some off speed stuff cases that at different usage that they expert you had last year. Yeah I think so my in his face and guys in September and that's pretty good success -- -- bring -- -- a -- breaking ball. But I never use that much against the right reason. And you know working on the change began to -- -- and -- and mean if I'm going to be doing those things in ages one at a at this point in time -- or subtract pitches and and just -- abuse as available as can be for the -- Your mindset now going to see you may face more right reasons there's been a lefty lefty type via. Alec thanks so I mean I know my role is going to be it's going to be to be left dominant I understand that and that's definitely focus just again you wanna. Be able to offer that opportunity for votes in the rest of the staff are they used against global and it's. They just one of the be available that's what I'm trying to do is just work of parliament. What you -- vote Tuesday. I want spokesman that bug in it they have that's the situation it's a lefty right elected he's the right here rather that the -- and -- like that but obviously the situation dictates -- -- -- right and again and now. But again is wanna have that opportunity to be there with the outlook -- -- effects of the game how do you change the course your career watching games. And has the way you watch a game changes as you cardinals. While. -- Global and sicker we don't watch much of the game start I watched the first inning -- -- -- and stare at the stands little bit after that but then. You start focusing back -- com. I think what Hitler and this is one thing another credit to coach -- and guys here. I know exactly and abused and we've been actually very fortunate to get -- starting -- so they go deep -- noble games. And they they set up really well that's what it at that success so as it continues that you realize when it's. When you go into a series -- other specific hitters they use it more likely to face just kind of feel for first. It's it's a feel thing and if Leno has drawn -- -- you know we have going to be -- and go to LA and notes he'd hear an announcement -- -- Gonzales was going to India Crawford gets guys every every gonna have a few guys these kind of just focus in on an. That's one of the beauties about the way we run our bullpen has said we're not overpowering guys get a couple guys out there. On the on the radar a little bit let them. You know we're very situation -- matchup oriented and that helps us in a sense of prepared and again -- in every game you realize it's going. Use your job last year I think three your career -- coming with guys on base and and leaving them there is there anything on your mind it's different when you're out there when you come into a situation -- on -- But -- I don't think there's anything different I just try to be aggressive it's something I do take pride and try to get out there and leave the runners on base that's that's the number one golfer reliever to -- things you can really hang your hat on. As a reliever you're not getting saves and stuff so. For me that's one among strategists have be inherited runners lowest possible. You know just try to be aggressive in the strike zone and and I think since I've been here really been good at doing that China stayed in -- zone and not being afraid of contact a lot of guys may be coming in the situation is looking for punch outs and sometimes situation does dictate a strikeout but a lot of times this is getting an out and and I've been pretty fortunate being able do that. So you go on the computer checking like strand rates and how you compared of the guys currently. Now no definitely not that's that's something at the end of the year that's on them that your original tires something like that contract negotiations but that. Now it's it's the -- keeper running tally someone in your head but he's going to be a dependable guy and you you'll you'll see it in the clubhouse that. Do your job. This here from a couple of starters or relievers they don't don't say eyes as a series they would on other days that you -- the Goodyear artistry and like 90% -- guys I did yesterday. Well. Doctor about starting pitcher. Pitching you believe what -- that if you pretty much for five guys -- in their career. -- -- -- -- With the front office that they want to bring in guys bring yet again -- children five or six ones that anchored in his career track -- believable and in Hudson. And those things that well you know we got it. Back to in September about -- and instead -- Cisco that we're getting the -- starting pitching set the bullpen really well and again it's that we need to do. And I think that you know obviously the record show. The way we wanted to be 500 stuff but in the division play well and that's that's Anthony can hang your hat on and begin. Going forward from there and obviously need to clean it up in the NL central stuff they really beat us down last year and that's something that we need improvement. Can new motivation now being -- exit -- hunted. Now coming up the World Series championship two years ago now coming up the season he has had last year. I think while I'm obviously you wanna you want that bullseye on your back but we don't put yourself in the position so that we have to be we have to be the aggressor in the situation in the in the season and the guys down south and -- and in the money and rightly so. They they've been at their team of the Internet the only ones Diamondbacks put on them and that meets the conditions and when you look at the -- all of its announcement especially in the bullpen and the Packers with the starting rotation stuff like that mean every team's making moves to get -- division. And you know you can look back recent history -- is always a new person on top in this division so. You know we have to be aggressive we got to be ready to go and benefits if we are the -- the Soviet. Do you look around and trying to -- the division at this time of the year. -- -- opponents do that but I mean you think about it again you go through all the moves I think in the clubhouse -- -- -- currencies they've added that attracted. It strategist. Pieced together ball games and outstanding return capital really know you know you never really -- but. In any time again come come on the bandwagon of great starting pitching when you can and a guy like -- and it's it's just only helped us. You personally follow certain hitters eastern leader during training. Not during spring -- you keep anonymous match -- Libya -- probably ten. Ten days out on facing guys -- -- they've been trending that last week and Kansas the other deal is. Argument you face and again that's at 230 statistically but in the last week he's been at 35380. Somewhere that's of those things you can pay attention to it. What that are huge -- the next few weeks will be your phone. On the focus right now is is basically getting that arm in shape getting the conditioning -- and you can do all the work that's on the offseason but it. Nothing prepares for cigarettes -- for 45002. In the stuff so you know lot fielding practice and -- do. And you know make sure the arms in shape and as we progress start probably offered up some more off speed pitches and stuff like that but. Right now it's everybody it's insane thing -- publications and working through your mechanics and stereos and staring at. How accurate this spring training on what's more. This is a -- station for a schedule omelet bar so that's anyway with a lot of guys were one -- now there were smiles and that's I think it's hopefully it's extra for well. Appreciate the time the front is.

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