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Eric Sogard is "excited" about the new A's additions

Feb 18, 2014|

The A's infielder talked about what the club has been working on so far in Arizona, and how it would be for him to win MLB's FaceOfMLB battle

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He is a dominating face hash tag face of MLB it is round two we need to get on and vote for -- so -- now right now 69%. Yes over 31%. Or two though he's -- -- Asia and hero he would looks like you would go against buster coming up next if he survives he joins us now. From spring training -- over how aria. I'm doing their best picture of me. Thanks for -- make in the time we appreciate it. What do you make of this -- you you could be the face of MLB let's is looking pretty good so far. Oakland fans that are fun again -- on the gathered. You get me out there I gotta hand it to them for that. Now how much how many times you voted yourself near Seattle enough. Probably kill and so Lewinsky more than some Dejuan command. I'm I don't that that -- fans actually I hadn't done it once myself. -- -- -- If you you would take -- now Buster Posey who advanced. Over -- Jose -- to -- what would you think of that -- with the did you take up buster and -- -- bank. I know the fans about what love that matchup and a bit. That's when you get into that let me let me come and meet this week. And then what are we have Derek Jeter against Joey bad you know they Batiste as that you could go Buster Posey Erick and right to Derek Jeter -- no way you're taken down -- -- -- out a lonely hearts stopped right there if you eat as the Nazis retiring and that's not what do you think that's not fair he did that. I'm out of immortal I guess and a. -- is Derek Jeter. And eating. You like that though they it'll eat they have a great all the fans agree but -- out in right field and they do pretty nice job and and obviously they've -- you pretty well that's pretty Quran. Not so it mimics it exciting throughout the command -- -- and I'm trying to mend the see how excited they get traction you know they're out there are other public aren't -- British Columbia or. And straight they are great group and I think the the eyewear has sought to do with you doing so well here so. I never ask you about this before -- what what what is your vision video always played. With glasses that he tried contacts what -- aware of those those big reexamine your plan. Yet started. When the political and well and I had I tried contacts it's in my -- -- gone bad. And I kind of tried everything in. Now with the glasses that the -- -- -- Not value them on the field never have a compliment. When I spoke well on the social networking. Air so -- Jonas again now face of MLB Disco too. You can vote on Twitter as well and right now he's been up to low and could take on of buster coming up next year -- you're a new dad -- right. Yep. Ten weeks from yesterday we had a little they be battered -- she's been doing options. And and true blessing and out. She's sleeping through the night -- now. She actually it's been sleeping 89 hour -- so we've been. We cannot cannot. Politburo I don't have daughters you do you have any advice for Ericsson earned. She's. It's it's a unique aspect or your daughter your second correct. Your Friday yeah yeah -- Suns are a lot easier than those. Good advice solid. -- as -- drama everything as a barometer littlest Eagles enjoy them when they're younger they're beautiful at the the lesson that tired and Julius. Pay you back -- You're getting back to your -- -- the depress. -- invasion like is they look so huge at the they it lends exactly that -- what what what is your vision. My -- I'm not running a hundred -- 200 I don't know the exact number my prescription and negative viewpoints. And then into better. Connecting I could legally drive without my -- governor recommended. I think you know what I'm I'm negatively point five in my left. So it all the rights they got distance you can read fine. Right exactly that near -- that trouble that. And a problem with contact lenses for a baseball player how do you Wear those things that a little wind blows in the dirt comes up when you're and it's tough to Wear contact lenses and play in -- Yeah and also a lot of guys. -- -- have that problem and for react in the system as well so that was another little problem to contact. Air so guard Jonas by the way can -- -- Twitter at Eric so guard. Give us your presence and it's really early in the season -- you guys go free obviously third straight AL west title how you feel it. Well it's settled in we made some awesome option and Obama and make our bullpen even better than or going to be exciting there is. Same core group got coming back in it has about India has in the -- in in well -- -- Watching exciting for. I'm still hung up on -- digital -- eight in all of us. Have you thought about -- six surgery and dollars that not a not a consideration for you. And it did and it that. Accurate electric third period. You know Cadillac -- in thinking about it and thinking if you know anything went wrong. I mean that's my career and a rubio or anything went wrong next a very -- last had been working for. It with them. Let that stop well. Different -- guy like Bob Costas. And thank you didn't. Well that's quite -- -- glass. This is your wedding that's going to be the face of Major League Baseball is going to be as -- -- he's going to be Jeter -- taken -- Posey can get past Posey and yes in other. Are the guys in your clubhouse Eric voting for you. -- Italy -- you guys always seem to you know as far as the so called experts are concerned and now with all the moves that were made in the division. Do you like that that that people even though you guys have done what you've done. Everyone's always maybe talk about Texas now the angels made -- moves he's the Mariners give them the big. -- the offseason with Robinson can now as it is kind of fun playing under the radar. Yeah I actually am in the -- -- the last we hear about new ones back to back election. No we may not get all the credit we deserve from doing that but you know what I'm -- go -- Everyday player game have fun and you know welcome back. It's not tonight question you know I'm not going to be like well I guess I'm I've never had a chance to talk to about his -- like this is the perfect forum with the face of Major League Baseball. Putting your eyewear to decide. This time of the year -- -- pitchers are way ahead of the hitters so when are you facing live pitching hitting off the machine where where's your swing. Right now -- obviously six weeks away from the start of the year but it went well wishers when it now. Well Luke -- -- all my pitching and obviously a machine off thing. I can a kind of like to get that going earlier than Monica Monica. Mainly in the cage and then -- It -- spring training and then he -- pitching dialect there. I can get down in my eyes swollen and have let their opinion is that -- there. Just a little bit. How much do you buy into your video he says there in the best shape of their life went when you see certain guys in it it who does that does that really. Ring true our guys coming in in the best shape of their life or is it just that you're always in shape now twelve months here. Unlike maybe the way used to be where guys maybe came into spring training to get into shape. Yeah I think a lot of this is that's -- -- but yeah I mean you have most. In this. What your body recovered from the field and really get back to work actually went. No it's not not too strenuous on the body that your you're really young -- at this time and I mean it's understandable residents say that they action and that they have. What what do you work out between now and the time that the actual cactus league schedules stars what is that what is a typical day for you how many hours you on the fielder hitting what what is a typical day this time of the year. I'll probably. That is increasingly on after the ground early you know we'll get our. On the mental and whether it. On these fences. Let me lay it in and we'll do you know. We'll -- -- -- pitching from the pitcher and and just take a regular. Formula DP economic game and you know. That's simply crazy about it they get that straight. You know every psyched about the -- you mentioned it yet really briefly I don't know if you. I gotta get some of these guys would Jim Johnson specifically obvious he was at the Orioles and you've seen him. There's questions who obviously whether he can replace Graham Belfour. What did you see from Jim Johnson he faced them. Yeah I mean in the great competitors that -- any trial want to be out there -- among them I think you governor -- right now for well I mean obviously. Upload on the label for a you know it can be any great. Rates on her hand on our side that. And you jumped in the cage against Kazmir at all yet. I have no idea adventure. Sure in the next week that I would. What's his stuff looked like it is scenic is that obviously the key to him is get their fastball back up and it sounds like it is back is that if you throw the ball hard. Yeah. We faced them last year we -- or maybe question. You know -- -- get you know that's that's all well you're impacting you know he's working. -- pitches and that is. Obviously leading -- -- -- them killer app without -- you know. Erica always appreciate a few minutes thanks singing congratulations on the -- your family and a good luck with this a face of MLB -- it be great if you want. Yeah I think again and thank your.

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