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Gregg Rosenthal looks at players who could be franchised

Feb 18, 2014|

The writer from gave his thoughts on how the Raiders will work with Jared Veldheer and Lamarr Houston, and why Cam Newton's next contract could affect Colin Kaepernick

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's doctor Gregg Rosenthal was great job with his latest piece up of franchise tag primer predictions for all. 32 teams at Gregg Rosenthal on Twitter hi Greg -- They have done. May act by the it's built on Iran and a half hours into the car. He's amazing still going. He is amazing. They like big men out there and it that -- There the column you know thirty people -- waiting -- cracked in we could have a you know -- on how workers hand. He's great I love this study here is Iraq's death. -- -- let's get into some of the stuff I you've got the primer for the a franchise tag you've got no brainer is Jimmy Graham Greg Hardy. Brent Grimes obviously hardy is a guy that raider fans have talked about eight is it a foregone conclusion that Carolina is going to tag Greg -- I think -- they're they're not gonna let him get away and I think get longterm deal. Is going to be very difficult to work out -- -- there and you can data really that I predicted that. I think -- they're going to be trying to get long -- deal got it they can -- great. For the most part the package is much easier it in -- to talk about why they're -- and. They're really interesting one to make Greg is as Jimmy Graham contention that he should be tagged as a wide receiver which is just laughable and I understand the point that he and his -- make is the wide receiver -- -- eleven point six in the tight -- tag. Is six point eight but there's no way that respect him as a wide receiver so. When he does file a grievance hottest this gets sorted out with the league in the in the NFL players association. Now an arbitrator. You know there is. A system in place that sort of thing. Arbitrator year their argument and you know -- -- that will be back throughout. A few years back about that the median middle linebacker and that I don't think Graham will be that in part of the pride and job is winding happened. You got to make the argument -- slot receivers don't get it very active equity in the open is eager. Not a YE very usually in -- I don't think he'll be able to win it and I think you'll probably see all of that would in the grand pop even invent getting a big big money he. But that appoint Gregg is it interesting to me because there is differences in in in line tight ends verses detached tight end Billy Graham is you mention the there's a difference for a slot wide receiver and it -- or is he wide receivers so should the league look at. Breaking this -- in -- and doing it more by the tight but tight and they are the type of book wide receiver they are have more categories when -- tech guys. It has been brought up until now it never happened before -- think -- something that the competition committee will consider. -- -- and it will be a tough one to put group because it opens up a big Q&A war and it really been going out lately there. At call and guard and a different -- now -- -- -- out -- line and act and now I think. It's unlikely to happen but it's interesting. I'm Gregg Rosenthal -- Read his latest piece on talking about who could get tagged as the teams can do that now. One guy that you mentioned there. In voting yes was Jarrett -- dear you mentioned also LaMarr Houston at that numbers so much bigger of course for a defense of -- defensive ends. Are you hearing anything in terms of the. It wouldn't surprise me they got some begun we're not hearing any and that there at all year acquired ER rated. In this in the -- -- for the most part. Indeed stop the dark and kick start until the -- sign up. Where are the agent of the guys -- an outlet for on the -- you know be a lot date that. I've heard guys like the air captain modern airliner expressed our frustration about that that's how it goes around we can be. A logical battery side and I think there should be ample room to get a deal done and over and it would. Per not to use the act even the one guy that I have heard talk in the and people that it would be interesting the greater use that transition act. Hot and that would lower the number by a couple million dollars it would not that kinda. Feed the market in in what someone else that the market for them. Now that's attack it's very seldom used Greg. Yes it is and it is not a lot of point to either out and you don't get any trap and basic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What the print -- -- number it would be. It and he can go out of the market like are there is created and I think contract -- -- it would another team and then yeah I've been mapped out. It's rare to see that happen but -- pocket near you people -- you with a name came up and someone that needed it and think about doing that that the lower that number. You -- it also attacked him as a non exclusive player but I don't think they're gonna attack a manic of the deal done before. 22 guys that you mention. Is in the secondary that intrigue me. One for the niners is TJ ward from -- SL high school organizers to bumper who I think would work well over over Donte Whitner. Do you think Cleveland figures out a way to keep embers -- get hit the market and also -- bird. From buffalo was just had a contentious times last year he held out and shine until late and if they tag and again we'll see how it goes what do you think ward or indoor bird will be free agents come march the eleventh. Right now and I've been doing in this column current number a year and you know and learned is it. It's pretty young productive. Starter in his mind that I'd seen that I -- that -- stolen out there's no point in it's an -- and even with direct -- it was very content that it would get even more and it happened in this year. But the alternative money -- like we're not meaner compensatory. You keep. -- you can work out a deal meaty doesn't hold up a lot mediated trade -- acting award bird. Will stay with Turkey the one thing to watch for error though it. Mike -- in Cleveland now I know you would want to bring expert. You Cleveland though there's a potential can't -- -- -- try to replace war with -- and I think that's going to be. A lot and incurred. I thought that right away when that went to Cleveland now take bird I'm Gregg Rosenthal Jonas say again his peace. About -- who could potentially attack wanting him out today and I thought Cam Newton handled it well he talked about possibly a starting the dialogue. For a new contract decent look I'm not too worried about that I just wanna win. But if it's Newton gets a new deal is that the one that calling -- and it is going to be fine. Yeah I think so because it. Really got the cape bird doll in new Indian captain nick they're the first quarterback -- come -- for new contract. And the new EPA has been signed. They couldn't do it in the first three years now they can't. In their I'll underpaid the varying degrees even news and under -- only -- three million this year despite being the number one pick of the -- and it's got to be Turkey -- immediately pay these guys as much -- Jay Cutler and and knows hype about aren't getting -- I think -- I think network and that being by the -- might -- -- Great stuff Greg a great piece we -- injury time thanks -- the assembled an innocent. You think tiger go good piece.

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