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Jonathan Goodwin thinks he can still compete in the NFL

Feb 18, 2014|

The 49ers free agent center looked back on the season battle against Seattle, and if he's had any discussions with the 49ers in the offseason

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jonathan good -- trying to track him down and he's been good enough to join Michigan follow the niners center. At GA goodies 59 at Jay -- 59 on Twitter I Jonathan Oreo. I'm doing well -- -- to dilute your hands. So we're where you hang on the young season. In -- that growth ornery. On my own you talked a lot. So are you over the NFC championship game -- all that stuff. -- To try to army you know -- -- get -- -- You know -- currently. Paying any attention in the he do you all -- -- So. Not be an three. You know it's important that -- you know which not to comment on -- And it's somebody plays obviously look back in the game like that chance and that to me just overall. Your inability to run the ball against them kind of struck me did you wind up decade by the way is the -- leading rusher. But you may abandon you scoop up a -- -- and a half particle with that ball you they have more yards and gore in the game. The or are you not pick -- of in the were covered him on his cancer. That gore had like eighteen and yeah yeah that was -- yeah -- What Redick seems not enough for him I would like fourteen -- are -- as a -- for watching you know -- -- for fourteen so what what because -- that's the thing when I look back on your team this year there are certain games where you just couldn't move the fraud. As well as -- senior certainly last year and even as some games this year. Why could you run the ball better against them that day and overall why was the running game just a little bit off this year. You know. You know. You -- you know we've been -- our program. Were running game. In our nose you know. -- tomorrow we had. You know -- -- you'd expect a lot of you know seen no reported on -- run the ball they do different things which are -- outs you know platitudes well you know. Unfortunately. You know. In they you know. It came in a remote and put 49ers you know you gotta stop our school. You know it is becoming more thing we're and give you more problems and order well. Noticing you -- a Super -- obvious he was saying -- on Super Bowl 44 and then you see how the CRX blow out the Broncos and you guys were right there and at the end of the year were or obviously talked a lot about you know they've they've had their chances and all this. But how do you feel when you see a Seattle and maybe and watch the Super Bowl -- you see how close you were in the ABC with they do the Broncos. Well you know our -- board. In our nuclear you know our. Bureau. You know that's been reasonably consider. Knows he noted -- -- -- when Seattle abuse that they. Are reporting. You know. The -- not only the top two teams in the league this year. You know we know -- since game you know. -- to him he noted that gives them did you. When in all. -- -- -- please shortened. In other you know we are. He my -- prodding your left guard is on my favorite players and and pro football he's just to force but I I sought struggled that first game against Seattle with a Red Bryant is such a hulking figure. And he's not the only guys struggle against him a -- got hurt middle of the year Chad and I. I didn't quite see the same guy did did did -- plotting ever fully get over that that knee injury and play. The caliber football he's capable of playing the rest of the year which I think is the best left guard and football. Well load -- urgent need to see you know you you government over no on. My tips and things -- do you know knee injury. And also. Commitment and see income and also certain so. You know in -- you know who I -- give them you know on the -- ago. In any time you -- you need currencies and imagine ever going to be under -- and so you know the talk -- well you know. And Mike's hard workers and Erica and notes and I'll. Tune as that utopian. American play like we all he can play. I'm -- senator Jonathan Goodman good enough to join us here in 95 silly game John Glenn Greg Papa. You're free agents. Tell us what your future holds. Who do come up here you know. In. With my so you know free agent could. Not to Prague also you know you got to try to -- -- They'll be here in an -- and -- opera and and go from there you know. Go to -- mullah Iranian. To where -- You're not definitely silica could still play Accenture. How are you having any dot dialogue with the with the niners -- Zardari talked which were your people entrant bulking at the end of the year about you you're coming back and playing for them again. Not really an adult I've become so. You know I'm sure. The back -- -- -- in the you know we're going to be over any oh with a -- It there's been a lot of talk about locker room culture continue to speak into you don't have to be specific to this -- -- -- -- situation anything like -- -- in in terms of locker room culture. It is it is it misunderstood. How does that work. -- -- You know our program and you know you know even at a sports. Our regard it and you know -- We beer they're and a birdie there I guess in football -- you know it did today every you know in my experiences. All he -- brilliantly. You know. Your body to compared to vote or each other and they all work. You know you worked so closely to the American -- what -- common goal you'd usually there's. You know and a bar so. It -- they don't a rare situation you know. You know report net -- hopefully -- Jim -- through that. Jonathan Martin which are NATO and you know. You know our peace deal. Careers. If they have I think they're NATO John as you well -- -- in offensive lineman he says he's a dominant player I think he's a tough five or six left guard in this league. How Odyssey repaired he's continuing to do it today and he just can't stop tweeting. Odyssey Odyssey repair himself where he comes back in the league it's not a question of skill this guy's a dominant player -- how does -- get back in Italy. Are you call it politics is seen you know. You know and you know I'm sure -- we learned a lot in this situation in the and do you know. Use -- promote a mistake they grow it persons in the sorry. And then we'll. -- got a clinic and school or. To take a little bit column that. That mr. You know. No you are you know are terrible on your groups aren't in aren't sure -- -- -- A Jonathan -- niners a center at Jade -- 59. Calling -- -- your -- closer to cornerback when you're a senator. What do you think for a young quarterback what are the what are the things that he and he needs to do do then take that next step. Well collar worker. There -- Pornographic. You'd experience and you gain more hours in. You know you know these -- -- players that -- -- But that -- but the record or you know the key program extra gain -- that you know obviously going to be some big gains. He's not at all to good order and could become report. And you end up and down second year to be sure I think it was after that the Carolina loss that he said something intriguing Rory said the Jewish too much on my plate we need a lesson better. Did the coaching staff was Ernie talk after that came to never heard the follow up to it did they did they lesson. His load at the plate at the -- line of scrimmage I should say on the plate as far as the check with knees and maybe you handle protection more formulate lesson has slowed at all after he said that. -- -- -- -- I really -- running game where there is -- oh. -- Like. You know. You know political purpose that -- may have. Let you know at the same time you know as noted our. It got to play in a row Carlin and they'll make -- bill. So are -- -- -- I'm sure it got to the big game. And then go -- It John it's always great to talked it's always great catch up with the and we hope we see you NAM niners uniform next year thanks of the time we appreciate it. Are. You guys -- purchaser -- again. At G beauty 59.

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